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Objective: ...Failed?

Yamamoto ran through the school in a hurry, running to get to the Reception Room in time. Tsuna had ordered an emergency meeting with all of his guardians and, for some mysterious reason, the Varia as well. The theatrical assassin squad was not part of Yamamoto's current mission though.

Since his elusive Cloud Guardian flat-out refused to carry any kind of device with him that would allow the Vongola Decimo to contact him wherever he was, someone had to go get him.

After a whole minute of silence in which everybody seemed to try to shrink into the walls of the luxuriously decorated "meeting room", the swordsman decided to volunteer. He would never forget the mirrored looks of relief on the faces of all of the powerful, battle-worn warriors in that room.

Thankfully, the meeting was called while Tsuna and most of his guardians were in Japan, so Yamamoto didn't have to fly to and fro Italy. This also made it far easier for him to find the man, because he… well, he… had been stalking the prefect. A somewhat embarrassed blush creeped up on his cheeks. And yes, even now, after nearly ten years, Hibari Kyouya was still very much the head of Namimori Middle School's Disciplinary Committee, not trusting any random herbivore to enforce the rules in his place.

The door Yamamoto knew gave entrance to the room his target was in came into view (?), so he quickly rubbed his face to get rid of the pink. He didn't want to answer any questions concerning his, ah, uhm, behaviour towards the ex-prefect.

Feeling confident that there was no trace of embarrassment left on his face, he threw open the door and entered the plainly furnished room with a cheerful -and loud- greeting.

'Ohayo, K-Hibari!'

He narrowly dodged the tonfa aimed for his nose and laughed while quickly leaping to the other side of the comfortable leather sofa, putting the piece of furniture his body and the Cloud Guardian's weapons.

'Ahahaha, not a morning person, Hibari?'

Cobalt eyes sent him an annoyed glare. 'It's 4 o'clock in the afternoon, idiotic herbivore.'

Yamamoto scratched the back of his head with a sheepish smile, not failing to notice that Hibari didn't comment on his other slip. Or the lack of suffix. He dropped his hand to the rounded backrest of the sofa and stuffed the other nonchalantly in his back pocket. Hibari, wearing the same immaculate suit he always has after he stopped wearing the Namimori uniform, scowled at his casual attitude from where he stood.

'What do you want.' He demanded irritably. Yamamoto cocked his head, his smile changing slightly. The lack of an immediate response would surely annoy the other man, but he had more interesting things to consider. Such as the peculiar way Hibari responded to him. Generally, the aloof man handled everyone and everything with the same detached interest, except maybe for Reborn and his former tutor. But to Yamamoto, who was never bothered by his disinterest or his displeasure, the ex-prefect never failed to respond with some kind of emotion. (Yamamoto decided not to call it "vexation".) It intrigued him that he could do that.

As expected, it didn't take long before Hibari snapped at the swordsman in impatience.

'Answer me herbivore. You're wasting my time.'

Yamamoto smiled easily and tipped his head back, a purposeful show of not being intimidated. He didn't miss the brief lingering of the other's gaze on his exposed throat while he traced lazy patterns on the smooth material of the sofa's backrest.

'You know I eat meat. Tsuna called an emergency meeting with all of us and the Varia at the main Japan base.' He chuckled at the annoyance clearly being emitted by the other's posture. 'And since you refuse to acknowledge modern technology, I just had to come bug you in person, haha!'

His gleefulness definitely did not go unnoticed. A huff was sent his way and Hibari moved to stand by the window.

'…and did I mention the emergency part of this meeting?' Yamamoto remarked as he realized he was being ignored. His phone buzzed just after he finished his sentence. Grinning at the narrowed glance he was receiving for his last statement, the sword-wielder fished his cell phone out of his pocket, merrily waving it at Hibari and mouthing "cell, phone" as if speaking to a rather slow 3-year old. Hibari immediately bristled and pushed away from the window, indignation flaring as his Rain counterpart proceeded to non-verbally explain to him what such a device was used for. Yamamoto was already dancing out of the angered man's path as he was advanced on, cheerfully staying out of the other's reach as he pushed the receive call button and putting it to his ear in exaggerated motions.

'Hai? Ah, hello Tsuna. I just told him.' The would-be short silence was broken by a frantic buzz that could only be Tsuna's voice. Yamamoto held a close eye on the ever-advancing ex-prefect, circling the Reception Room.

'Well, he kind of ignored it. …Yep, I did tell him.' A particularly loud yell in his ear suddenly made his chocolate eyes glint with an intent that was rarely seen on the innocuous baseball lover. The look he threw the Hibari was so unexpected from the usually flippant man that it made him pause in his movements. Hibari took a calculating look at the man who now nonchalantly leant against his desk, one arm loosely resting on the other that held his cell phone to his ear. His slanted eyes narrowed when he defined the gaze Yamamoto was purposefully looking him straight in the eye with.

Yamamoto smirked – yes smirked – when Hibari caught on to his intent.

'Anything, Tsuna?' He let his eyes fall half-closed as the thrill of realizing Hibari had yet to – no doubt aggressively – reject the idea. The prefect stood on the soft carpet, watching Yamamoto silently. His features were even less readable than usual. And that said something. Adrenaline rushed through Yamamoto's veins when his body became aware of the danger he was planning to submerge himself in.

'We'll be there.'

The finality with which he slid his phone back into his pants pocket changed the atmosphere in the quiet room. No sounds came through from outside since the window were all shut tight. The two men inside seized each other up. Though, Yamamoto thought, his smirk growing more intentful, Hibari was the one readying for battle. He himself was merely thoroughly enjoying the sight the other made.

There was something undeniably physical about Yamamoto's smirk and it didn't sit well with Hibari.


Yamamoto pushed off the desk and strode towards the man who was narrowing his eyes and raising his tonfas in warning. It was almost imperceptible, almost. But he had been watching Hibari closely for so long that he picked up on the unsettled set of the older man's shoulders.

That was still not a rejection.

'Are you going to come willingly, Hibari?'

'What are you up to.' The skylark countered. The demand was ignored as Yamamoto turned the tables on Hibari and advanced on the skylark, who refused to move back.

'Speak.' He hissed, glaring at the swordsman who dared invade his personal space. Yamamoto only sent him another half-lidded gaze.

Hibari growled bringing up his arms to keep some semblance of distance between them. Strong fingers wrapped around tonfa-wielding ones, pulling them out of the way slowly. The intensity of the glare coming from cobalt eyes didn't faze him. Yamamoto's own simmering look was far more effective. Another growl escaped Hibari's throat and he finally gave in to the urge to preserve his personal breathing area. The ex-prefect moved back but Yamamoto mimicked his movements and inevitably backed him into the comfortable sofa.

Before the now positively enraged skylark could lash out at him, the swordsman pushed him don and quickly straddled him, firmly gripping straining wrists to avoid decapitation.

This unorthodox method of restraint was unlikely to be an incentive for Hibari to attend the meeting, but that wasn't really important to Yamamoto at the moment. He was silent for awhile, listening to the obscenities tumbling from those deceptively soft lips in astonishment. He never knew the ex-prefect had such a vocabulary. It surely rivalled that of a certain half-Italian he knew.

Even though the violent man was being uncharacteristically verbally obscene, he wasn't thrashing against his hold a Yamamoto had expected. In fact, his body language was telling an entirely different story than his lips were. The lap he was comfily seated on was just as relaxed as the rest of skylark's posture. Tense? …yes, but not in a bad way…

The baseball lover started to smile uncontrollably, so wide and bright that it hurt his cheeks.

'Kyouya…' He tasted the name on his tongue for the first time with anyone around to hear it. The torrent of abuse halted abruptly. Yamamoto had a feeling it may have had something to do with the particular way he'd just said the skylark's given name. Hibari squinted against his radiant expression.


Yamamoto's next daring action called for the return of Hibari's growl, but the brown-eyed man was far from perturbed. He was too busy enjoying the hug he was stealing from the surprisingly – or maybe not so shockingly – accepting man, despite the rumble resonating through the chest he was pressing himself close to. His face rested against the smooth skin of Hibari's neck while he held the slack wrists next to the ex-prefect's shoulders.

The swordsman found the other's warmth to be intoxicating. All thoughts of Tsuna's meeting and of what he had originally come there to do were gently brushed from his mind by the foreign scent that had to be Hibari's. His shoulders drooped and he let his weight rest on the other more heavily as his entire body relaxed. No sound came from the squashed guardian, who had a suspiciously content look on his face. Peace returned to the room, the setting sun casting a warm glow an the scene.

Until Yamamoto Takeshi snored.

Hibari's eyebrow twitched and he raised his hands, the swordsman's tan hands sliding down Hibari's arms to rest next to his hips.

The next moment had Yamamoto yelping something unmanly, Hibari smirking in a self-satisfied manner and a sleek skyblue cell phone madly buzzing an upbeat ringtone, all on the carpeted floor.

Yamamoto groaned from his pretzel-like position near the skylark's feet, fumbling for his phone blindly. He looked up to use an extra sense for his search when he couldn't feel it anywhere near him.


A squeak, Hibari's smirk grew.

'Herbivore.' He responded amiably to the stuttering on the other end of the line.


'I don't see how that concerns me.'

Yamamoto got to his feet, having recovered from his conversation with the light beige carpet. Hibari caught his gaze and held it.

'Sort out your own-'

An exceptionally loud yell of frustration cut him off. Self-satisfaction practically oozed out ot the aloof man's posture and Yamamoto tilted his head in curiosity.

'Then find a replacement. I'm keeping him.'

Yamamoto's jaw dropped. Wide chocolate eyes followed Hibari's movements as he tossed the phone to a distant corner of the room without bothering to end the call.

'…You were talking about me, weren't you Kyouya?' His eyes started to twinkle when Hibari deemed the answer to obvious to state and simply ignore him. Huh, the ex-prefect must have enjoyed the nostalgia of sleeping on school grounds a lot or something. Yamamoto looked out the window at the few students left wandering out the school gates.

Yamamoto blinked. Then he blinked again. Seconds ticked by on his wristwatch. And Hibari seemed to be perfectly content just standing there, the heavy oak desk he'd collected somewhere over the years supporting his light weight.

'Maa, Hibari…'

Slanted eyes shifted to look at him. The baseball lover scratched at the small scar on his chin absentmindedly.

'Are you sure you don't want to hear what's going on first hand?'

When he received no response he shrugged. 'I'm going to go.' He grinned broadly at the warning glare he received upon stating this.

'I told Sawada Tsunayoshi I'm keeping you. There is no need for you to leave.'

'Awww! You want me to stay?'

Hibari promptly turned away from him, retreating behind his desk and pulling previously discarded work to him. 'Do as you wish.' He said stonily, picking up a pen and focussing on the papers. Yamamoto pouted. The man was as receptive to teasing as he had always been. Takeshi trotted to his abandoned cell phone and sighed lightly while bending down to pick it up.

Noisy yells and crashes sounded through the tiny speakers and he blinked. Upon lifting it to his ear he could discern several voices. The loudest was very familiar.

"Fuck yourself, brat!"



Hibari actually glanced up.

"Keep your lackeys in check, Sawada-brat!'

A high-pitched squeak that could not belong to anyone other than Tsuna followed, along with more sounds of chaos. A gruff, bored baritone rumbled "You should learn how to take charge, runt." And a vague thud had Yamamoto nodding in understanding. Tsuna still didn't respond very well to receiving Xanxus' attention.

Insane laughter, no doubt at the expense of the youngest mafia boss, could be heard.

"Don't laugh at Juudaime!"

"Ushishi, eat this, rowdy peasant."

Vague noises in the background told Yamamoto there were more fights going on. He sweatdropped.

Lowering one of his favourite pieces of technology, Yamamoto sent Hibari a look. The other sighed and lowered his pen, a hint of exasperation on his features.

'The herbivore should learn how to take charge.'

'Ah well. Maa, maybe Xanxus can teach Tsuna if he stops fainting whenever he's in the same room!'

A thoughtful look formed on Hibari's face. Yamamoto blinked and was about to question him when he was distracted by more distinct crashes coming from his cell phone.




Yamamoto twitched in sympathy for his extreme friend and decided he couldn't wait for his whimsical Cloud counterpart. The calming presence of the Rain was obviously needed at the base. He turned around to inform Hibari and was surprised to see the other was no longer at his desk.

'Hurry up, herbivore.'

The skylark was holding the door to the hallway open. The baseball lover was momentarily stunned and thus left behind.

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