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Dean Winchester couldn't believe his ears. He had a 14-year old daughter?

"I'm a what?" he asked the person at the other end of the line

"A dad Dean, you are a dad" the female voice said

He couldn't. He just lost his own father; he can't be a father himself!

"Are you sure Ari?" he asked

"Actually no. I spend the last 14 years of my life bringing up and imaginary kid, OF COURSE I'm sure Dean" Ari replied

"You kept this for me for whole 14 years? How could you Ari?" he said slightly annoyed

"For her safety Dean! I didn't want to raise my kid like I and you were raised" she replied angrily

"I had a right to know about my child Ari! I would have…"

"What Dean? Give up hunting? I don't think so! Hunting is your life, it's in your blood" Ari said calmly

"You are right, but she would have a father. I would have been there for her" Dean said

"I know, but it's all in the past now. We can't change it as much as we try or wish"

"Christo" Dean suddenly said

"Cute" Ari said and he laughed "You always had a gift to ruin the moment"

"You know it babe. Anyhow, why are you telling me now?" Dean asked

Ari took a deep breath "Bobby told me about the accident. I was afraid that…you almost died Dean. I would never forgive myself if something happened to you and…" she said almost crying

"Hey, hey it's ok Ari. I'm alive and kicking. It takes more than a lousy demon and semi truck to kill Dean Winchester" he said smirking and she laughed softly

"I'm sorry about John"

"Yeah…me too Ari" Dean said trying to hold back the tears. It has only been a weak since John died

"So…do you want to meet her?" Ari asked hopefully and Dean smiled

"Of course"

"You have a kid?" Sam asked his brother, who was driving

"Yes Sam"

"So, I'm an uncle?" Sam asked again that made Dean laugh "Get used to it Uncle Sammy"

"It's Sam"

"Well not for long" Dean said laughing

"I still can't believe it. You and Ari hated each other in school. I mean how?" Sam asked

"Well Sam…let me tell you about the birds and bees" Dean started



"I wish dad was here. He would be proud of you" Sam said and Dean gave him a sad smile and a nod

"C'mon were here" he said parking the car

"Home Sweet home" Sam said and walked out of the car

They have been standing outside the door for ten minutes now

"Are you going to knock?" Sam asked

"Shut up Sam" Dean said simply

"Just try to relax" Sam said again

"Shut up Sam" Dean said and Sam just rolled his eyes "Girly" he said and knocked the door

"What the hell Sam?" Dean asked angrily

"My feet began to hurt"

"It's not my fault they are…" he started saying but he was cut off when the door opened

"Ari…" he said when the blonde beauty appeared in front of him

"Hello Dean" she said smiling and she hugged him. He hugged back "I've missed you dork" she said in his ear

He laughed "I've missed you too rat"

Ari looked Sam "Damn. Little Sammy Winchester" she said and hugged him too "not so little though! You are huge Sammy" Ari continued and Sam blushed

"Good to see you Ari. You haven't changed at all" he said smirking, referring to her height

She faked laughing "Shut up Sam" she said and invited them in

"If I had a nickel…" Sam said laughing and went into the house

"Beers?" Ari asked

"Sure Ari thank you" Sam replied and she went towards the kitchen

"So…" Dean started "wheres ummm…"

"At school" Ari replied, returning from the kitchen holding two beers "and her name is Leca"

"Leca?" Sam questioned

"Unusual, I know. It's short for Electra" she explained and at that moment they heard the front door open and close

"Mom! I'm home" a girl shouted

"Living room!" Ari shouted back and smiled at Dean, seeing how uncomfortable he looked

"Hi mom" Leca said and hugged her mother

Dean was stunned. That little girl was an exact prototype of her mother. Her hair, her eyes, everything! Well everything except her lips. Those had Dean Winchester written all over it

"How was school?" Ari asked. Leca smiled sweetly at Sam and Dean and answered

"Ugh…same old crap" Leca replied shrugging

"Language. What happened to your face?" her mother asked noticing her swollen, purple eye

"Umm…I fell" she lied

"Don't lie to me! Did you get into another fight?"

"Mayyybe" the girl said innocently and Ari sighed. Sam and Dean were watching the interaction between mother and daughter smiling

"Who was it this time?"

"Tommy! He was being a jerk!" Leca said annoyed

"Language…hunny just because you know how to protect yourself, doesn't mean that you should attack your classmates"

She lowered her head "No all of them. Just the jerk ones"

"Did you win?" Ari asked smiling and saw Leca smirking

"Of course!"

"That's my girl!" Ari said and high fived Leca, while Dean and Sam were laughing

"What?" Ari turned to them "I know the kid, he is a real douche"

"Mom? Who are they?" Leca asked her mother nodding towards the duo

"Hunny…this Sam and Dean" Ari said introducing them

"Nice to meet you" Leca said smiling "wait, wait…Dean? As…as my…" Leca started and looked at her mother for confirmation, who nodded

"Hello Electra" Dean said smiling

Leca was left with her mouth open

"Dad?" she asked carefully and Dean nodded

"Oh..." she said and took a big breath "This isn't awkward at all" she continued and they laughed

"Sweetie, Sam is Dean's little brother" Ari said and Leca's eyes widened

"Little?" Leca questioned and Sam laughed


"Well…nice to meet you Uncle Sammy" she said grinning and he turned to look at Dean who was smirking

"Pie anyone?" Ari suggested

"PIE?" Leca and Dean said at the same time

"I guess that's a yes"

So, years passed by. Dean and Sam continued his search of the YED. Dean couldn't stay with Ari and Leca but he settled with visiting them whenever he and Sam could

Dean made the deal to save Sam. At that year he decided to marry Ari and spend some time together with her and his daughter before he went to hell.

Dean died and was brought back to life. Lucifer raised and they managed to save the world from the Apocalypse with Sam's sacrifice.

Sam returned from the cage, with his soul and went to find Dean who was in Laurence, with his family.

Sam met Ari's best friend, named ironically Jessica, fell in love and got married. They even had a baby boy named Johnny

No this isn't the end. This is just the beginning of another chapter in the Winchester book

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The rest of the story will take place after 6 years…

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