Taylor can't believe it's really over. Just a few months ago, she was on cloud nine. She finally had it all. She was finally over Ridge, and was moving on with the perfect man. Nick was everything comes true. She remembers his proposal and how it made her feel like she was on top of the world: Their wedding, the decision to have a baby together. Even through the hard times of Nick getting arrested for murder, they held on strong to each other with the optimism for the future.

Taylor wanted to really believe that Nick was over Brooke, and that together they can build a life away from their exes; Ridge and Brooke. Nick made her believe in the future again. They were going to build a life together with their new baby and they were not going to look behind. Now, she feels like she has been living an illusion. Her baby, THEIR baby is really Brooke and Nick's baby. How can that be? Not only that, the hospital knew all along that there was HUGE possibility that Brooke can be the baby's biological mother. Then Bridget and Nick knew; but no one bothered to tell her. They used her as a disposable incubator.

The husband she has grown to love like she never expected to not only lied to her about THEIR baby but also about his feelings. She gave him so many opportunities to walk away before they got married if he wasn't over Brooke, but he kept reassuring that a life with her is what he wanted and not Brooke. But it was all a lie. He's now admitting it was Brooke all along?

Taylor: Do you still love Brooke Nick?

Nick: Taylor please, it's not that simple?

Taylor: What isn't simple Nick? You either still love her or you don't. Just be honest Nick. All I want from you right now is honesty… Nothing more, Nothing Less.

Nick: I love you Taylor.

Taylor: Nick please, this is not what I'm asking you. I'm not asking you about your feelings for me, but for Brooke.

Nick: Brooke is irrelevant here. This discussion should be about us and how we feel about each other. All I know is that I love you, and I want us and Jack to be a family like we always wanted.

Taylor: But it's not that simple is it? Brooke as Jack's biological mother is right in the middle of our family and you put her there when you keep having her around not just you but the baby too? OH don't look at me like you're surprised. You and I both know that when you go to your boat with the baby you're not alone Nick. You, Brooke and Jack, spending quality time as a family with me sitting at home thinking you and the baby having boys time out.

Nick: Taylor….

Taylor: I know Nick. Last week when you took Jack to the boat, you forgot his fleece blanket. I didn't want to take the risk of him getting sick with his fragile immune system, so, I decided to bring it to the boat; only to find to my surprise you and Brooke sitting with your arms around each other while you coo to YOUR baby; according to the both of you anyway. Not mine and YOUR baby, but yours and Brooke's. That scene told me all I needed to know Nick.

Nick: Taylor, it wasn't like that.

Taylor: It wasn't? Could have fooled me.

Nick: I didn't think it was a big deal to let her see the baby once in a while. What's the harm in it? She loves him.

Taylor: You don't see the harm to let Brooke see the baby and calling him her baby? Really Nick, you don't see the harm in it? Tell me something. If it was the original donor, would you have let her see the baby and let her call herself his mother?

Nick: It's not the same.

Taylor: Off course in your mind it isn't. Because you don't give a damn about the donor, but having a baby with the love of your life is your biggest dream come true. No way would you let that go to waste?

Nick: That's not true. Come on Taylor. You are Jack's mother. You carried him and gave him life, and you're the woman who he will see as his mother.

Taylor: Unlike his father; because that isn't what you were saying when you had your arms around Brooke, smiling your big smile. Once again Nick, do you still love Brooke. I want to hear it from you.

Nick: YES. I still love Brooke, but that doesn't affect our marriage Taylor. I love you and I'm committed to our marriage and our family. That's all that matters.

Taylor: I spent a good portion of my marriage to Ridge looking over my shoulder for Brooke. Always wandering when the shoe is going to drop as Ridge runs out the door to Brooke. I refuse to do that again Nick. I refuse to share another husband with Brooke.

Nick: I'm not Ridge. This is about our marriage. Not yours to the dressmaker.

Taylor: When it comes to Brooke, you and Ridge are mirror reflection of each other. You are so alike, there is no mistaken the two of you as brothers. You know what…. I'm glad we have this out in the open now instead of 1 year or 5 or 10 years down from now with you deciding that you're tired of me and that I wasn't a good enough substitute for Brooke after all.

Nick: Taylor, you're not a substitute for anyone. Not Brooke, not anyone. I married you because I love you and I want a life with you. NOT BROOKE.

Taylor:You married me because you wanted to hold on to your pride after Brooke left you for Ridge. You married me because you saw me as a safety net. I loved you so much, and I was willing to do anything for you. I wasn't holding on to the past, and I was ready to move on from Ridge and not look back. So you saw someone who wouldn't hurt you and leave you for him like Brooke. You saw someone who would have done anything to give you the child you so badly wanted, and you held on to that (Nick tries to interrupt)…. No please. Let me finish. But I'm not a safety net Nick. I'm done being the woman who warms Brooke place for her until she decides to grace you with her presence again. You want to hold on to her to the rest of your life while she bounces back and forth between you and Ridge? FINE! But me, I'm done playing the game. So here… (Taylor taking off her ring).

Nick: NO, Don't do this. Please Taylor…. Listen to me. (He grabs her hand and refuse to let her take off the ring) I love you… I'm committed to you. All I want is for us to be a family. I will do whatever it takes to make sure of that. Don't walk away from everything. (Taylor is shaking her head as she tries to walk away from him). Taylor stop.

Taylor: It's over Nick… I just can't do it anymore. (She takes off her ring and put it in his hands). I love you.. I really do… But I cannot be married to you anymore. I don't want to wake up one day and hate you; and that's what will happen if I stay in this marriage, suffering in silence and you have to squelch down your feelings and pretending you are happy.

Nick: I'm happy… You make me happy Taylor.

Taylor: It's over Nick. (She walks toward the door of the bedroom). Let me get Jack.

Nick: What? Where you taking him?

Taylor: Home with me Nick. You may not think of me as his mother, but I am, and that is not gonna change no matter whose DNA he has.

Nick: Off course, you are his mother Taylor, but dragging him out of here in the middle of the night is not a good idea. Where are you even going?

Taylor: I'm going back to my house in Bel-Air. It's empty now.

Nick: There's nothing there ready for the baby Taylor. Where is he gonna sleep? The house is just not ready for an infant.

Taylor: FINE. I will leave him here tonight. By tomorrow I will have a nursery prepare for him, and the house child proof. In two days, I will be back for my son

Nick. I'm as much his mother as you are his father. Don't forget that no matter what grand illusion you have of a family with Brooke. No matter what happen between us, I don't want Jack to be caught in the middle. We can both raise him together even if we're not together, living in the same house. I think join custody is the best way to go Nick... Where our son can have both of his parents in his life, loving him.

Nick: I want what is best for Jack… Always have and always will.

Taylor: Good… I'm glad we can both agree on that. I'm going to kiss him goodnight and I will be out of here. I will also get my stuff when I come to get Jack.

Taylor walks out of the room leaving Nick sitting on the bed with the ring in his hands and a lost look on his face.

Taylor walks down the hall to the nursery with tears in her eyes. She stops at the door to compose herself. She didn't want the baby to see her upset or feel it. For the past few months, she has not being able to hide her uneasiness and her fears and her vulnerabilities from him, making him cranky. She did not want to do that anymore. This is a new beginning for her and for him. From now on she's going to be a good mother to him. No more fears. No more insecurity. She was free now… Free to love Jack the way he deserves to be love. She's going to concentrate on being the best mother she can possibly be to him. She will begin another life with him and Phoebe here in California. When Thomas and Steffie come home, they will be a family. She doesn't need Nick or any other men. She has her 4 beautiful children, and they are everything she needs.

She walks into the nursery and walked to the crib where her beautiful baby boy lays asleep. He's so peaceful with no worries in the world. As far as he knows life is perfect. He doesn't know that his birth that was supposed to bond his parents together is what in turn led to the destruction of their union. That and the love his father cannot let go of for the other woman who wants to be as important to him as the one who gave him life.

Taylor gingerly touch his little fingers, bend down and gives him a soft kiss on his blond little head. She whispers to him "I love you Jack…. Mommy will be back… Promise."

Taylor walks out and down the stairs where Nick is waiting by the door.

Nick: Taylor, you really don't have to do this. We can still work things out. That little boy upstairs should not wake up to his mother gone and his family broken up.

Taylor: Nick, it's over…. Let it go please; for the sake of all of use, especially Jack. It will be worse for him to be raise in a house full of tension, hurt and pain. At least he will have the both of us completely, without the distraction. I don't regret our marriage Nick.

Nick: Neither do I

Taylor: It may be over, but it was good while it lasted. Lab error or not, we got a beautiful son out of it. In the end it was all worth it. I love you Nick. Take care of yourself. (She softly kisses him on the cheek)

Taylor walks out of the house and to her car with tears running down her eyes. She gets into the car and starts it. She sits there for a moment and looked at the house that has been her home for the past year or so; the sadness hit her like a truck, and she says her goodbye to what was once a beautiful dream, as she drives away.