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Quinn had never seen Wicked. She didn't know much about it.

But she was pretty sure, not 100% sure, but she was fairly certain that at the end of 'What Is This Feeling?', Glinda and Elphaba were not supposed to make out. Right? ...right?

But that's what they were doing. Well, Quinn and Rachel anyway. At the very end of the song, neither girls could help themselves. It was like gravity, clearly not being defied, was pulling them together forcefully. Maybe it was all the suppressed sexual tension finally rising. Maybe they just got into the song a bit too much. But there they were. Lips locking and tongues touching. Not to mention the roaming hands and bodies pressed firmly together.

They stayed that way for a while, not quite remembering that they were in a room full of glee members and a teacher. But it felt so...good, Quinn decided, especially with her left hand making it's way through Rachel's long hair. Everybody's jaw had dropped and silence grew upon them until somebody's brain finally made a firm thought.

"I thought Gelphie only existed in my head," Kurt whispered to Mercedes.

"Pinch me," Puck said quietly to Santana, which broke her out of whatever sort of daze she was in.

Mr. Schuester knew that it might have been a bad idea to pair them together for this song, but he thought it was for different reasons. Never would he have imagined this outcome. He quickly averted his eyes.

"Quinn!" Santana yelled at the blonde.

The head Cheerio's eyes shot open and she immediately ceased all movement. Slowly backing away from the shorter girl, the severity of what had just happened hit her like a ton of bricks. She looked at Rachel whose eyes were sympathetic and comforting at the same time. Her eyes alone were saying 'Don't run.'

But that's exactly what Quinn did. She ran out of the room, tears threatening to spill from her hazel eyes.

"You're so subtle, Santana." Rachel oozed with sarcasm before storming out of the room like many times before.

Quinn locked herself in the bathroom, choosing the the biggest stall at the end and sitting on the floor with her knees to her chest. 'In through the nose, out through the mouth', she thought. But the tears didn't stop. She should have stayed home today like she wanted to even though if she had, Santana would be the one to take her place at tonight's game. She wouldn't give her the satisfaction. So here she was.

Rachel stood outside the bathroom, knowing Quinn was inside. She didn't want to push the girl into talking. She knew how it felt. But she also knew that it felt a whole lot better once everything was out in the open. She kept in mind that this was Quinn Fabray. Possibly the most complex girl in school. Of course Rachel was probably the only one to see that.

'Rachel fucking Berry!' Quinn's mind was racing. Not only had she made out with a girl, but it had to be Rachel. Of course. It would have been no big deal if it were anyone else. After all, she had seen Brittany and Santana make out several times before and she never judged them. That's not how her brain worked. She was actually very accepting of their relationship.

So, no, it wasn't the fact that she kissed a girl that was bothering her. It was the fact that it was Rachel Berry and she liked it. She liked kissing Rachel Berry. A lot. Her whole body felt warm when Rachel's lips were on hers. And she wasn't sure if that was okay.

"Quinn?" Rachel said quietly, opening the bathroom door. She noticed two white shoes sticking out of the side of the last stall.

'She would come after me...'

"Quinn, open the door please."

Her body acted against any reasonable thought she had and she lifted a leg and unlocked the door with her foot. It slowly swung open.

"Why are you crying?" Rachel rushed down to her side and wiped her tears away.

Quinn wondered why when people asked what was wrong or why she was crying...she cried more.

Rachel immediately pulled her into a hug and suddenly Quinn felt safe.

It was wrong. It was just so wrong. Quinn shouldn't feel safe in Rachel's arms. Rachel's arms, realistically, shouldn't even be around Quinn. She couldn't stop thinking about how Rachel's touch was oddly comforting. And then she couldn't stop thinking that she should run away again.

"We should probably talk about this," Rachel said softly.

Quinn just shook her head and spilled more tears. She was absolutely terrified. She didn't want to let Rachel know how she suddenly felt and that she wanted to kiss her again. Quinn wouldn't have it. She needed to keep herself together. After all, she's Quinn Fabray. Nobody was supposed to make her feel like this.

"Please leave," she whispered.

Rachel's eyes saddened and Quinn noticed.

"What?" Rachel heard her, but asked nevertheless, hoping she'd have changed her mind within seconds.

"Please, Rachel. Just go."

And she did. But not before pressing her lips lightly on Quinn's cheek.

That night, Quinn lay on her bed thinking. She thought about how Rachel made her feel and how she didn't want to feel that way anymore and how she'd do anything to make it stop.

Not a mile away, Rachel lay on her bed too. Listening to the Wicked soundtrack ('What Is This Feeling?' on repeat of course) and thinking. Except she thought of hope. Hope that Quinn finally felt the same way she did. Maybe.

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