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3rd Person POV

Percy and Thalia stood alone in the lobby of the throne room, waiting for the Olympians to ask them to return. As soon as they had arrived with Chiron, they said they needed to talk privately, and Chiron had remained with the gods. They heard yelling from behind the door, and Percy shuffled from foot to foot.

Thalia looked up, once again wincing at the burns on her friend's face and neck. "So, how much bargaining will it take to keep us alive, huh?" she said, trying to make a joke out of it.

Percy looked up, a weary expression on his face. "Well, it can't be that bad. So we got in a fight. Big deal," he said, saying the understatement of the year.

Thalia nodded. "Yeah. They can't really punish us. Other demigods get in fights all the time, and they don't get in trouble."

Percy nodded, though he knew this wasn't a helpful argument, and that she knew this too. Neither of them were just 'other demigods'. They were the children of two of the Big Three, and that a lot of the gods were looking for excuses to kill them. But, he thought, with a flicker of hope. Zeus won't let them kill Thalia, and Poseidon won't let them kill me. They have the most influence.

Finally, the throne room doors opened, revealing Hermes, the messenger of the Gods, and also father of Luke, whom was an old friend of Thalia's and Annabeth's.

He looked stressed and harried, but spoke with kindness. "We are ready to speak to you, now. Both of you."

Percy's POV

I looked over at Thalia, and gave a small, reassuring nod. I knew that she was more confident, though. Nothing ever scared or bothered Thalia. Except, of course, Luke. He did bother her.
Thalia nodded back, and walked in with her shoulders back and head held high. I followed suit, keeping my head slightly lower, hiding an electrical burn under my jaw. The less damage they see, the less threatening our fight looks. Simple as that.

We didn't meet any of the god's eyes until we both knelt in front of our fathers. "Father," I heard Thalia mumble. I glanced over at Zeus's face, and he tried to hide his emotions, but I could see. He was proud, but concerned. He was happy to see his daughter after believing he had sealed her fate in breaking the pact when he had her, and ended in her death. (Well, he did turn her into a pine tree, but she might as well be dead.)

I knelt in front of my father, and looked up into his sea green eyes. My eyes. "Dad," I said quietly. He gestured his hands, and I stood. I looked around at the gods again. Poseidon's concerned gaze, Ares' hateful and brutish gaze; Dionysus looked bored, Hermes looked like he was deep in thought, but not about us. Zeus was watching his daughter, Apollo was just listening to music, but for the first time ever that I had seen, he looked thoughtful, and worried? That was a first.. Hephaestus was watching us carefully, and just looked . . . well, I don't know. Worn, I guess. Athena looked angry, like she hadn't gotten her way. Aphrodite was eyeing me like a piece of candy, and I don't want to know what she was imagining. Here looked equally angry, and had her legs crossed and was avoiding looking anywhere near Thalia. Demeter looked like she sympathized with us. But I noticed the empty throne, which had a glow about it like moonlight.

Artemis wasn't here.

I shook this off as Zeus started addressing us. "You know why you're here, I presume?" he boomed.

We nodded. "Yeah. We were playing capture the flag. And we used our powers. It's not that big of a deal," Thalia said, hands on hips, glaring around.

Athena looked angry. "You let your anger consume your actions. Both of you did. And with the amount of power that you both have," she glanced at the most noticeable burn on Percy. "Letting emotions cloud your judgment is dangerous. And tempers seem to run in your family." She glared at her father, Zeus, before continuing. "So, we were deciding how to punish you."

I glanced at Thalia. Her composure remained as strong as ever, as did mine. "So, what did you decide?" I asked, dreading the answer.

Athena raised her chin. "Your fathers insisted on keeping you alive. So we decided to take a vote. So, all in favor of keeping Percy Jackson, son of Poseidon, alive?" she asked, looking around.

Apollo, Hermes, Demeter, Zeus, Poseidon, Dionysus, and Aphrodite raised their hands. I let out a sigh. But they still had to vote for Thalia.

Athena let out a huff. "Alright, fine. All in favor of keeping Thalia Grace, daughter of Zeus, alive?" The same hands raised, and I let out an even bigger sigh of relief, smiling.

"Well, it's not like we did anything worth convicting, huh?" I muttered to Thalia. She gave a small smirk in response.

"Well, you don't know much about me before you met me," she winked. I chuckled, earning glares from the Olympians.

Poseidon and Zeus looked less concerned, and my dad smiled. But I was still curious, and now that my life wasn't in question, I asked. "Um, where's Artemis?"

Thalia looked up, wondering the same thing. Apollo glanced at Zeus, but I couldn't read what his expression said.

"She is checking something out with the Hunters. They had found something that they couldn't handle without Artemis," said Poseidon, ignoring Zeus's and Apollo's glares in his direction.

Thalia looked shocked, but I didn't really know what the Hunters were. "What hunters?" I asked, glancing around.

Thalia rolled her eyes, with a look similar to Annabeth. Oh my Gods, I had completely forgotten about her through all this! "My Gods, Seaweed Brain. They're eternal maidens, warriors that fight for Artemis. They're immortal. And, I had thought they were pretty well trained and accomplished. I didn't think that they would ask for help?" she said in a questioning tone, glancing at Zeus.

Zeus sighed. "This is different." Suddenly, like a movie, the giant doors to the throne room swung open, and a young girl stood there, with a bow strung on her back and a sword in its hilt. She was holding up a stunningly gorgeous young girl, who looked about twelve years of age. This girl had several wounds on her body, all leaking golden fluid. Even from here, the shimmering fluid couldn't be mistaken. It was what I had seen when I injured Ares in hour duel, back in my first year at Camp Half-Blood. It was Ichor, the golden blood of the Gods. And judging from the alarmed look on Apollo's face, this could only be his little sister, Artemis.

Instantly, the room was in motion. Apollo was at her side, being the god of medicine. The rest of the Olympians had crowded around as well.

"What happened?" Apollo frantically asked the young girl who was supporting his sister.

She looked shaken, and lowered Artemis onto the floor, where Apollo had drawn up a soft pillow for her to lay her head on. "We were all just waiting. I mean, she had been getting weaker and weaker every night, and we didn't know why. So we were camping out a bit ago. But suddenly, this woman walked into camp, demanding to see Lady Artemis. But this woman, she was . . . different. I don't know. Anyway, we had instantly drawn our weapons and stuff, but Artemis just told us to lower them. So, she followed this woman, and after a while, we were worried. And we felt a chill, it wasn't normal. So, we went to find her. And this is how we found her," she said, gesturing to Artemis, who was shaking and pale.

Suddenly, Artemis's closed eyes flew open. "She, she's back. She wanted power. My domain. But I couldn't let her. But I couldn't fight it," she ranted.

Apollo looked lost, while he was healing her. "Who?" he questioned, taken aback.

I was completely confused. I had no idea what any of them were talking about.

"Night," said Artemis. "Night."

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