Happy Halloween! What do you mean it's only January? LIES! It can be whatever season around here.

This fic is Tatyana Witwicky's fault, since she sent me the Decepticon version of This Is Halloween, and the idea for this just sort of came from that. And she called dibs on the clown, so I kinda had to do it. xD

Disclaimer: I don't own anything in this fic except Maple. And the idea. Well, Tai and I own the idea, anyway...

Do enjoy the fic, and yes, these monsters probably do prowl around in the night outside your home. So beware. ;)


There's a certain time of the year that everyone in NEST will completely ignore the whole 'Holy crap there's a giant robot war going on!' situation that they seemed to be in. When they ignored the fact that they had no idea when they were going to be attacked, nearly stepped on, or pranked by the Autobot twins. When everyone puts their weapons down, run off into the darkened rec room, and plan their annual scare of their Autobot allies.

This time of year is said to be the time that the line between our world and the spirit world is at its thinnest. When demons from said world cross over this line and supposedly scare the living daylights out of us all... before asking politely for some candy, and then moving on to the next house to do the same. Strange demons, eh?

Well, these demons tend to be little children who love to dress up as scary creatures in exchange for a treat or two. The catchphrase is usually 'trick or treat', but who bothers with the trick part? It's the candy that everyone wants, right?


At least, in NEST's case. This was Halloween, and this was the year that they took everything up a notch. Up a few notches, in fact, to the point of a downright scary event that would scar the processors of the Autobots for the rest of their lives.

Figures it would all start with Tatyana Witwicky and a YouTube video.


"I'm bored." The Techno-Organic stated to no one in particular. This was usually how the non-fighting days went. Unless either she or her cousin, Sam, happened to stumble upon something amusing that they wanted to replicate, such as something on MythBusters, or YouTube as a whole. Like the Gauntlet event, for example. That had bruised them for a while, but it was definitely worth it.

Today, however, was one of those very, very boring days where there was nothing to do.

"Seven." Maple replied suddenly.

"Have I really said it seven times?" Tai asked, bewildered that she'd lost count of how many times she'd announced her boredom to the human teenagers all sat in the rec room.


"Isn't there anything to do?" Fantasy moaned. Out of pure instinct, Maple got out her laptop, put it on, and started nosying around the web for anything that would inspire them to do something entertaining. Hey, the internet contained heaps of stuff that would do that.

"Is The Big Bang Theory on?" Leo questioned after a brief pause of silence.

"Series finished a while back. Need to wait for next year." Sam answered boredly, his head resting on the back of his chair with his eyes shut.


"Done them all."


"They're all repeats."

"There has to be something we can do." Maggie piped up after the boys had done a few more rounds of the shows that they liked that they could get ideas from. By this point, Maple had started grinning widely, but nobody had noticed. Except from Tai, who peeked over her shoulder to see what was on the screen, and then also grinned. Ooh, that looked good.

"Halloween's coming up." Miles pointed out.

"Maybe we could do something big this year." Glen agreed, and they all started plotting, whereas Fantasy had now noticed the two grinning maniacs, looked at the screen, and grinned along with them. It must have been about ten minutes before the other teens finally noticed.

"You've got an idea, haven't you?" Sam said flatly.

"Oh yeah." Tai replied, and turned the laptop around to show them all.


Optimus was a very understanding mech when it came to his daughter.

He understood when she found a funny video and decided to replicate it. He understood when she would suddenly shout out random quotes and creep out both him and his soldiers. He understood when she went out with her Guardian, Barricade, to generally get herself into unintentional trouble. He understood all of that perfectly fine. Most of the time, anyway.

What he did not understand was, at exactly midnight, when he went to look for his daughter to make sure she was safely asleep (that had become a habit after the events in Cairo), why she was completely missing, along with every single human in the NEST base.

What was with that?

"This is messed up." Ironhide was the first to speak after Optimus had called an emergency meeting with the other Autobots. Jazz, however, had refused to sit down, and was pacing just in front of the door.

"Pacing isn't going to bring her back, Jazz." Ratchet had tried telling him.

"Might." Was the only reply he got back. No one bothered to try and tell him otherwise after that. Tatyana's sparkmate was hard to talk to when she was in possible danger.

Suddenly the silence was interrupted by Breakaway coming in through the door, almost knocking the silver mech over, but thankfully missing him. "'Cade and 'Bee are missing too." He stated, and Optimus pinched the bridge of his nose. What in the name of Primus were they up to that involved every human on base and Barricade and Bumblebee?

Something wasn't right here.

"But they'll be safe with 'Cade and 'Bee, right?" Sideswipe asked with a hint of worry in his voice, which surprised the Autobot Leader. Sideswipe? Worried? Over Tatyana? Still, at least it wasn't-

"Yeah, I mean, they're not in any real danger with them, yeah? And there's so many humans..." Forget that then, Optimus considered, as Sunstreaker continued after his twin. Primus, this was urgent. Would he have to do the human deed of sending out 'Lost' posters to the local city?

That would be a lot of Lost posters.

"Has anyone tried calling her?" Hot Rod questioned, scared for the safety of his own charge, Maple, who had also disappeared into the dark of the night.

"There's no answer." Jazz stated during his silent pace at the door, which was slowly starting to annoy Optimus, but he made no comment about it.

"We'd have heard 'em if it was a Decepticon attack." Ironhide pointed out.

Ratchet nodded in agreement. "And there's no damage done to the base. Wherever they are, they went there voluntarily." He added.

The tall Autobot sighed in concern for his daughter. He knew she could defend herself, but it was natural for a father to worry about their offspring. Still, at least she had Barricade and Bumblebee to protect her, wherever she might be.

Tatyana. He thought as he stared at the extremely large table quietly. Please be safe.


It was the next morning, and still there was no sign of the humans. Jazz had to admit it had been strange when the humans had all gone to sleep early, as if there was something they needed to be awake for. He'd seen Tai, Fantasy and Maple eagerly running to his sparkmate's studio flat, muttering something about 'Halloween' and 'costumes' and 'scaring the slag out of the 'Bots'.

Now if he'd said that to anyone, they might not be in this situation.

Was it his fault that they were all missing, then? He could've said something to Optimus or someone, and maybe somebody would've been awake to see them sneak off to wherever they were now. They could be in danger, he realized. Heck, they could be dead for all he knew. No, Tai wasn't dead, at least. He could still feel her presence, though it was distant, and she was trying to shield it from him.

Was she purposely trying to scare him or something?

"Yo! Babycakes!" Jazz could've fallen into stasis at the sound of the Techno Organic's voice on his comlink.

"Tai-dye! Where the frag are ya? Everyone's worried! Ya can't just go sneaking off like that! We-"

"Yeah, yeah, I'm really sorry, but this is gonna be so epic! I just called to let you know we're not dead or anything. Neither are 'Cade or 'Bee. We're all fine, but I'm not telling you anything! Laters!"

"Tai, wait-"

And with that, she was gone.

So she was planning something? Something 'epic', as she had put it? Well, it was nearly Halloween. Anything could happen.

Which was probably why Jazz was starting to feel rather afraid.


Almost two days had passed by now. Halloween was tomorrow, and still none of the humans had returned from wherever they were. They'd left subtle hints over phone calls and comlinks, though; Maple had told Hot Rod to look forward to Halloween. Tai had told her father to get everyone into the rec room on the big night. Lennox had called Ironhide asking for a mixture of different colored paints and gels.

If this Halloween was as horrific as last year, then it would certainly frighten the Autobots for a while.

Barricade had come back briefly, Optimus noticed, to steal something from Tatyana's studio apartment. He'd disappeared before anyone could grab him and interrogate him as to what on Earth was happening. Primus, he was worried! Why couldn't his daughter give him a straight answer as to what was going on? Then again, she had never done so before. It was something that he'd eventually grown used to, but this was just insane. She could be dead for all he knew!


The Autobot Leader turned to see said British teenager zip along the hall, closely followed by Hot Rod and the Lamborghini twins. They were obviously trying to catch her and work out what was going on. As she went by, he could see that she had what looked like Sam's pirate costume from last year, blood and gore included. Yep, this was definitely something to do with Halloween.

"Leave me alone!" Maple demanded as she ran. "It's a surprise!"

"At ease, men." Optimus sighed, and the three pursuing mechs skidded to a halt and stared at their Leader like he was mad. The cackle of the teenager could be heard from the hanger, followed by a revving and a siren, indicating that Barricade had picked her up.

"What's gotten into you, Boss Bot?" Hot Rod asked in a confused voice. "We could've found Tai!"

The Leader simply smiled. "Perhaps we should let them continue in secret if they really want this to be a surprise. There's no point making them angry over being too nosy." He replied, and with that, he turned to retreat to his office to avoid the wrath of Galloway, who for some reason had picked the worst two days of his life to come for a visit.

Either he'd die of fright from all the monsters, or one of his own soldiers would not-so-accidentally step on him. Neither of which he really minded, although he wouldn't say it out loud. He had a reputation to keep up.


The night before Halloween was almost like a preview of the deadly events to come.

Galloway had been taken to his guest quarters for the night, having been purposely invited to stay the next night by Jazz and Prowl, who figured he'd like a good scare. Well, at least, the 'Bots would like to see him scared, anyway. Everyone else – or the Autobots left, anyway – was starting to go to their quarters, ready for a decent recharge, knowing their respective charges were safe.

And then it started.

A spooky piano piece started playing on the main intercom, creeping the Autobots out, and soon they were all out of their quarters, giving each other confused ad slightly disturbed glances. Red Alert, being the paranoid mech that he was, had desperately tried opening the intercom room, but found it was locked. Nothing to do but sit the tune out, and find out what was happening.

Three female voices that sounded suspiciously like Tatyana, Fantasy and Maple suddenly started singing in soft, yet scary voices. And it was a very familiar tune.

"Boys and girls of every age, wouldn't you like to see something strange? Come with us and you will see this, our base at Halloween..."

There was an extremely scary roaring noise, and Red Alert squeaked slightly, before falling over into stasis. Well, that was him out for the 'big event' that the humans had planned the next day.

He hadn't survived the last one, anyway.


Heheh, I'm cutting it short, folks! I'm sure you can all guess what our terrible trio have planned for Halloween night, and it should be lots of fun. Naturally I had to add Galloway. Who wouldn't love scaring him?

Stay tuned for part two!