Friday night's football game saw many stares had by the football team, the rest of the cheerios, the pep band and even some parents.

But Quinn couldn't care less. She was on cloud nine. She was finally free of secrets and she felt absolutely amazing being able to holding Rachel's hand in public.

"Everybody is staring," Rachel said as they walked towards the field, pre-game.

"They're just jealous that I'm dating the star of the glee club and you bagged the head cheerleader," the blonde joked, causing Rachel to giggle and squeeze her hand even tighter.

"Did I just hear you say 'banged the head cheerleader'?"

A wild Puck appears!

"Aren't you supposed to be on the field?" Quinn asked, clearly wanting him to leave.

Puck just shrugged and continued walking with them. Quinn could be blunt if she really needed to be.

"Puck, go away."

"Hey, if you're gonna make out, I'm staying to watch," he said, suddenly jumping in front of them, causing them to stop.

"Noah, please be considerate," Rachel said. Quinn growled at him.

He put his hands up in surrender.

"Alright, I get it," he said, smiling. "I respect it."

And with that, he was gone. He really was a decent guy.

The two girls finally made it to the field as everybody was filing into the bleachers. Rachel wouldn't have even considered going to a football game if it weren't for Quinn. Was it acceptable to attend the game simply to cheer on the cheerleaders? Or at least one of the cheerleaders?

"Fabray! Get over here!" Sue growled over the rest of the crowd.

The cheerleader turned around to acknowledge her coach before she turned back to Rachel, still holding her hand.

"I'm going to kiss you now," Quinn said, smiling.

Rachel nodded, suddenly excited.

"In public," she added.

Rachel couldn't help but smile. She had been waiting for the day that she could claim Quinn Fabray as her's, publicly. Rachel didn't needpublic displays of affection. But she was in a blissful relationship with her perfect girl and she damn sure wanted everybody to know how lucky she was.

"So, kiss me."

Lips met in a brief but sweet kiss. They couldn't care less who was watching.

Quinn broke away, winked at Rachel and ran over to Coach Sylvester.

"Fabray, if you ever make me wait more than 15 seconds again, I will personally light your house on fire."

Quinn was indifferent. Nothing but empty threats. Like she'd actually light her house on fire...

Wait, would she?

"Now listen up," Sue said, dropping her voice and leaning in towards Quinn. "If your frolic through the woodland creature's meadow is going to affect your cheering, you will be removed from the squad, do you understand me?"

Face scrunched up, Quinn looked at her coach with confusion.

"God, I can't believe my head cheerleader is dating the head midget of glee club," Sue said to herself, venom dripping from her lips as she said the last two words.

Light bulb. Quinn understood.

"Coach, if you really consider my relationship with Rachel to be a hazard to your squad, maybe I should just quit," she said, faking nice.

Sue's eyes widened for a split second before she put on a stern face. If Quinn had blinked, she would have missed the look of desperation. She knew that she was the best on the squad. That's why Sue had made her captain. Leaving would crush the cheerio's hopes of winning another competition, especially Nationals.

"You wouldn't, I own you."

Quinn smiled.

"Watch me," she said, stating to walk away from Sue.

"Get back here, blondie! You can quit when you die!"

She rolled her eyes and turned back towards her coach.

"I really don't need cheerios. Cheerios needs me. It stopped being fun the moment I became captain," Quinn said, sternly. "Wow, I can't believe I'm saying this," she said to herself, thinking she'd never see this day.

Sue looked angrier than ever.

"I quit the squad," Quinn said, actually feeling relief in that sentence. She looked happier within seconds. Smiling, she turned and walked away from Sue who was turning as red as her track suit.

"Quinn, what are you doing?" Rachel asked, when Quinn grabbed her hand and started to drag her away from the field.

The blonde didn't reply, she just kept on going, passing the opposing football team. The game was just about to start and she had just quit. It was kind of thrilling.


When they reached the parking lot, Quinn let go of Rachel's hand and turned to face her, looking quite pleased with herself.

"What happened?" Rachel asked, thinking Quinn was kicked off the cheerios. She hoped it wasn't because of her.

"I quit the cheerios," she said, simply.

The diva looked at her as if she were dreaming. Surely Quinn was joking. The one thing that put her at the top, the one thing that gave her a name, she was letting go? No way.

"I quit," she repeated, loving the way it sounded.

"A-are you okay with that?" Rachel was pretty confused.

Quinn grinned. "I am definitely okay with it."

The now ex-cheerleader grabbed Rachel's hand, pulling her flush against her body. Rachel blushed at the sudden contact , remembering they were in the parking lot with other students. She started to pull away as she was accustomed to having to hide their relationship. Quinn's grip tightened and the other girl relaxed, smiling. The lingering students made their way down the hill and out of sight.

Moving strands of hair out of Rachel's face and tucking it behind her ear, she slowly led them to Quinn's car.

"Turns out I don't actually needcheerleading," she said, amused. She propped herself against the driver's side door and pulled Rachel into her again, loving the way her body rested against her own.

"But you love it!"

She shook her head.

"Used to. But now I love you," Quinn said with a smile before her mind took the time to process her words.

Rachel's eyes went wide and Quinn went into a silent panic.

"You do?" Rachel looked like she was about to cry.

'Way to go, Fabray.'

There was no turning back now.

Quinn nodded, suddenly more self conscious than she's ever been in her entire life. Ever.

"I do, Rachel. I love you so much," she said, her voice wavering as if she were ready to cry. "You're the first person I ever really had these feelings for... and it's kind of scary because they are so strong. But it's thrilling... being in love with you."

Tears were welling up in the blonde's eyes. When did Quinn Fabray start to care so much?

"You're...inlove with me?"

She suddenly found Rachel's expression hard to read.

Rachel's lips were slightly parted and she looked up at Quinn through huge, glistening brown eyes.

"I'm in love with you...very much so," Quinn said, a tear sliding down her cheek. She was so afraid she was beginning to scare Rachel away. It was way too early for this, wasn't it? But she stayed positioned in the same place, right up against Quinn's now trembling body.

Would this be an inappropriate time to pray?

Instantly, Rachel's lips were on Quinn's. She brought her hands up the the blonde's face, cupping her cheeks. Giggling a little, she felt Quinn relax. Lips moved perfectly together while the shorter girl slid her tongue over Quinn's bottom lip.

A shiver ran up Quinn's spine. She secretly loved when Rachel did that.

As if she even needed permission, Rachel waited as Quinn parted her lips, giving her access. Their tongues softly met before Rachel couldn't handle it anymore. She took Quinn's lower lip into her mouth, slightly sucking it before tugging on it with her teeth and releasing it.

Their foreheads rested together for a second before Rachel pulled back to look in Quinn's eyes.

"I love you," Rachel said without any hesitation.

She was slightly taken aback. Honestly, she hadn't expected to hear it in return.

"You do?" She felt like a dork for asking.

Rachel smiled as tears stained her face.

"So much, Quinn," she said, stroking the other girl's cheek with her thumb. "I really do."

The blonde couldn't help but cry. It would be an understatement to say she was happy. Words don't deserve to describe what she was feeling.

Rachel wiped away Quinn's tears before taking a hand to her own.

"I've wanted to tell you for a while," Rachel admitted. "But I was just so afraid you didn't feel the same."

She wanted to laugh at that. How could she not feel the same?

"Look at us," Rachel said, laughing a little.

Quinn laughed along with her before kissing her again, this time with something that wasn't there before. A few of their tears ran down their cheeks, mixing together as they reached lips. Rachel's hand slid down Quinn's jaw line before gently grazing her neck, coming to a rest on her collarbone. The blonde moaned slightly into the kiss.

Reluctantly, Rachel pulled back, attempting desperately to gain her composure, but she was only thinking of one thing.

"Let's go," she said, suddenly.

Looking slightly confused, Quinn asked where she wanted to go.

"Home. I don't care which one," she whispered into her ear.

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