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Annabeth POV

"Hunters win!" I heard Chiron yell. I could tell he was somewhat sulking, but he was a good sport about it. "For the fifty-sixth time in a row." That news was worse. I walked up to where the rest of the crowd was, around by Zoe who had just won the game for the hunters. She was grinning smugly, and it made me a bit angry.

"Perseus Jackson!" I heard an all to familiar angry voice call. Thalia was storming towards Percy, who looked shocked just standing there holding the flag. I could see blue bolts of electricity running through Thalia's spear, and her shield, Aegis, made everyone cringe. SHe looked angry, and the look on her face was enough to make anyone fear for their life. And I could smell her from hear, thanks to the 'fart arrows' that were let off during the game.

"What in the name of gods were you THINKING?" she screamed. She was standing about a foot away from him, and her weapons were still in hand.

Percy clenched his fists and stood tall. I felt kind of bad for him, and Thalia was known for her temper. Then again, so was Percy.

"I got the flag, Thalia!" He was waving it in her face angrily. "I saw a chance and I took it!" The campers were watching, and the Hunters looked impersonally interested. It wasn't every day you saw a child of Poseidon argue with a child of Zeus.

"I WAS AT THEIR BASE!" She screamed back. "But the flag was gone. If you hadn't butted in, we would've won!" I could see even more electricity flow through her and the spear, and the crowd backed up, making an even circle around the two. Chiron stood intently, waiting to cut in if the fight got out of hand. I didn't think it would, though. There wasn't much to fight about, but then again, it was Percy and Thalia.

"You had too many on you!" yelled Percy back. He seemed angry too, and I noticed the current in the stream behind him was swirling fast, like a wild river.

"Oh, so it's my fault?" said Thalia, inches from his face.

"I didn't say that!" Percy looked fuming, and he was yelling loudly now. The rest of us were quiet, and it seemed like Percy and Thalia didn't realize we were watching them.

"Argh!" Thalia lost it, and she gave him a shove. We all saw the bolt of blue electricity that ran from her fingers into his body, pushing him back ten feet into the water. The campers gasped, knowing Percy could fight back, and that this fight was going to get bad. The Hunters giggled, and I glared at them, and turned my eyes back to Percy. He was more important than rude junior high girls.

"Sorry!" Thalia said. She was pale, and looked honestly sorry. Her hands were out in front of her, and the electricity was no longer visible. "I didn't mean to-"

Percy didn't let her finish, and I saw the anger on his face. Suddenly, a large wave erupted from the creek he was standing in and doused Thalia from head to toe. I was shocked. Thalia and Percy both had tempers, were both the most powerful demigods at the camp, and were both fighting, using their powers. This was not good.

Percy got up from the creek, looking smug. "Yeah, I didn't mean to either," he said, his voice low and angry. I heard thunder crash, and looked up at the sky. Storm clouds were approaching, and since Poseidon was the god of Storms, I wasn't sure whether it was Thalia bringing the storms or Percy. I noticed a faint tremble in the ground, and also remembered Poseidon was the god of Earthquakes, also.

Thalia breathed heavily with anger, and water dripped from her hair and down her face, causing her punk/goth makeup to run. Suddenly, Chiron called out. "Enough!" he said sternly. I glanced at him, and he seemed angry.

Every one ignored him, watching as Thalia just pointed her spear at Percy. "You want some, Seaweed Brain?" she growled back.

Percy looked angry at the name, but I didn't understand. I called him that all the time! Maybe he just didn't like hearing it from Thalia.

"Bring it on, Pinecone Face!" called Percy tauntingly, raising his sword. Before he could even make a move, Thalia screamed in anger, and in response a large bolt of lighting came down from the sky, hit her spear, and shot to Percy, slamming him in the chest with watts of electricity. I cried out when I saw the lighting hit him.

The campers gasped again as Percy sat down hard in the water, looking a bit dazed. We could all smell his clothes burning, and we were all watching intently. Even the Hunters looked serious this time, not indifferent like they were watching a movie.

"Thalia! That is enough!" said Chiron again. And again, no one listened. I didn't even spare him a glance.

Percy got to his feet again, looking even angrier, and some of the campers cringed. I watched in awe as the entire creek rose, swirling up, turning into a massive, icy funnel. I had to admit, seeing Percy use his powers against campers terrified me. He hardly ever even used his powers, this was the most I'd ever seen at one time.

"Percy!" Chiron pleaded. I could tell he was somewhat scared, of what they would do. I don't think I'd ever heard him this scared for or of a camper before. Thalia looked a bit nervous, staring at the water in awe. She quickly hid that by widening her stance, preparing for the blow.

Percy hurled it at Thalia and the campers and hunters cried out, watching as hundreds of gallons landed right on top of Thalia, picking her up and knocking her on her butt. It remained there for a while, over half a minute, then swirled up and away from Thalia. The water returned to Percy, and Thalia was coughing and sputtering on all fours. I had just realized she was under the water for a while, almost a minute, and she couldn't hold her breath very long.

"Percy! You will stop this NOW!" yelled Chiron angrily, cantering towards them. He stood back a ways, about ten feet. I assumed he didn't want to get caught in this, judging by the animosity of the fight.

Thalia got up, determination written on her face. The campers were starting to back up, looking scared, and Percy and Thalia didn't notice. "Thalia! Percy! Come on!" I yelled out finally, not wanting this to get worse. If it could. Instead, Thalia brought her hands downwards and then up towards Percy, and a lightning bolt came down from the sky into the ground, coming up from underneath and shocking Percy, sending him flying into the air. I cringed as I saw him hit, expecring him to come right back down again. But then, even more lighting bolts came, shocking him numerous times until he hit the ground hard. I watched in horror as he fell onto his back, his head rolling over onto it's side. "Percy!" I cried to his unmoving form on the ground. Some of the other campers cried out, staring nervously at his body. This time there were visible burns where the electricity had exited and entered his body, on his cheek, neck, and arms, and his hair was singed and smoking. Thalia just stood there, holding her spear and breathing heavily. If she registered how much she had actually just attacked him, she didn't show it. I ran over to Percy and so did Chiron, looking nervous. His tail twitched as he knelt down, but was still to tall to reach our hight due to his half-horse torso.

"Percy? Are you all right?" asked Chiron. I knelt down, trying to wake him up by shaking his shoulders, avoiding the burns.

Percy groaned and I let out the sigh of relief I didn't realize I'd been holding. A lot of the campers did the same, looking somewhat relieved. Even Clarisse looked, well, not relieved, but not as hateful as she normally did.

Chiron got up, looking furious. "Thalia, this has gone too far!" Thalia only stood there, spear in hand, watching as Percy got up.

The whole camp froze, along with the hunters, waiting to see what he would do. Percy grinned, except that grin seemed kind of, well, crazy. His eyes seemed unfocused, like they didn't know what was going on. I was worried about him, and I wondered if the shock had made him delirious.

"Percy? I think you better sit down," I said gently, putting my hand on his shoulder. He ignored me, and smiled at Thalia. That cold, crazy smile. Then, he raised his arm, and the smile disappeared, and a look of concentration replaced it. I backed up, not knowing what he was about to do.

Thalia froze, and for some reason looked terrified. She lowered her arm stiffly, and her fingers released their grasp on Aegis. The other arm did the same with her sword. I looked back and forth, wondering what was happening.

"Percy? Whats going on?" I asked, confused. The other campers looked stunned as well, the Hunters shocked, and Chiron looked concerned, then shocked, then angry. I figured he knew what was going on.

"Percy, don't-" he started coldy in a no-nonsense tone. He sounded more serious than before.

"Hey Thalia!" called Percy, still holding his arm out, her still looking shocked, angry, and terrified. "Did you know that people are made of 80 % water? Blood, muscle, all kinds of things with water." He then moved his hand downward, making Thalia kneel on the ground.

I stared at him, the pieces coming together in my head. Percy was controlling the water in Thalia's body. He could make her do anything. He could kill her with a flick of his wrist.

The campers seemed to have made that connection, because some of them were stumbling backwards in fright, others just froze there. Not like Thalia, they were just petrified. They watched the scene in horror, and the Hunters held up their weapons, as if Percy would decide to attack them as well.

Then, suddenly, Chiron reached out and grabbed Percy's hand. "Stop. Now!" he said in a low voice. Percy grinned, and I suddenly wondered what the extent of the shock did to his head. Chiron must have realized that he was not in his right mind as well, because he didn't get angry.

The Hunters stood silently, Zoe watched the scene intently. I just put my hand on Percy's shoulder.

Then, everyone had eyes for Thalia, who stood up, shakily. I figured the sensation of not being able to control your body would make anyone shaky. Her face betrayed no feelings, she just walked over to Percy. Then, she did something that surprised everyone. She hugged my Seaweed Brain.

"I am so sorry Percy. This is all my fault," she said, only loud enough for me, Chiron, and Percy to hear.

Chiron started to walk away, beckoning for me and Percy to follow. The campers and Hunters got out of the way, and especially stayed clear of Percy.

Then, Percy's eyes rolled back and he fell.

Percy's POV

I woke up in the infirmary, not remembering why I was there. All I knew was that I was in a lot of pain. I looked around, hoping to see someone who could give me answers. Then I knew someone familiar was hugging me, and it made me grunt in pain.

"oh, sorry! Oh, you stupid Seaweed Brain!" said the familiar voice. I knew all too well it was Annabeth, and I opened my eyes.

Annabeth was sitting there, and her eyes were red and puffy like she'd been crying. I looked past her and saw Chiron, looking drawn, harried, and sad.

"What? What happened?" I muttered, sitting up. I winced in pain, and I noticed burns on my arms. I started to remember. "Wait-"

"You had an exciting day, young man," said Chiron. He looked thoughtful, and I could tell he was wondering if I remembered. "You and Thalia got in a fight. Do you remember?" he asked.

Annabeth eyed me, too. She looked concerned, but I just felt guilty. Remembering everything, but for some reason, everything after Thalia sending me that third shock was black. I figured I must have fainted then.

"Yeah," I said, looking down. "Thalia pushed me, I splashed her, she shocked me, I nearly drowned her, and she knocked me out with another shock. Then I'm guessing I passed out," I told. I kept it short, 'cause I didn't like to think about it. I was ashamed.

Annabeth looked alarmed, and she looked up at Chiron, who sighed and looked down. I figured I was missing something, so I questioned my thoughts. "What'd I miss?"

Chiron looked at me in the eye, and his eyes seemed somewhat sorrowful. "Percy, you didn't pass out after Thalia shocked you with that last shock. You were delirious, so you fought back. With a power we didn't know you had," he said carefully. I processed the information.

"Wait," I said, wondering if this was why they were upset. "What was the power?"

Annabeth looked pained, and scared. Chiron just replied. "You controlled the water in Thalia's blood, muscle, and so on, and well, controlled her," he said bluntly.

My world swirled as I thought about that. That only sounded like something a god, no, a Titan would do. Something evil but powerful. Then, Annabeth gave me a hug and I was pulled back into reality. "Chiron, I wasn't gonna hurt her, was I?" I asked, scared.

"No, I don't believe you were. Percy, you were delirious, you shouldn't blame yourself," he comforted. I couldn't take the comfort. IT was my fault. I had done it, hadn't I?

I looked up, at Annabeth and Chiron. "Is Thalia okay?" I asked wearily.
"Yeah, she's fine," said Annabeth. She hid her tears, and didn't sound too choked. "She blames herself, and she feels bad for hurting you," she said, her eyes glancing at the burns on his arms, one on his neck, and the one visible on his collarbone.

I couldn't take it. I just couldn't. "Can I see her? I need to tell her it's not her fault," I choked. It wasn't her fault. I mean, I was the one who decided to play 'puppet-master' on my friends.

Annabeth looked sad, but she looked at Chiron. Chiron thought for a moment, then replied. "Okay, Percy. But take Annabeth, you're still badly injured, and besides, I don't want to be the one to have to drag her away from you," he said, his eyes twinkling.

I was relieved, but nervous. What did the campers think about me? What did Thalia think about me? Did they know it wasn't my fault?

"Come on, Seaweed Brain," said Annabeth. I just noticed that Chiron was gone, he must have left while I was thinking. She helped me up, and the burns on my body ached like heck. I noticed there were only burns where my skin was exposed during the fight, like on my cheek, neck, and arms. When I voiced this observation, Annabeth, being smart, told me why. "Electricity can't travel through textiles, which were under your armor, so they went in through the skin."

Great, so that just meant that all my burns were in plain sight. Great. When we walked out of the infirmary, a lot of the campers looked in our direction. I couldn't tell what they were thinking, but they were whispering, so I knew it wasn't good. They looked a little nervous, and I looked down, ashamed.

"Ignore them. They just don't get it, Okay Seaweed?" said Annabeth. I nodded, and the skin pulled on the burn on my neck and I winced in pain. Annabeth tastefully ignored this, and I was grateful.

We walked over to the sword arena, where Thalia was just sitting, watching campers swordplay. She looked up when Annabeth and I came in, and smiled a small, sad smile, but then she noticed the burns and it was wiped away.

Annabeth POV

I watched as Percy went to go sit by Thalia, and I went with him. I winced when ever I saw the burns, because they were a dark, angry color, but didn't bring it up.

"Thalia, it wasn't your fault," said Percy as soon as we sat down. Good old Seaweed Brain, always taking blame for everything.

Thalia looked at him, and noticed the dark angry burn on his cheek, and looked away. "Percy, I purposely attacked and injured you. I wasn't hurt, but look at you!"

I watched intently, feeling increasingly like a third wheel with every second. Percy looked pained, and then answered.

"Thalia, I controlled you. With my powers. That's like something only a Titan would do. I just, ugh!" he sighed. I felt so bad for him. He had this monstrous power, and he could very easily kill people with it. I wanted to comfort him, but I knew nothing about this kind of thing. Thalia understood better than anyone.

Thalia softened even more. "Percy, I know how you feel. If I wanted to, I could send a shock through your body strong enough to stop your heart. I almost did yesterday. That's not something I'm proud of," she said, looking at her thumbs.

Percy reached over and touched her hand. Not in a boyfriend-girlfriend way, but in the 'my friend needs comfort' way. Thalia looked up, and Percy was smiling. "Well, since both of us obviously wants the blame, how about we both take it?" he joked weakly.

Thalia smiled, and nodded. Then her smile fell away. "Well, what do we do now?" she said. "I don't think the Gods will be too fond of your newfound power, Percy."

And, right on cue, Grover came running up, a look of panic and fear written on his face. "Um, Thalia, Percy? Chiron wants to see you. He says that you two need to go to Olympus . . . Immediately."

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