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They, after Lisa finally immerged looking as radiant as a fucking mermaid walking from water with the sun hitting her just so that it seems like nothing else could exist, made their way for the car…they rented a limo…it was awesome..and a hell of a lot like a prom would be.

They arrived later than they expected….it was almost an hour after it started, but the thing was going to last all evening, so it really wasn't that big of a deal…what drew everyone's attention to them was the fact that they all showed up together…and were still so very tight.

They signed in and made their way down the stairs and dispersed. Remy hung back with House and Foreman and Wilson as Amber walked off with Lisa and Allison.

"Jesus, so was that how little Cindyrelly felt?" House asked as the four friends made their way to the open bar and waited for a drink.

Remy turned around and saw the three of them taking to another gaggle of girls then turned back.

"Dude, Thirteen." She turned to House. He just nodded his head for her to go behind the bar.

She smirked and did so, "And what can I get you gentlemen?" She asked as she unbuttoned and rolled up her sleeves. She took each of their orders and began getting the drinks ready.

The other bartender looked down after hearing clanking, "Hey! What do you think you're doing?" He asked.

"Uh…making drinks cause you obviously weren't…? You were obviously flirting with that honey at the other end of the bar that you have no chance of ever getting close to getting." Remy rolled her eyes and kept on making the drinks as he turned and looked at the still radiant Alex Clarke—she and Elektra were there running the damn show…you can call a reunion a show. He turned back and tried to tell her to stop, "Hey man, you can either let me help you out for a bit or you can stand there and complain in my ear while I do your job…If you let me do what I'm good at, what I did for a good chunk of my life, you wouldn't have such a threatening line." She handed the drinks off to her boys and looked at someone she did not recognize from high school, "What can I get you Sweetie?" She asked with that charming smile of hers.

"Vodka martini…but instead of the olive and I have you?" Remy knit her brows and looked at her perplexed, "I know who you are Thirteen…I know you like women…and over the last decade I learned that I too like women…and I like you."

"Oh." She said putting the drink together, "I have no idea who you are and I'm sure you're great, but I'm a monogamist and very involved with my girlfriend."

"Oh yeah? Is she here?" She asked…this woman was totally a little tipsy already.

"Yes she is." Remy laid a napkin out in front of her.

"Do I know her?"

"If you know me, you know her…I've been with the same woman since junior year…" She smirked at this woman's reaction.

"You and little Miss Congeniality are till together?" She dropped her jaw.

"Yes. Yes we are…" She handed the woman her drink.

The bartender had long given up on trying to send her away, so she kept serving. And a while later, they had the bar under control…people at reunions drink their weight! Not that she was really surprised…after all, look at the school she went to…

She looked throughout the crows to find Allison, who was standing with a different gaggle all on her own. The woman from the bar was with her and looked over, giving Remy a wink. Allison turned around and shook her head, seeing her behind the bar then turned back to her conversation.


"You guys have really been together since high school?" Sandra—Remy's flirter asked.

"Yeah. I mean, it's not like we're perfect, we fight all the time and some of them have been really bad, but yeah…we've been together for, gosh…going on twelve years now…" Allison said in realization; her eyes widened a little as she realized that one woman has been there for her and she has been in love with one woman for twelve years. That's 4,383 days, which is 105,192 hours, and that's 6,311,520 minutes and finally it is 378,691,200 seconds…and let's face it even for that seven months they weren't together, Remy still had her heart and she knew she had Remy's.

"Really? Wow, that's amazing! I thought me and my husband have been together a long time, but it's only been six years..and we just got married." Another woman, Amanda said.

Allison was in lively conversation with these women and periodically she felt eyes on her. She would always turn around, find Remy staring at her, smirk, then turn around to continue the conversation. But that only happened a couple times before it almost got bad…

Chase came over to the group of women and weaseled his way through so he could talk to Allison. Allison just stared at him in and unimpressed fashion.

He put on his charming Australian smile and spoke in that charming Australian accent of his, "Hello Allison, it's so nice to see you again." He said as he took her hand and folded it between his palms.

"Hi…" She pulled her hand away from him and sipped her drink that was brought over to her.

He was so wrapped up in himself that he was either not there yet when she and Remy and the rest had shown up, or he was really that much of a dumbass. Either way, it was crystal clear that he thought he and Allison were going to connect and something was going to happen.

So, she put a stop to this, "Chase what are you doing?"

"What do you mean?" He asked a little confused.

"I mean, you're standing here before me, acting like..I don't you're going to get some from me… Like you really think we're going to connect after all this time or whatever…"

"Well…" He shrugged and she was clearly dismayed. She was opening her mouth to tell him to fuck off more than likely, so he started talking before she could utter a word, "I mean, yes…that would be great because I mean…you're Allison Cameron and I would love nothing more than to have you, but after the way I treated you and.." He flared his nostrils a bit, "Thirteen in high school, I know that it's not going to happen and I was just wanting to apologize and tell you that I have changed…" He said with what felt like faux sincerity, but looked genuine.

Allison nodded once and looked down, then around to see if there was anyone that could save her from this immensely awkward moment. She looked behind him toward the bar, thinking that's where Remy would be, but found her in the middle of an open area on the dance floor. She stuffed her hands in the pockets of her slacks and looked up at her with an almost permanent shrug.

It was in that moment that she got taken all the way back to the very beginning. Various fragments of Remy's words seeped to the forefront of her brain, "I only act the way I do and say what I say because it's expected…I didn't really ever get the chance to be who I wanted to be with you…Tell me you don't want me and I'll back off right now…We can sneak around…I just want what everyone else wants…Allison, I don't give a flying fuck if you want to spend time with your boyfriend here…When he's been on what? Fucking call waiting! Are you fucking kidding me?...I'm fucking in love with you and I can't tell anyone except for my parent-like cousins!..." All she could see was this shorthaired girl dressed in men's clothing, waiting for her after the last bell rang. Remy's mind flooded with similar memories as she gazed at her lover.

Allison snapped out of her memories and looked back over to Chase, "Look…to be honest, I don't give a flying fuck if you've changed or not…And honestly if you're looking for acceptance to your apology…I'm not the person you should be talking to. Remy is. Besides I'm already involved so there's no way you are going to get anything you thought you were going to get…"

"Yes, well, Remy isn't here!" He replied like he had already checked, and he was getting pissy because Allison wasn't really giving him the time of day.

"Yes she is…who do you think I came with?" Allison stared at him like he was a fool.

"You and she…?" Chase looked at her astonished that they were still together.

"Yeah…we've been together the whole time." She gave him her cocktail and walked away from Chase to the waiting girl on the dance floor.

Once she got into Remy's arms, she sighed and exhausted yet happy sigh. Remy chuckled, "You having a good time?" the brunette asked through her slight laughter.

"Oh, the best. Did you see who I was just with?" Allison pulled her head from Remy's shoulder and looked into her eyes.

"Yes…I decided not to go any closer cause who knows what kind of shit went down if I had…" Remy ran one of her hands from Allison's lower back to her middle back, and the other from the blonde's hand to her hip.

Allison had moved her arms around Remy's neck and kept her stare in her eyes, "Look at you all growing up and stuff…" Allison smirked.

Remy just chortled and shook her head before leaning in and kissing her.

Chase was watching with a snarl growing on his face from the same position Allison left.

"You obviously didn't hear…our senior class' most infamous couple is still together…and has been together to whole time…no off and on, no break for X amount of years and rekindling the relationship…just together, happy and in love."

"Yeah? That's just lovely." He said as he turned to see the face of the voice he recognized but couldn't place. "Stacy…it's nice to see you." He leaned in and pecked her cheek.

"And you, Chase. How have you been?" She asked.

"The same since high school….you?" He looked at her.

"Oh…went off to college. Married Mark," Chase gave a nod, happy for his friend, "Divorced Mark," He nodded again, thinking that that made more sense, "And now, I'm practicing law." She shrugged. They looked at the all too happy couple, "You really have stayed in high school…Just like them. Is it me or is it slightly pathetic that they haven't dared venture from each other? I mean, they don't know if they're in love; they haven't found real happiness…they've found real safety…" Stacy crossed her arms and popped her hip out to one side as she spoke.

House had been walking around the dance floor, taking the longer way back to the table the group had staked as their own. He heard Stacy and saw Chase's face when she finished talking. It was a devious face that only said, "I will break them up and have her for my own."

House walked over to them and interrupted their little conversation, "Are you really back to that? You see your ex-best friend and you've concocted in your mind that she somehow betrayed you, when we all know you betrayed her. And because I could work it out with her and you couldn't and because I learned who you really were—" He looked at Chase, "The devil—" He looked back to Stacy, "you think you can manipulate some Australian sap, who has always thought that he had a chance with Allison even though she is so obviously 100% lesbian, and a lesbian in love at that, to try and take her down?" He closed in on her, "It's never gonna happen. You will never break them up. Back up and back off bitch cause I will use any means necessary in defense against you."

Stacy rolled her eyes, "What did they do to you? You're not some random jackass…Do you actually care for someone or some persons that aren't yourself."

"Fuck off, Stacy…You too pretty boy. You know I don't have a problem beating you down." And with that he walked off.

He walked to the table and stood next to Foreman who spotted him when he was trying to figure out where he was because it was taking too long to get drinks and come back.

"Something wrong?" Foreman asked, raising his beer in thanks then taking a sip as he crossed his arms, still staring at the conniving duo.

"Just a couple of jealous pricks." House took a sip of his scotch, also keeping a keen eye on them.

About a minute later, House and Foreman were still standing there, watching the duo intently; Wilson and Amber walked off the dance floor and Cuddy had come from looking at the various memorabilia from the ten years prior.

"What are we looking at?" She asked as she turned her head in the direction everyone was looking at.

"Stacy and Chase…they're standing together…" Foreman said, "House thinks something Carrie-like might happen to Al and Thirteen if we don't watch out for them."

Cuddy raised a perfectly arched brow, "Hmmhmm," She laughed through her throat as she took a stance that had her high-healed feet shoulder width apart, balancing her body perfectly between the two limbs. She had an air of cocky confidence and she pulled up her strapless dress, making it stay where she wanted it positioned by grabbing her boobs and said, "Time to have a little fun," as she began to march over to them.

Stacy saw her coming and started walking away from Chase. Cuddy saw this and cut her off a few feet away, "Where you goin' Stace?" She asked as polite as possible.

Remy looked up and saw Lisa stop Stacy, "Oh shit!" She had a grin on her face.

"What?" Allison turned around, "Oh shit." She echoed when she saw the two women together. "Should we do something?"

Remy watched the back of Lisa as she waved an angry arm in the air; she watched as Stacy repeatedly tried to interject, but would be cut off, "No, let her blow off some steam…I don't think anyone has ever realized just how much contempt Lis has for Stacy…you know except us, but that's only cause that one time…"

Allison nodded, watching the scene before them with interest. She gasped when she saw Lisa's hand jerk back as if getting ready to slap her; she saw Stacy react much the way anyone would when they were about to be bitch slapped. She had to smirk…just a little when Lisa did nothing and walked away with that confidence she always carried herself with.

Remy shook her head, "Well…that was fun. Shall we go hear about it?"

"Definitely." Allison nodded.

They began walking from their spot when Chase walked over to them, stopping them from going anywhere. Remy flared her nostrils and didn't look directly at him for fear of losing her cool—something she had told Allison she was really going to try and not do that night. She held Al's hand tighter and began walking around him, but he stopped them again.

"Look, Thirteen…I wanted to apologize to you..for everything I did to you in high school." He again said it with that faux sincerity that could possibly pass as genuine.

Thirteen kept her mouth closed as she ran her tongue around the outside of her top teeth, "Chase." She gave him a fake smile, "You can take your apology and shove it up your ass! I know you're not sorry. You know you're not sorry. Al knows you're not sorry." She waved her finger around, making a circle as she said her next line, "This whole fucking room know how not sorry you are, and that you're just saying what you think my girlfriend wants to hear so you can get into her pants…Everyone knows how much you want to get into her pants. So as I already said, take you're apology and shove it up your ass." She walked away from him, and unfortunately left the one person that could calm her down alone with him. She walked out of the main room and down the hall to one of the bathrooms and began pacing, hoping Allison knew where to go.

Allison watched as Remy walk through the double doors before she turned to Chase, "She's right you know…everyone knows. Everyone also knows that it's never gonna happen." She scrunched her bunny nose as she spoke for effect. Then she said, "Guess you're not forgiven…maybe at the next reunion…I doubt it, but maybe." And with that she walked away from him and exited through the same doors Remy did.

She walked inside the bathroom to see Remy pacing and a couple other women trying to calm her down or see if she was alright. It was a rather luxurious bathroom and had a counter with sinks and just a counter to set make-up or whatever the hell down on. She grabbed a paper towel, wiped the counter, counter off and sat on it as Remy turned, looking up to see her just hopping on, and walked straight to her, spreading Al's legs and holding onto her for dear life.

"Is she okay?" One woman that Allison had never seen before asked.

"Yeah, she will be…had a run-in with an old enemy. Thanks for trying to help her." Allison gave a sincere look.

"Sure thing." She nodded, "Can I ask what happened?"

Allison cocked her head, "Did you go here?"

"God no, I'm from Texas. I met my husband, Mark, in college. He, at the time was dating and actually married this awful girl Stacy, and I didn't want to tie him down what with getting knocked-up at sixteen. And even with my past…I'm glad that I only have to see the after effect of this place…I can't imagine what living here while going to this school must have been like…unless it's anything like that show…my daughter loves that show and she's not even in high school yet…I feel like an awful mother letting my twelve year old watch it, but…I watch it too…it's bad."

"Yeah, that's our life." Allison said as she stroked Remy's back.

"No." She said.

Allison nodded, still stroking, "Yeah, yeah it is."

"Shut up, that's awesome…and very weird." She shook her head, "I'm sorry, I'm Jackie." She introduced herself.

"I'm Allison and this is Remy." Remy didn't do anything; she was still concentrating on feeling anything besides rage.

"Nice to meet you, well…I should leave you two alone." She waved as she walked out.

"You too." Allison waved back, then gave her full attention to the brunette on her. "Don't get too comfortable on that side, Babe..if you take off my make-up, I swear."

This brought a laugh from Remy. She rose up and looked at where she had been. No make-up had been removed…and if it had, it didn't look it.

"When can we leave?" Remy asked with her puppy-dog eyes.

"After the superlative thing…I wanna watch that part." Allison said.

"The what?" Remy cocked her head.

"The superlative thing….they—I don't know who, so I say they—have taken all the superlatives from our senior yearbook, and we're going to see if they have succeeded or what they look like now…you know like 'best legs', 'best eyes', 'most likely couple to stay together', 'most likely going to be president' etcetera, etcetera."

"Ooooh yeah superlatives. I remember now…You just want to show off that we're still together…I remember posing for those pictures, don't think I don't…it was the same day they did House's eyes…that was a funny day." Remy pointed a finger at the blonde.

Allison cracked a smile as she hopped off the counter, "Come on, it's supposed to start soon."

The superlatives took longer than Remy thought…she felt like she was there for hours. And when it came time to most likely couples to stay together—there were three. The other two had to tell what happened when they broke up…if they didn't mind. And they didn't, so that took another like half hour alone before it finally came time for Remy and Allison to state that they were still together.

Then it was question after question…because everyone was interested that two women could stay in love with each other, but most straight couple couldn't. Finally! The finally ended. Remy felt emotionally drained, and wanted to go home and get emotionally filled—if I know what you mean...

But, there was a King and Queen crowning, and Allison wanted to stay for that too. Remy threatened to wipe the make-up off her neck, and with that threat in place, Allison threatened no 'emotional filling' for a whole week, or until she saw fit….Remy had no choice but to sit there and endure.

Foreman was crowned King and Lisa was crowned Queen…no one knew where those votes came from or how they came to be on the roster in the first place, but they were the winners. They had to dance by themselves for a bit before others joined them.

Remy was sitting in a chair and had just coaxed Allison to sit in her lap when House came up to them, "Aren't Foreman and Cu-double-D-Y just adorable?" He said in a valley girl voice.

Remy turned and looked at him skeptically, "Did you have something to do with that?" she asked.

Allison was only half listening to the conversation as she watched the King and Queen dance while glancing every-so-often to Amber and Wilson. But she heard what her girlfriend said and she turned to them fully interested.

"Oh please they've had the hots for each other forever…he realized it way back in college at that party the two of you fornicated at, and five bucks says she did at the same time and they've just never done anything about it." House said confidently.

"Please, only five bucks? You're not sure." Remy said.

"Five bucks? Is that what I said? I meant five-hundred." House gave her a look that told her he meant business.

"I don't wanna bet that, I'm on your side." She said as they turned back to the dancing couples.

The three friends at the tables saw what Lisa and Foreman didn't see in each other, but all knew was going to happen with time…and apparently House the matchmaker.

Remy finally got to go home that night. She finally got her 'emotions filled'…at least for that night.

Over the next year, Allison got the prefix Dr. added to her name, and Remy soon became Miss Hadley, granted she told most of her students to call her Thirteen. The rest of the gang continued on living their lives and the rest as they say was history.

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