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- [PART 1] -

Xiaolin Showdown fic, v2.
Have a fun read.

Three years back he'd been fighting a losing battle with supernatural forces. Who'd have thought he'd end up here of all places?

It was a big school. A nice school. A scholarly school that held an exalted undergraduate program with pre-law intent, made for the most brilliant of minds, if not for the financially abundant or socially superior. It was the Rockwell Institute, and when you graduated there, you graduated life.

Because of his family's vast wealth and his own genius mind, as well as a few unofficially pulled strings, Jack Spicer - world's greatest ex-evil boy genius - had been accepted into the prestigious education system, which would in turn greatly help him achieve his ultimate goal in life... to become a lawyer!

Okay fine, so it was more his parents' dream for him to toss his lot into the bowels of law school... But even so, it was in this new, clean school program that Jack thought he'd finally found a new life. A normal life. A better life. A life that actually made sense and had direction and meaning, far from his nowhere-bound life of the past. It was here that he would study hard, attain high-standing grades, and perhaps even participate in institutional activities and make every-day, lifelong friends.

Overall, it was a perfect new start for him, and despite some of the flaws he was happy there.

x x x

Accounting was just one subject of the vast extreme that law school covered, Jack now finding himself stuck working on a group financial-economic project with a few other students.

Yeah. Group projects weren't really his thing.

"Wow, Jack, you're so smart!" One of the students in his group praised, leaning closer to him in all her enthusiasm.

"I am?" Jack blinked. He stiffened. "I mean. Yeah, I am. Totally."

"To think that the lack of market transparency within the financial statements was the problem!" The girl continued, eyes shifting fervently over a numerically-overridden paper. "That would mislead both private and public sector companies in regards to their investments!" The excited young law student looked up from the paper and to Jack with eager eyes. "How did you come up with that answer?"

The student in question gave an odd look to the girl who'd praised him, then a lofty shrug. "Oh, uhh... lucky guess?" Was all he offered, recoiling slightly from such sudden strange, positive attention. Man these guys got exited over stupid stuff. It really wasn't that big of a deal.

Unlike the traditional student, Jack had amassed a healthy amount of life experience in his youth. He'd learned so much on his own in the far reaches of rural China, if not in the secluded basement of his parents' house that was otherwise known as his 'evil secret lair'. Numerous scientific and mathematical equations revolving around building and maintaining complex mechanical robots with intricate, sentient contrivances, managing often unreliable associates in off-handed partnerships, keeping up with his own financial stability when it came to straight-up business, and of course making personal investments based on his own economic judgement, not to mention political assessments based around the whole 'world domination' thing...

When he got down to thinking about it, he never really realized how ahead of everyone he was. Or how inferior they were to him. In fact, he almost even felt bad for knowing too much.


"Yeah right. We all know you're the smartest guy in our class." Another student in their group admired with a hint of jealously.

"Come on," Yet another student pleaded. "Tell us your secret!"

And with the rest of the surrounding group of students now ganging up on him, Jack could only give a skeptical eye to the lot of them, just a little creeped out by all of this unfamiliar, pleasant attention. "Uh. Secret... Riiiight." He was a little hard-pressed to divulge information regarding his days as an evil boy genius, to say the least.

But it seemed the growing popularity of the infamous now 'teen genius' wouldn't be subsiding any time soon. In fact, admiration for him hadn't stopped since the first day he'd transferred there two short months ago, classes spread far in time and abundant in volume. Though, he'd be flat out lying if he said he didn't like said attention, creepy or not, this being the only real time he'd ever been sincerely complimented on anything before.

"Weeeell..." Jack droned on, wondering if he should actually give them advice or not. But with a few more praises and pleas for his 'secret', Jack finally gave into a wide grin. Okay, so maybe it wouldn't hurt to try and teach these guys a thing or two. He WAS only the smartest guy in the whole school, after all, if not the entire world!

x x x

On the roof of another building just outside of the second-floor classroom window, two shadowy figures - one tall with long, black hair, the other a small floating figure - watched as a newly-reformed Jack Spicer seemed to be explaining something complicated to a few other students...

From what the two observers of sorts could tell, Jack had changed quite a bit. He still had his pale-white skin, wild and eccentric bright red hair, and red eyes to match. However, his shameless 'guyliner' makeup had all but vanished, as had his equally characteristic swirly-eyed goggles. His naturally wild hair was smoothed back in a clean, sophisticated fashion as his widow's peak took foreground. He was a bit taller now too, and in place of his typical 'evil boy genius' outfit now sat a nice-fitting black and silver school uniform. A very polished appearance, to sum it up.

But it wasn't the boy's appearance alone that struck the now teenage Jack as having changed; it was also the way he seemed to carry his proud-standing self and interact with other human beings within his own level of standing. As if he actually... fit in.

Was that even possible?

"Hmm..." Came a scratchy woman's voice from the small, floating figure. "He seems to be functioning normally in this environment. How... peculiar."

"How he's functioning is completely irrelevant." A different sly, almost cynical voice said in reply, having come from the taller figure with long, flowing black hair. "We need him to join us. Think you can do that?"

"Don't insult me!" The other spouted spitefully. "I know him better than anyone! Of course I can!"

"Then get to it. We have little time to waste here. I'd like to leave this pathetic human cesspool as soon as possible."

And with that, the oh-so-contemptuous one had vanished, leaving the small, floating figure alone in thought.

"Yes... All in good time..." It hissed to itself with a wicked smile, looking back to the unsuspecting teen in the near distance before receding back into the shadows with a low, unscrupulous chuckle.

Oh, Jack. You only thought your life could be normal.