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Honestly speaking, Judgey 2nd hated her name. She abhorred that it stuck on her like birdseeds to feathers. It was because of her master's lover that she will be forever addressed as something as stupid as 'Judgey'. Bonnie felt the same way, but apparently, once the nickname is christened, it never ceases. Maybe her real name was Alexandra, Anastasia, or maybe, say, Emma? She cocks her head towards the sleeping couple on the bed, momentarily hating her nightly guarding duties. She shrugs her wings once, trying to maintain a level of awareness. She had just woken up from their usual mating activities –something that which she considered (learned, actually) her lullaby. When they were done, it was her time to wake, knowing that they would be too exhausted to guard themselves ever any–

"FUCK!" the male co-owner screams out, his voice a bit hoarse, obviously hazed by the sudden consciousness from his R.E.M. He sounds alarmed, however, not terrified, his blue eyes flashing like two bright sapphire stones in the dimmed room. Buck-naked he flips the covers off and leaves the soft bed, and starts pacing back and forth on the carpeted floor.

Her master groans with his absence, but buries her face harder against his pillow. "We just fell asleep…" She peeks at one eye at him. "Besides, we did enough of that already…"

"No we did not," Damon answered automatically.

Judgey 2nd rolls her eyes inwardly. She had slept for most of the day. Right.

The vampire pauses in his movements to look at the woman on the bed, taking into account the way she stared at his hardening cock like it was her first time seeing his glorious body in the nude. He smirks and the bird (the literal, real one), swears she's suffering a headache from all the testosterone fogging the room.

For a second, Judgey 2nd is hopeful, as her master ignores her lover's growing arousal. "Come back to bed, Damon…"

Damon shakes his head for a while and puts his clenched fists on his waist. "But what do you think we should do about her? She's still out there."

The cockatoo wants to cut off that appendage below his belly button, but she knew Bonnie would disapprove. Of course, she and her witch thought, Katherine. Right.

"Why the hell did I forget about Katherine, that bitch!" Damon exclaims in frustration. He then realizes what he just said and waves his hands in the air as he saw Bonnie's skin starting to glow a faint gold. "I mean… what if she's…" He stops panicking when he realizes that she moves to lie on her back, giving him a wonderful view of her full breasts. His cock twitches in anticipation, but he reminds himself that he said the wrong thing, and she rewards him the stink eye. He almost laughs at this, just because he enjoys it when she reminds him she's still Bonnie, Judgey, his little witch, the one who always got riled up because of his decisions and snide remarks –among other things. He walks towards the bed and kneels on her side, like a big beast acknowledging the presence of his mate, and starts showering her soft breasts with his kisses. His other hand starts rubbing up her thigh, her inner thigh… He forgets why he panicked at all, and as he is tracing the moist, warm outline of her mons, he feels her nipple vibrate inside his mouth. He frowns and looks at her, and sees her giggling.

"Oh, Damon," she whispered, placing soft fingers on his nape and pushes him harder against her breast. "You sorry excuse for a worrywart."

Damon frowns as he suckles and fingers, watching the green of her eyes brighten with those semi-permanent golden flecks. Why, he wanted to ask, but he had to do something about her body first.

"Let's just say that I… oohh…" she whispers, then gasps as he pinches her clit, feeling the wetness rush between her legs. "Took precautions…"

As Judgey 2nd sees the familiar outline of the vampire's behind between her witch's legs preparing to mount her, she turns her head away to look outside the window, preparing for another hour or two of sleep. Guess she'll have later to think about her real name then…

Katherine watches them from the distance quietly, painstakingly. She was still, as ever, the lingering predator.

Contrary to popular belief, she was not always the bad guy. Well, most of the time, yes, but really, to each his own! She was not always out to get them –whoever they were anymore, because frankly, did they think that creating havoc was all she existed for? She was a woman of this world. She was materialistic, selfish and she loved a good fuck. Her interests were purely to benefit her, but come on, she wanted to tell everyone –what's wrong with that? They're all just so fucking judgmental. As far as she knew, everyone's got some –even if just a little, blood on their hands. No one is innocent anymore, and no one is definitely a saint. Ok, so maybe sometimes she went overboard, but even she had to admit she was not perfect. Those times, she would want to call, her best moments –or to the faint of heart, her moments of weakness. Yes, it was that conflicting.

However, of all the people she was out to murder, only one was off the hook: Bonnie Bennett. First, the witch-turned-goddess must have been the only one strong enough to kill Elijah, thus setting her free from that damned tomb and apparently, thanks to her, Klaus was dead. A part of Katherine feels avenged, in a sense.

How could she ever repay Bonnie? By her lack of presence, that's how. She will leave them alone… for now. Like she said, she wasn't always the bad guy.

One of the reasons why Katherine had made it this far was because she was not brash. She was hard and deadly as a blade, but she could never have gotten this far without all the planning. That is why she is confident that she will figure out a way. She will find a way to escape this narrowed path of darkness. It will be her temporary life mission.

"Oh shut it," the young witch interrupts her thoughts, giving her a warning glance. "You're going to be my familiar whether you like it or not."

Another pair of eyes settles on her. "Mags, are you sure She gave it to you?"

"It's a she, Legs," Maggie corrects her best friend and dangles one live earthworm down the glass container. "Her name is Katherine. But I prefer to call her The Sorrows Master!" She and Legolas share a knowing look and they laugh.

Katherine is fuming in her glass prison, wanting to screech in protest, clearly detesting their mockery –involuntarily including her on the inside joke. It appears that everyone in the supernatural world knew exactly who she was and what happened to her. Damn it.

Legolas is the first one to recover from the mirth and gives Katherine a hesitant glance. "Well, it –I mean she… She looks freaky."

"I know, right?" Maggie agrees, scrunching her nose. "But that's what makes her special."

I will rip your hearts out once I free myself from this curse.

"Right," Maggie rolls her eyes, poking her nuzzle with the tip of the soft earthworm. "Now, be a good girl and eat your breakfast."

Katherine the Newt aka The Sorrows Master, glared at her as much as she could with her dark beady eyes. I swear I will kill Bonnie Bennett. I swear I will kill her. That bitch goddess. I will have her fucking head on a silver plate. That damn Salvatore as well. Everyone in Mystic Falls –in this whole world, deserves to die!

Maggie giggles, interrupting the newt's silent musings. "I'm not going to be home till later so are you sure you don't want the wormy shwormy?"

And now she baby talks me, Katherine seethed, but her small stomach aches painfully, that when Maggie her 'master' threatens to take the worm away, she uses her new agility to clamp her jaws on the soft, juicy earthworm. It's just like blood. So tasty, so… She stops mid-chew and looks at Maggie, seeing the sparkle on her eyes. As she swallows with much delight and embarrassment, both the young witch and her best friend explode in boisterous laughter.

Damn she hates teenagers.

The End