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Remy walked into the apartment that she had been sharing with Allison for 9 ½-10 years. She had a rather monotonous day at school, it was getting to the point that she was going to be sleeping through her classes—she hadn't gone to school right off the bat like everyone else. She stepped back and took a few years to decide on what she wanted to do…and she was perfect for what she realized she wanted to do: be a drama teacher. Her rather monotonous day at school turned to a rather interesting night at the bar—she had been bartending for the past 5 or 6 years now.

"Babe?" She called as she looked at the cut she had acquired while she pulled the girls that had begun the fight apart; her arm skid some broken glass on the bar, creating a very shallow, but long cut along her forearm. She was touching the gauzed cut as she waited for a response. All she got was a grunt in return. She flared her nostrils when she found her girlfriend studying…again…on a Friday night. "Babe what are you doing?"

"Huh?" The blonde doctor—in two years—grunted again, still not looking up from her books.

"I have to tell you what happened tonight!" She tried to sound excited to get the blonde to turn around, but that went to no avail. Usually though, it didn't matter because Allison was always listening, so she began her tale. "So…" She plopped on a bar stool after grabbing a glass of juice and taking off the gauze. "There was this guy at the bar, and he had his girlfriend with him…Well, she wanted to dance and he did not, so he told her to dance with someone else, which she did—so obviously trying to make him jealous. Then, this other broad came over to him and started hitting on him…" She grinned remembering the exciting part before it happened, "Well after a while he actually got into the conversation and his girlfriend saw them. She came over and started yelling at this other girl calling her a tramp, floozy, hussy, bimbo, and really any word related. The chick was not going to just sit there, so she bitch slapped her! Then girlfriend launches herself across boyfriend and totally takes her to the floor! It was awesome!" She took a breath.

"That's nice Honey." Cameron murmured from the couch, still not looking up and still not really paying attention.

"Did you hear any of that? Chick fight!" She wanted a real response from her lover of twelve years with a break of which they do not mention. She stood up and started talking again, "Then of course, I had to break it up—cause I was closest…and I cut my arm up pretty good, but that's okay…battle wounds are sexy right, Al?" She stared at the back of her head… No response but a sigh. Fine…time for fun, "Then House came in. You know the guy that solves crimes on a daily basis? The guy that became one of the youngest ever leading FBI profiler's to date because he's a freak of nature and notices everything?"

"That's cool, Babe."

"Yeah. So we started talking, and well…he had a hard day at work saving peoples lives and all, and he actually started flirting with me." Nothing even remotely close to a response, "And, you know what…I really liked it."

"Mhmm, and then?" That was another one that she used when Remy was prattling on and on and she was studying…it usually worked except for the few times that Remy had actually finished her story.

"And then, well….I kind of… I started flirting back, and then one thing led to another and well…House is an amazing lover. I never would have guessed the way you used to talk about him…Seriously, Al…he is one sexy piece of man! Ohmy God! The moves we did in the back room! I'm going to be walking funny for the next week!"

Allison just gave another vague uh huh, so Remy continued, "Actually Al, there's something I need to tell you…that wasn't the first time. You've been so busy with school lately; trying to become a doctor and all… and, well…I need attention! And he was willing to give me what you couldn't…Allison…I'm pregnant and House and I are running away together!"

Allison then—finally!—turned on the couch and looked at her, "Are you asking me to move to the bedroom so you can make your bed? Because at the rate you're talking, you're not only gonna be on the couch, you're going to be moving out." She stood up and mumbled under her breath so that the brunette couldn't here her, "Again."

Remy could tell she said something, but she let it slide and went into toddler mode, "Iw's just wanting some attention…like a 'Hi Honey! Glad you're home! Glad you didn't get slaughtered in the bar fight. Glad you only got that one cut from a bottle. Did that take you back to your childhood? Would you like me to hold you?'" She stopped her 'Allison' voice and even turned a little to signal that it was herself talking, "'Oh, thanks babe, that would be nice…can we make love tonight?'" She went back to her 'Allison' voice, "'Of course honey, I'd love nothing more, I've wanted you for so long, because it's been so long since we've done it.' 'Yeah, it's been over three weeks..that's the longest we've ever gone and I'm getting restless.'" Her 'Allison' voice almost went to a girl scout in third grade, not her lover, "'Yeah me too,' as you then start stripping, 'we should make love! And in the morning, since it's Saturday, maybe we can do a little role playing, I know how much you love it…'" She gave Allison a look as she took a breath.

"Are you done?" Allison asked as the brunette's rant came to a stopping point. When Remy did nothing, she looked the bartender up and down, "I don't see any cuts…" She trailed off, keeping her eyes peeled.

Remy lifted her arm and whimpered like a puppy that had just been scolded.

"Oh Remy…" She said sympathetically as she walked over to her and surveyed the cut…it wasn't bad at all, she really didn't even need the gauze she had already rid herself of; that's how shallow it was. "Baby…" She waited for Remy's eyes, "Do you want me to hold you?" Remy stuck out her bottom lip and nodded; this made Allison grin, "Okay." She walked the brunette back to the couch where they cuddled and Remy relaxed in her arms.

"You're always studying you know?" Remy said softly, basking in the comfort that was Allison Cameron.

"Well, I'm gonna be a doctor, I better know everything I can possibly know and be certain of it…" The blonde made a valid point.

"I don't study that much and I'm in school too…" She said, sounding like a five year old.

"I know, but that's because you already know everything you're being taught…you're gonna be a drama teacher! You're going to be such a natural…Elektra and Alex are going to be so happy when they get to tell McBride that they finally found someone that they can work with in the drama department…" She squeezed her lover tight.

"I know…" She kept her small child tone. "But I miss you." She started turning around. "Can we make love tonight?" Remy asked her looking up with the same puppy dog eyes.

Allison smirked at her, "Of course Honey, I would love nothing more." She said, repeating her lover's earlier rant, "I've wanted you for so long because it's been so long since we've done it." Allison made a move to stand up.

Remy grinned at the fact that she was playing with her, and followed her movements with those exotic eyes of hers, "Yeah, it's been over three weeks. That's the longest we've ever gone, and I'm getting restless…"

"Yeah me too." The blonde said as she actually started stripping, "We should make love and then…in the morning since it's Saturday, maybe we can do a little role playing…I know how much you love it…" She threw her shirt at her counterpart and moved slowly but surely to their bedroom.

Remy watched on, jaw dropped. After a few seconds Allison's pants made it into the hallway…then her panties…then her bra. "Oh my God." She sighed under her breath as she stood up. She broke into a full sprint and hit the wall with a thud, "Ow! Shit!" Then shuffled inside the bedroom to find Allison on top of the covers with her hair spread out over the pillows and her body like Ariel's when she sings about wanting to 'spend the days warm on the sand'. Remy immediately stopped…She knew she was in love with the woman before her but, "Daaaaaaaaaaammn," She couldn't help but just stare. She really was a thing of beauty.

Allison grinned at her reaction. She knew that she always did, but every time it made her happy because Remy thought she was beautiful even on nights that she spent studying or when she wore the same clothes three days in a row, "Come here." She said softly, still grinning.

Remy lifted her shirt and bra off and pulled her pants and undies off in record time. She bounded for the bed with the intent to lavish every part of her lover. She stood on her knees after her landing at Allison's feet and took one of her legs and pulled one of those tiny, pedicured feet up to her mouth. She kissed her toes, up her foot and around to her inner ankle…she didn't have a newly developed foot fetish or anything, it's just where she landed so it's where she began her ravishing.

She trailed kissed all the way up her calf, and when she got to the blonde's knee, she stopped and repeated every single movement with her other leg. She then started placing wet kisses on her thighs, trading legs between each kiss. She could feel Allison's heat radiating from her core. When she got where the blonde wanted her, she grinned as she placed a single, light, feathery, barely there kiss and moved up to her midriff and stomach.

Allison gasped and sighed and huffed all at the same time when Remy did that; she grabbed the brunette's head, wanting to push her back between her legs, but instead pulled her up to her mouth. She kissed her passionately hard, "I fucking hate you right now." She breathed out as she regained her breath from the kiss.

"No you don't." Remy whispered as she stared into her lover's eyes. She brushed some of the hair that had gotten in her face back, "No you don't." She repeated, letting Allison know that she wanted her to say it back; ever since the break from which they do not mention, Remy had been sensitive to that four letter word coming from Allison's lips, even if it was playful. She would always lean in and say something like she just did until Cameron took it back.

"No I don't." Cameron patted her cheek and gave her a few light kisses.

This gave Remy the inspiration she needed to give Allison what she was wanting. "I love you." She said before she kissed her way to either breast then back down to her center.

"I love you tooOOOOH! OH MY GOD!" Allison had been dripping with excitement ever since Remy mentioned their lack of sex life for those three weeks and that she wanted some tonight. So, when Remy didn't wait for her to finish her response and began sucking and nipping and stimulating her with certain vigor…she responded as she felt…with a good fucking scream.

Remy kept at it, always changing tempo and rhythm from fast and furious to sweet and gentle; she would use her fingers, then just rely on her mouth. To say Allison was sated when she came down from her high would be putting it lightly.


The next morning Allison woke up before Remy. She snuck out of bed and into their closet. She grabbed a certain hanger behind their coats and went into their bathroom. She put the clothes inside on and put her hair in a ponytail and put on the hat before moving out of their bedroom and out of their apartment completely.

She began knocking on the door, then pounding when Remy didn't come to answer.

Remy shifted in her sleep hearing the noise and asked her lover to go get it…when she didn't feel movement and leaned on the other side of the bed to find the sheets kind of cold, she looked around the room…Nothing. "What the fuck?" She said aloud trying to figure out where she went.

Hearing the banging still, she put clothes on and yelled, "I'm coming!" then she pulled the door open with a lot of force to find Allison causing all the ruckus…in their repair man costume—which was a tight, short shorted jumpsuit with a nametag that said 'Honey'. Her eyes lit up and she smiled before becoming serious again.

"Not yet." Was all Allison said, then shook her head, "I'm sorry, I just…wasn't expecting to be working so close to such a beautiful woman today…" She took a small clipboard from the tool belt she wore, "You are Remy Hadley, right?"

"Yeah, yes…I'm sorry, I was expecting you, but my alarm didn't go off. Would you mind if I took a shower while you start working?" She tilted her head, shifter her weight, popping her heal out to side—looking as scrumptious as possible as she asked her question.

Allison coughed, "No, no.." She said as she slid by her and brushed up against her, "Take your time, just point me in the right direction and I'll get to work…"

Remy smirked as she led Allison into the living room where they had this shelving unit in a box for like ever, "Well, if you could start with this, I'd be very grateful." She said as she pointed to the box.

"Sure thing." Allison whispered out as she watched Remy saunter off to the bedroom. She bit her lip, then turned around to the box and tore into it. She knew Remy was intentionally going to take a long shower, so she figured she might as well start in on something useful.

She tried to put it together as efficiently, but as quickly as possible; she had actually broken a sweat…it could have been because the air conditioner suddenly got turned to heat that morning before she walked out in the hallway—was it her fault that she knew that Remy not so secretly loved it when she glistened? No..she didn't think so.

She heard the shower shut off and decided to run over to turn the AC back on, then went back to finishing her task.

"Wow…you work fast." She hear Remy's sultry voice and turned around, "You must be really good with your hands." Remy almost went weak in the knees from seeing Allison in that costume, dripping with sweat…and that cheeky devil unbuttoned the jumpsuit to the belt line, practically giving her a free show.

Allison grinned bashfully, "I've never been told I'm not." She shrugged.

"Wonder what else you could do with them…" Remy said in the same tone as she began to walk over. Her hair was making her shirt wet where it touched and when she brushed it away from her front, Allison could clearly see that she had no bra on. "Honey…"

Allison moved her stare up to Remy's face, "Huh?" She grunted her one word syllable.

"You're staring…" She grinned as she took the blonde's hand, "Really, your hands just look like their supposed to work with…tools. Do you use a lot of tools? Handle them well?"

"Uhhh, yeah." Allison swallowed, "I use tools real well. But I use my fingers better than my tools."

Remy raised her brows, "Oh yeah?" She said as she raised the blonde's hand to her mouth and nipped lightly at her index finger, "I'd like to see that."

"I bet you would." Allison said as she took her hand from her mouth and put it behind her head, pulling her in for a kiss.

"Oh, Honey!" Remy said as she pulled away, "You didn't tell me you were good with your mouth too!"

"I'm good with a lot of things." She said as she leaned in and captured her mouth again, then picked her up, wrapped her legs around her and walked them over to their kitchen table. She tore the brunette's clothes from her body and instinctively put her hand to Remy's core as she sat her back down on the table.

Remy sighed, "Mmm, Honey." She said, "Show me what those hands of yours can do…" Allison did exactly what she was told, and much like the night before, she kept her lover on her toes—metaphorically speaking—and always kept her guessing. Remy exploded as Allison whispered, "I've never wanted anyone more in my life."


A while later, after basking in the afterglow of a great romp, they went to the kitchen to eat. Allison went downstairs to get their mail and came in grinning.

"Look what we got!" She said as she held two envelopes in particular up.

"What did we get?" Remy asked, leaning against the counter.

Allison's was already opened, and she looked giddy, "It's our ten year reunion invite!" She had a huge smile on her face and jumped up and down.

"Why are you so excited…you hang out with the same people you did in that place…" Remy gave her a look.

"Well…the same people we hung out with…but not my freshman and sophomore year…I want to go…please!"

Remy couldn't say no to her if she had snot dripping from her nose and the puffiest eyes that the earth had ever witnessed…how could she say no to a face that was glowing?...She couldn't.

When Allison saw Remy slack her body with defeat, she jumped on her and kissed her, "Yay! I'm so excited! I wonder if everyone else is gonna go…" She said as she looked up at her.

"Let's go to the bar and find out…" Remy said as she moved to their door, having just gotten a text from one of their friends asking where they were.

"Can we call it a bar in the day time? It's more like a diner right now…" She questioned.

"Good question…hmm…let's ponder that as we go." Remy opened the door and put her arm up for the blonde to come under. They gave each other a smile as they walked out of their apartment and down to their local hangout with Remy's left arm around Allison's shoulders, and Allison's left hand holding Remy's draped arm and her right around the brunette's waist.

Today was going to be a good day.

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