-A Changed Destiny-

Chapter I

I never would have expected him to just come along like that. I mean, I'm not one to believe in "love at first sight" and fairy tale crap like that, since most loves are supposed to blossom over time. Mine is an exception. It was so...sudden. Like a swift kick in the face…what an awful way to describe love. Unfortunately, (or fortunately) that's how to happened.

Of course, again, unlike most loves, I've fallen for one of the same sex. Me, a man, in love, with another…man. So I never really expected to be gay either. But some things, they just happen. It's…destiny; fate. I know it to be true. And someday, it will be. I, Shinobu Takatsuki, will be the only one loved by the great Usami Akihiko.

"...Shinobu? ...Shiiiinobu?" I heard a distant voice calling my name.

"Huh...what?" I muttered groggily, miffed I had been woken from my daydream. I blinked a couple times before my gaze was redirected to my sister who was standing in front of me, her hands placed on her hips. I lifted my head off the table and stared at her.

"Honestly Shinobu," she lectured, "if you're going to sleep, go to your room. It's what they're for."

"Nyeh nyeh nyeh nehh nyeh nyeh," I mocked her with a smirk. She smacked the back of my head playfully with the duster she had in hand and shooed me from the table, so she could finish cleaning.

"So, is that Miyagi guy coming tonight?" I asked as I migrated over to the couch, planning on finishing what I'd started.

She blushed, which isn't something she normally did...at least...not when she was around me.

"Well, I guess I'll get outta here then," I mumbled, grabbing a jacket on my way out. Forget daydreaming.

"Wait! When-"

I shut the door before Sis could finish what she was saying.

Lately...it seemed she only cared for this Miyagi guy. What's so great about him? He's just a guy...

Usami is way better than him... I can remember the first (...and only time...for now) time I saw him...

It all started on a windy morning...which just so happened to be yesterday... when I was supposed to be going to a hotel to meet my sister's boyfriend. I shoved my hands into my pockets as I walked down the streets, admiring the tall buildings and zooming cars. I looked at the sky and smiled as the sun began to peek its way around a cloud. It was really a nice day today. Nothing could go-

Suddenly, I was slammed into an alleyway, and shoved up aginst a wall. Two gruff looking thugs wasted no time in corning me.

"Give us whatcha got in yer pockets..." One said icily. I sent him an equally threatening glare.

"Sorry, but I think I'm to old to be giving you my lunch money..." I smirked, pleased with my retort. I always was good at sarcasm. And being fearless. The man spat on the ground, giving me a whiff of his rancid breath.

"I'll teach-"

"I don't see any need for violence here." A calm and contained voice cut through. The quiet sound of footsteps came into the alley.

There he was.

"I think you guys had better run before I call the cops..." He smiled bitterly. "...Or...I could just take care of you myself." He cracked his knuckles, still grinning.

The men reluctantly slumped away, muttering empty threats all the way. I breathed a sigh of relief and turned to look at my savior...who was...already walking away.

"Wait!" I called out. The man glanced at me from over his shoulder, and paused his walking away. "...Who are you?"

I heard him chuckle.

"Usami...Usami Akihiko." He waved over his shoulder and continued to walk away. I just stared at him as he left, frozen in place. My mouth had dropped open, and warm blush spread across my cheeks.

"Wow..." I'd thought. "How...cool!"

The chilly December air cut through my thin coat like a knife. I shivered and cursed at how I should've grabbed a bigger coat. Dusk was settling over the city, and street lights slowly flickered to life.

I looked up at the setting sun in the sky, and to my surpise, white puffs slowly began to fall. As one fell on my nose, I shivered.

"Just my luck..."I spat, swatting the flake away. "It just had to snow..."

I ran quickly across the street and avoided all on coming traffic (there was only one close call... I swear) as I wandered into the park. I wrapped my coat more tightly around myself...when I saw "him". My eyes grew inhumanly wide. I couldn't believe it. My savior...and love. It's destiny, I swear.

I slowly snuck over there, acting like I was just on a casual stroll. I acted as though I was admiring the falling snow, though I still watched his every movement out of the corner of my eye.

Then...I bumped into him. I acted surprised and stared at him with an apologetic smile.

"Sorry," I apologized. He stared down at me, no true emotion showing on is face.

"...Aren't you that kid from yesterday?"

"Huh?" I acted as if I didn't know. I appeared to think before I allowed sudden "realization" hit me. "Wow, it's you! Meeting you here after all that, it must be destiny."

Usami laughed.

"Sure, kid, we'll go with that."

My heart fluttered. Usami was laughing...he looked so...hot.

"Um..." I fidgeted a bit. I wasn't used to being this nervous...I could feel my confidence getting drained by the second. "What are you...doing out here?"

"Nothing," he answered simply with a shrug, "Just taking a walk."


There was an awkward silence as I tried to think of something interesting or rather, anything to say to him.

"Um, where-"

"Well," he interrupted unintentionally. "you'd better get going, it's getting late..." He looked at the falling snow again, "...and...cold." That being said, the great Usami...walked away. No goodbyes, no wave. All I got was the glory of watching him leave. I stood there for a moment, the soft snowflakes piled up on my head. Then, I turned around...and walked home.

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