Ridiva's disembodied consciousness hung in darkness, the liquid all around her. A muted sound slowly intruded into her mind.

The klaxons blazed red in the acrid smoke, the ship shook, shuddered and groaned under the enemies fire.

"Shields down to ten percent" the ensign, turned tactical officer, screamed, his voice hoarse from the biting smoke.

"Starboard nacelle is not responsive" he added straining to keep his composure.

Lieutenant Ridiva sat in the captains chair and stared in shock at the shattered remains of the advance stealth fleet. Her bioluminescent plasma roiling of off her hair in crimson, panicked waves.

"Sir, what should we do, ….sir" he asked again, coughing.

The captains body lay smoldering at her feet, fear and panic griped her, she glanced at the Vulcan cadet at the helm and envied her. The Vulcan cadet was calm and stoic as always, as if she was in the mess hall of the star fleet academy.

"How many Dominion ships left" Lieutenant Ridiva finally managed, and briefly glanced at the frightened faces around her. After a pause.

"Four...three...maybe...I don't know...I can't tell." the ensign manning the tactical console stuttered wide eyed.

"Do we have any weapons left?" Ridiva winced in pain, holding the side of her waist she stood up and stepped over the still smoldering body of her captain.

Her hot, luminescent white blood seeped through her fingers and splattered the soot scared deck beneath her unsteady feet.

"No, the phaser banks are offline...we have...expanded all of the torpedoes..." the ensign managed.

For a moment Ridiva was back on Vulcan, in T'lan's arms. The sound was getting louder.

The ship pitched and shuddered violently, "Shields are gone" the ensign yelled. "The Dominion fighter is turning around for another pass." he added staring at Lieutenant Ridiva, begging her for a solution. The Dominion fighter swiftly banked and turned around in the flickering holographic view-screen, it was angling straight at them.

Lieutenant Ridiva stood frozen and stared through the thick choking smoke at the holographic view-screen, her irises blazing red with her bio-luminescent plasma, as the fighter drew closer it's weapon ports glowing, prepared to fire.

Ridiva was back in the liquid, trashing violently, overcome with panic, drowning. The sound was louder.

The klaxons sirens blazed, Ridiva turned to the ensign manning the science console, "how many shuttles do we have" she breathed out, her eyes blazing.

"Seven" the Andorian winced, blue blood seeping out of a deep gash on his forehead. Lieutenant Ridiva limped over to the Vulcan at the helm. "Cadet T'lan prepare to remotely pilot the shuttles in the front shuttle bay" Lieutenant Ridiva quickly said.

Squeezing the deep gash on her waist Ridiva tapped her com badge,

"Ridivia to Ensign Rovi."

"Rovi here," Rovi answered with a quivering voice through bursts of static, "Our shields are down, and the warp core is down..." He began shrilly. "I don't care," Ridiva barked, cutting him of. He was the only human that she had grown to dislike during the short time that she was stationed aboard the USS Ravenlin. When the senior crew members were killed in the horrific first wave of the battle that their fleet had seen, Lieutenant Ridiva had quickly assumed command and then assigned ensign Rovi to be chief engineer of the Starship Ravenlin.

Ridiva was in the Desert of the Forge on Vulcan, doubled over on her knees, sobbing. The noise was shaking the desert around her.

She had to put aside her personal dislike of the high whinny noise that came out every time he opened his mouth. She knew that Rovi was the only one even remotely qualified for the engineering position.

"Prepare to overload the warp cores of the Shuttle Osprey and the Shuttle Sprite on my command," she barked at him.

"But, but..." Rovi sputtered through the static, "do not make any more noise," Lieutenant Ridivia screamed into her com badge, her bio luminescent hair and eyes growing a brighter shade of red with her anger.

"Just do as I say, if you wish to live, if you want a chance at surviving this battle." She glanced at the Andorian at the science station, "Cadet Zamel flood the deflector array with graviton particles, use the gravity platting power supply if you have to," wincing she limped back to the captains chair, garbed it for support and stood there.

"Yes... sir," cadet Zamel replied wiping blue blood from his eyes.

"Rovi here" Ridivas com badge shrilled.

"Go head" she replied.

"Engineering is ready to remotely detonate the shuttles...but...but I would advice not being anywhere near when we do it." He said.

"As if we have a choice" she sighed, "Rovi, see if you can reestablish communications with sick bay," Ridiva added, "We desperately need their help on the bridge." She glanced at the injured and the dead littering the command deck.

"T'lan have you established the remote up-link with the shuttles?" Ridiva asked as she sat back down into the captains chair.

"Yes, lieutenant Ridiva," T'lan replied, "I am ready to launch the shuttles at your command."

"Good," Ridiva replied.

Ridiva was floating on her back, in a lake of magma, staring up at the dark sky sprinkled with twinkling stars. T'lan was an the bank, motioning for Ridiva to come out of the lake. The noise was unbearable.

She then turned her gaze to the Andorian and asked, "how many cochranes of gravitons were you able to divert to the deflector array."

"Two thousand milli-cochranes," Zalem answered, his voice strained. Lieutenant Ridiva thought for a second. "That will have to do."

The Jem'hadar fighter opened fire, shaking and slapping the ship from side to side. Consoles exploded in a burst of plasma sparks. Ridiva winced in pain as the sparks, from a ruptured EPS conduit, showered her from above. A decompression alarm blinked on one of the barely working consoles build into the Captain's chair.

"What is going on," Ridiva yelled at the ensign behind tactical. "We have multiple hull breaches through the ship..."

"Zalem, is there any federation com badges outside the ship..."Ridiva screamed at him.

"The Jem'hadar fighters will be on top of us momentarily," T'lan said.

"There are, several federation signals outside..."

"Beam them back, now,"Ridiva screamed at Zalem.

"I...I...can't," Zalem stammered.


"...the transporters are down..."

"God damn it, God damn it all to hell," Ridiva screamed.

"Jem'hadar fighters closing..."

"Helm, full stop, release the shuttles," Ridiva, yelled and caught her breath.

"Aim for the nearest two fighters, engineering stand-buy for my order," Ridiva slowly let her breath out.

"The fighter is firing... at us, they are ignoring the shuttles," the ensign at tactical screamed, excitement in his voice.

"Helm rotate the ship so the deflector array faces the fighters," Ridiva barked.

"How far away are the dominion fighters from the shuttles," Ridiva yelled at tactical.

The ship shook and groaned as the Dominion beams sliced into the deflector array.

"The shuttles will impact the fighters in...3...2..."

" Engineering, overload the shuttles warp cores..."


"Now," Ridiva screamed.

Two, blinding hot, searing stars bloomed, and, in fleeting instant, the Dominion ships evaporated into super heated gas.

The searing noise was everywhere.