Chapter IV

The next day school passed by very quickly. During his math and literature classes, Shinobu did his best to pay attention. After Literature class was over, Hiroki sauntered over to Shinobu and smirked.

"So, how was your little play date with the devil?"

Shinobu stacked all of his materials neatly on his desk, one on top of the other. He looked up with a smirk.

"Thanks so much sensei! I'm really enjoying my new tutor."

Hiroki's mouth fought the urge to drop open. Shinobu stood up and stretched, that stupid grin still present on his face.

"Now, if you'll excuse me, I believe it's time for me to go. See you." Shinobu grabbed his books and walked off, radiating his brimming confidence with every step he took. Hiroki watched him leave, not believing what he just heard. The miffed brunette kicked Shinobu's desk and grumbled 'brat' under his breath.

It wasn't longer afterwards that Shinobu was in front of Usami's house. This time, he brazenly opened the door and stepped inside.

Usami's eyes shot over to the door when Shinobu walked in like he wasn't expecting him. Once he saw who it was, a small grin spread over his face.

"Enjoy your book?" he asked.

Shinobu blushed. The book itself was good overall. Some of the parts he really didn't want to...erm...discuss.

Usami stretched out on his couch and stared at the other, amusement in his eyes.

"I prepared some questions for you to answer, so I can ensure that you really read it. There over there," Usami pointed his thumb towards the table. From where he was standing, Shinobu could see stapled pieces of paper and a pencil. He set his things down near the door and strolled over to the table, Usami's eyes following him all the way.

Shinobu picked up the papers and glanced over them as he sat down. He picked up the pencil and wrote his name across the top out of sheer habit. He then proceeded to scribble down answers.

"What is the theme of this story? Justify your answer by using examples from the text."

Too easy. That's what Shinobu told himself anyway. He found questions like that and the ones about the story were easy to answer. It were the opinion ones that caught him off guard.

"What is your opinion on the text on pages 64-72? Please, use detail."

Shinobu didn't even have to look at the book to know what was on those pages. His face immediately heated up. Why did it have to be that scene?

Shinobu shook his head, shaking all doubt away. He stared down at the question confidently and began writing. He wouldn't be beaten so easily. He'd give Usami just what he asked for.

About 15 minutes later, Shinobu sharply set the pencil down and stood up. He walked over to the couch Usami was sitting at and handed him the paper. Usami set the book he was reading down and let his reading glasses fall to the tip of his nose. Shinobu watched nervously as Usami's eyes scanned the paper.

"Looks like you got all but two of them right. I don't except 'no comment' as an answer." He stated with a frown. He looked up at the other. Shinobu felt his heart go into a tizzy.

"I didn't have a comment," Shinobu said hurriedly, his face heating up. He looked away so Usami couldn't see his face. If he wouldn't have turned, he could have seen the smirk on the Usami's face.

"I'm surprised you even read it at all. You mean you actually like BL?"

"No comment."

Usami's smirk grew wider as he hit Shinobu's back with the papers he had in his hand.

"Here take this. And who'd have thought...I'm surprised."

Shinobu ignored his request, not on purpose. There were too many thoughts in his head to listen to what the other was saying.

So, if Usami liked BL too...did that mean-?

"Are" Shinobu blurted out totally unintentionally. He immediately covered his mouth after he said, not believing it slipped.

A moments silence passed. Shinobu knew he royally screwed up this time. When Usami started talking, he froze.

"I don't I?" His voice hinted at amusement, but Shinobu wasn't sure.

Shinobu turned to face him, frowning. His confidence was redeeming itself.

"I dunno, are you?"

"What about you?" Usami asked, changing the subject. "Are you?"

Shinobu crossed his arms and walked around to the couch and sat at the opposite end of Usami. He looked the other way, still frowning.

"Who destiny puts me with is out of my control. It doesn't matter who...but it's who I like."

Usami stared at him curiously for a brief second before looking straight ahead at Suzuki who was sitting there observing it all. Anyone who watched Usami's face could tell he was pleased with that answer.

"I guess you could say I'm gay."

Shinobu froze, not sure if he heard right. He'd hoped that was the answer he'd get, but he didn't think it would happen. Now the only problem was...who did this guy like? Shinobu frowned. He needed to know who to remove.

"So," Shinobu started, crossing his arms again and looking away, "is there anyone you l-l-like." He managed to say, blush returning to his features.

Usami shrugged.

"I have someone in mind."

Shinobu bit his lip so he wouldn't question him any further. He desperately wanted to ask who it was... But, he really didn't want to have to start a hit list.

"Oh." Was all he said. The blonde stared down at his feet and tried to regain control of his heart rate. The butterflies in his stomach slowly began to stop their fluttering.

Shinobu turned to the other smiling.

"So what am I going to be studying today?"

Usami stared back at him for a second and appeared to think.

"You did well enough on that paper, so I guess we don't need to focus on reading comprehension right now."

Shinobu frowned. That's what he was here for, wasn't?

"What then?"

The author stared at him with the vaguest expression possible.

"How about Sex Ed?"

Shinobu broke into a coughing fit and almost went into cardiac arrest. Usami bit back a grin.

"Relax kid, I'm just kidding."

Shinobu calmed his coughing fit and took a few deep breaths.

"Th-then what?"

"Since BL seems to interest you too much, let's settle with some nice old classic literature."

"Classic?" Shinobu groaned.

"Precisely." Usami smirked.

"Which one?" Shinobu groaned.

Usami shrugged before walking off to one of his many bookshelves. He looked a moment before picking on and tossing to Shinobu.

Shinobu frowned.

"It's in English..."

"Can you read it?" Usami glared, looking meaner than he intended.

"Yeah..." Shinobu mumbled.

He looked at the book title once more.

"To Kill a Mockingbird...What's a mockingbird?"

When he didn't get a reply, he shoved the book in his bag with a sigh.

"Is it boring?" Shinobu asked.

Usami shrugged.

"Read and find out."

Shinobu pouted.

"Don't worry, it's not as bad as you might think."

Shinobu wasn't convinced.

Days passed quickly and Shinobu could almost feel himself getting closer to the author. He'd also began reading the novel. It wasn't as boring as he thought it would be. He still didn't know what a mockingbird was though... Apparently it was a sin to kill one.

"Kamijou's informed me on how well you've been doing. Your grades have risen. Good job." Usami commended while they were working on a math problem.

"Who's Kamijou?" Shinobu asked, puzzled.


Shinobu felt dumb. He didn't say anything else for awhile.

"...So...How did you guys meet each other? I don't know why you'd associate with someone like him." Shinobu grumbled. Usami just chuckled and ran a hand through his hair.

"That's irrelevant to everything we've discussed thus far. Finish up that problem."

Shinobu groaned but did as he was told.

"Do I divide here?"

"No, multiply."

"But I thought-"

Usami placed his hand over Shinobu's and began to write the problem for him.

"'re hopeless." Usami chuckled and shook his head.

Shinobu's face turned dark crimson from the small touch.

"Th-Thanks." He murmured, not thinking properly. Usami smirked. The author looked down at the problem once more.

"Now it's right."

Shinobu scanned the problem and checked through the answer. He noticed his mistake right away.

"Oh, I see now." Shinobu's face was still red. Usami bit back a grin. The kid was so innocent. Before Shinobu knew it, his session was over, much to his disappointment.

"Oi! Usagi!" The boy named Misaki interrupted from the outside. He tapped lightly on the door. "It's 4, I wanna get this over with. I got the groceries you wanted too."

Usami muttered something incoherent under his breath.

"Alright alright, get in here then." Usami called. "I'll see you later, kid." Usami said to Shinobu as he rubbed his temples. Small pangs of jealous shot through Shinobu, even though he did his best to ignore them. Misaki shuffled in through the door, his hands completely full. Shinobu grabbed his things and walked silently out the door.

Once outside, Shinobu let out a huge, exasperated sigh.

That Misaki kid had to go.


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