(A/N This is my second attempt at writing anything so please don't say anything too horrible! If someone asks me to keep writing I will but not sure at the moment.)

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It had been a hard year, growing up as one of the only females in the pack. Everyone was so protective of me, I just wanted to run and keep running till I got away from them all.

Calum was going to give dad and me permission to stay on stone rivers boarders with the others, he said that I wouldn't have to come back to attend pack meetings, basically he was trying to give me some space from the overprotecting males of the pack.

Sadly if I went away it would mean that I would have to leave my two best friends behind, Bryn and Devon. But I planned to come back and visit them at least twice a year and if I couldn't come here then they would have to meet me halfway.

There it was! At last! Through the trees I was catching glimmers of the Wayfare and some of its run down cabins. Dad had brought the Wayfare 2 months ago so that we would have something to do out here as I no longer had Bryn and Devon to go off with.

The Wayfare was an abandoned bar that we were going to do up. Dad said that I would be able to help design it. I was going to put a pool table in, except that it wasn't going to be flat so I could con any unsuspecting customer out of a few quid!

Just outback behind the bar was going to be MY area. I had managed to convince dad in to buying me a small air riffle that I could use, I was going to set up a few targets in my area and if a customer was annoying me, they might find an image of their face with a few bullet holes in as a target!

A two minuet run away from the Wayfare was the lake, (and yes of course we owned a jetty on it, please, I mean what you take me for!) when I was down there I was going to sit on the jetty texting Bryn and Devon, on hot summer days I was going to swimming in it, cooling off in its icy ripples.

There were seven of us in this area from stone river pack, all male except me of course, and as we were so close to our packs boarders there were always a few members of others packs around here, sadly most of them came from Shay's pack! I was going to have so much fun teasing them all, telling them they that they smelt disgusting, and as I was in my own territory and as they were staying in my dad's bar they couldn't retaliate!

Bryn would love it up here, fro starts she wouldn't be the only human around and we always made a formidable team together; we were both great at pulling pranks, one year Calum had to ban us from pulling pranks on him or the pack! Luckily that didn't stop us pulling pranks at school... our best prank had to be when we booby trapped our history teachers mouse. We stuck a piece of paper on the base of the mouse covering up the laser, so that when he tried to use the mouse it didn't work. To finish the prank of completely we wrote him a message on the paper saying, "USAGE PROHIBATED FOR FOOLS." I took him about 3 seconds to work out that it was Bryn and me. We got in to so much trouble with Calum when he found out!

I was going to miss Bryn, without her who was going to help me pull pranks on the new teachers, yes sadly I did still have to go to school, drat I was going to find a new partner in crime and I would have to do it pronto!