Ch.2 Decision

Gilbert sat at his boring chair, staring at the business card he had received a few days ago from the most mysterious guy he had ever met. Francis Bonnefoy. That was his name. It was clearly written on the card along with a phone number, nothing else.

What the hell was this mystery job? And if he couldn't tell anyone, how was he supposed to quit his current job? What was he supposed to tell his brother? How much was he gonna get paid? He was not about to quit a job with decent pay for a job with shitty pay. No way in hell…

Francis never said he couldn't call and ask questions.

He picked up the phone and dialed the number on the card. He listened to it as it rang, then decided that his desk, next to his nosy, annoying coworkers was not the best place to make the call. He quickly hung up and excused himself to go on his break a couple hours early.

Ignoring the angry protests of the totally unawesome girl next to him, he grabbed his things and walked outside, cringing at the cold air that blew as he opened the door. Stupid fall and it almost being winter. "You should be used to this by now bruder." Ludwig would always say. What did he know anyway? He had enough muscle and fat to warm a family! OK, maybe not a family, but their two annoying kids!

He walked to a nearby park, pulling out a cigarette and lighting it. He took a long drag before taking out his cell phone and the business card and dialing the number.

"Who is this?" It was clearly Francis with his smooth voice and French accent.

"Um," Gilbert cleared his throat. "This is Gilbert Beilschmidt."

"Oh, Gilbert!" Francis shouted happily, completely different from how he first answered. "What is it mon cher? Have you decided to accept my offer?"

"Um, not yet. I have a few questions first."

"Gilbert," the other sighed. "I can't tell you about the job."

Gilbert scoffed. "I know that! I have other questions, like, if I can't tell anyone, how do I quit my job? And how much do I get paid?"

Francis laughed. "Mon cher, you do not have to quit your job! You will use it as a cover. And as for your pay, it will vary between patrons." Gilbert wasn't understanding. A cover? Patrons? If he knew what the job was it would be all nice and dandy, but he didn't know what it was so his mind raced trying to figure everything out. "Did that answer your questions?"

"Uh, yeah," Gilbert lied.

"Ah, tres bien. Au revoir!"

"Fucking…I don't speak French!"

"You should learn. After all, we are in France."

Gilbert turned to see Roderich standing behind him, arms crossed over his chest, tapping his foot incessantly. "Oh, hey Roddy," Gilbert said, trying to muster up as much fake enthusiasm as he could.

"What are you doing? Why aren't you at the bank?"

"Why aren't you at the bank?" Gilbert said with a smirk.

"Because I came to look for you. I have some questions Gilbert."

"Ja ja, Was ist das?"

Roderich was silent for a moment, then began to walk. Gilbert followed after him. "Are you planning on quitting your job at the bank?" Roderich asked as they stepped onto the sidewalk.

"What? No. Why would you think that?" 'Don't tell me he heard the conversation with Francis'

"Because the girl who sits next to you saw you looking at a business card. And then she said you called someone but then hung up without saying anything. Then she said that you left."

"Motherfucker…" Gilbert said. He dropped his cigarette on the sidewalk and stomped it out, then took out another. Roderich raised an eyebrow at him, clearly expecting a different answer. Gilbert cleared his throat. "I was trying to get in touch with West," he said finally.

"Your brother? What was so important you needed to call him in the middle of the day and then what was that business card?"

Crap. "Uh… We're out of wurst and it's so hard to find some here in Frankreich!" Gilbert cackled. "I needed to make sure that he went to that store to get some! The business card was from the store, you see." Perfect lie, Roderich will never suspect it.

"Well, Ludwig does love wurst," Roderich said, rubbing his chin inquisitively. "Maybe you're not such a bad brother after all."

"Damn straight! Smoke?" Gilbert pointed the pack of cigarettes in Roderich's direction, shaking it to get his attention. Roderich just swatted it away. "A simple no would've been cool ya know." Roderich waved his hand, brushing off the comment and Gilbert almost lunged at him.

"Isn't that Ludwig?" Roderich asked. Gilbert stopped mid-lunge and followed Roderich's gaze.

"Well I'll be damned!" he exclaimed. "It is him! But who is that he's with?" Roderich and Gilbert leaned closer to try and get a better look at who Ludwig was speaking to. Well, not really speaking to, walking with would be a better thing to say.

"I'm not sure. I would've thought that you-"

"Nope. Never seen the kid in my life."

"Well, I never expected Ludwig to hang around someone so…so ditzy looking," Roderich finally said, still unsure of his wording. "But then again…" he trailed off, turning his head to look at Gilbert.

"Fuck off Edelstein! And yeah, I get what you're saying. What's with the hair though? Hasn't he ever heard of gel? If anyone knows gel, it's West so-"

"Maybe he can't help it," Roderich said, slightly offended. "Some of us can't help that we have a little hair curl."

Gilbert couldn't believe what he was hearing. "Seriously Roddy? You're still ok with that thing? You? Mr. Prim and Proper?"

"Do not insult Mariazell."

"Ja ja, whatever Roddy. I can't believe it has a name."

"Elizaveta likes it," Roderich said under his breath.

"Seriously? Eliza likes it? And you're still dating her? Ever heard of a ring?" Roderich blushed and opened his mouth to speak but Gilbert kept going. "Of course, knowing you," Gilbert laughed. "You're probably too cheap to buy a real one."

"You are an ass," Roderich said, still blushing.

Gilbert cackled. "It's the truth Roddy! Can't hide from the truth! Hey, where did West and that guy go?"

Roderich looked about, trying to find Ludwig. "I don't know. They probably turned a corner or something."

"Shit! I wanted to see if anything would happen!"

"Knowing your brother, nothing would."

"That's true," Gilbert said with a sigh. "It's too bad, the kid was cute too! West needs to grow a pair and make a move."

"We don't even know how long they've known each other," Roderich sighed. Was he really having this conversation with Gilbert?

"So? Oh, would ya look at that? Time for my break! Later Roddy!" Roderich sighed again. Why were they even friends?

Gilbert sat at the table in his little, two-bedroom apartment he shared with his little brother. "Hurry up West! I'm starving!" Ludwig sighed and walked into view, holding a container of food. He placed it down on the table and took a seat opposite his brother.

"Enjoy," he said unenthusiastically.

Gilbert looked over the container with disinterest. "Pasta? Where the hell did you get pasta? We don't have anything like that in the kitchen."

A light blush spread across Ludwig's face and he coughed into his hand. "A friend made it and insisted I take some home."

"Friend huh?" A smirk appeared on Gilbert's face. "What kind of friend?"

Ludwig's blush got darker. "A friend."

"Hmm." The two sat in silence as they ate. "Damn! This is delicious!" Ludwig nodded in agreement and they ate in silence once again. "Hey West."


"Let's say that you have a really boring job but it pays decent." Ludwig looked up from his plate. What was Gilbert getting at? "But then you get this offer that you just have a gut feeling about that supposedly pays awesomely."

"Supposedly? Do you not know what the job pays?"

"It's not me! It's a hypothetical thing! Anyway, it supposedly pays awesomely and you just have a gut feeling that the job itself is going to be awesome-"

"You don't know what the job is?" Ludwig asked incredulously.

"Mein Gott Westen! Let me finish!" Gilbert cleared his throat. "Like I was saying, you have a gut feeling that it is going to be awesome and you don't have to quit the boring job. What do you do?"

Ludwig didn't know what to say. What was his brother talking about? Sure he spouted nonsense every so often but this…this was the craziest thing. "I guess you would trust your gut. You can always get out of it right?"

"Obviously West." Francis hadn't said anything about that, but you could always get out of a job you didn't like. Right? Ludwig sighed and silence engulfed the table once again. "So West," Gilbert began.

"Was ist das Bruder?" Ludwig asked exasperated.

"Who's that friend?"

Gilbert walked down the street, cigarette in his mouth and his mind buzzing. He didn't technically tell Ludwig about the job, plus because he did that hypothetical thing, he was able to make up his mind. He had called Francis first thing in the morning and they set up a meeting place. Too bad the meeting wasn't for a few hours.

"Maybe I shouldn't have left early," Gilbert told himself. He stood in front of the bar that was their meeting place, contemplating whether to go in or just waste some time… Drinking wasted time...and he loved drinking.

He walked into the bar and sat down. The bar was empty. Of course it was empty, it was supposedly too early for a drink. Gilbert scoffed. It was never too early for a drink. He scanned the bar and saw some people in a booth, one in particular caught his eye: the brunette with a wild hair curl.

"Isn't he West's friend?" And then he spotted a man with blond, wavy, chin length hair. "Francis?" He got up from the bar and quietly made his way to the booth in front of the occupied one. He sat silently and listened to the conversation.

"We need the money mon cher. It's been too long since you've paid it back and there is only a limited amount of time that we can wait."

"Ve~ that's right. Lovi's getting mad."

"I-I'll get the money, I-I promise. I just need s-some more t-time!"

"I'm afraid we don't have that much time. You've kept us waiting enough." Francis said. Gilbert didn't really think anything of it until he heard the sound of a gun being cocked. He immediately spit out his drink and slammed his hand on the table. Loudly. Was this really happening?

Gilbert turned around to see Francis standing up and staring at him menacingly, Ludwig's friend was cowering in his seat and the man they were talking to looked on in confusion. "Gilbert?"

"H-hey Francis." Gilbert wasn't scared. Awesome people never got scared.

"What did you hear?"

Gilbert swallowed. He needed to play it cool (not that he wasn't already the coolest thing ever). "Enough," he said smugly.

"I don't think you're in the position to act smug mon cher," Francis said, pulling out a gun and pointing it at Gilbert's forehead. Gilbert began to sweat. Shit. What was he going to do?

"C-come on Francis. Everything's cool."

Francis smirked. "Yes, everything will be cool…if you tell me you came here to accept the job offer."

"And if I don't?"

"Then this scene will be the last thing you ever see mon cher."

"Well that's a relief! I was going to accept the job anyway!" Gilbert laughed nervously, eyeing the gun.

"Merveilleux. Welcome to the Unione."

(A/N): Apologies for the late update, but this is what happens when you have three stories at the same time XP But hopefully updates will be quicker from now on...hopefully.

Was ist das: What is it?

Was: What

Mon cher: My dear

Mein Gott Westen: My god West

Merveilleux: Wonderful

Unione: The Unione Corse is the French mafia, located in Corsica and Marseilles France

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