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Lakes P.O.V

Oh god, please, please, please let me be mistaken. It couldn't be Shay. He wouldn't have dared to cross the boundary, would he.

I knew why he was here; he had always wanted me for the mere fact that I was a female, pureblood, werewolf. Basically I was able to make his pack bigger than Callum's as the more werewolf's the stronger the pack and in turn the stronger the alpha would be.

Suddenly I remembered Harry, what was it that he had been saying, about the fact that he had been bitten but not changed. And how my dad said that we were up here because of him...

It wasn't just me Shay wanted. It was Harry!

Harry's P.O.V

Lake looked so peaceful, her head was resting on my lap. I was worried she hadn't moved since we had been chucked in the back of this van.

I was still wondering about Shay, maybe he was someone from her past, another wolf? As you can tell my guessing skills we not that good so I gave up and decided to wait for lake to wake up.

Suddenly help eyes snapped open and gazed up at me. 'Oh shit! It wasn't a dream.'

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