AN's: Okay, so this is just a little something that came to me this morning on my way to work. There's absolutely no story that goes with it, and I don't have one planned either, though I'd never rule out the possibility. Think of it like just a scene in time; longer than a drabble, but shorter (obviously) than a one-shot. I'd love to come back to this one day and build around it. But, for now, it just is what it is.

Unbeta'd and beyond random!

Conversation between Charlie and a young Edward - maybe like 11 or 12.

I stared at the chief, begging with my eyes for some kind of help, anything to make me understand what was happening. I could only hope he'd set aside the fact I was referring to his own daughter, in order to give me some concrete advise.

"Son, sit down and let me tell you about relationships," he started with wry grin on his face. "They're complicated – plain and simple – and what you have with my daughter is no different."

He shifted then, stalling to find the right words I supposed. A small smile played on his face when he'd finally found them.

"Let me try to break it down to something a little easier to understand. Relationships, well, they're like fishing."

"Fishing?" I squeaked, having no clue where he was taking this.

"Now hold your horses and let me explain it to you before you go getting your feathers ruffled, son. Now like I said, fishing is a whole lot like relationships. You scope out the best places to find a fish, and then there might be a whole bunch of catch and release, catch and release, catch and release, when finally you get a keeper. Then you take the fish home, clean her, flay her open, cook her, and eat her."

Something stopped him right there and he seemed to be taking another minute to gather his thoughts. His face turned a bright red. So that's where Bella gets it, I thought.

Shaking his head he told me, "No, nope, never mind, son. Fishing is a really bad analogy."

I didn't quite understand what Bella's dad was trying to explain to me, but I did know that I was more confused than before.

"Well, sir, I don't quite understand that, but you should know – I have no intention of releasing this fish. I don't know about cooking her up and eating her because that can't be healthy, but I suppose I'll do whatever it takes to keep her."

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