AN: Valentines fic for a competition on ff7-Pairings-Club on Deviant art. The theme was love letters, so I'm writing five different ones, one for each ancient Greek type of love (it made sense when I thought of it). I am working on other fics as well, but this one has a deadline.

Love: Storge (Familial love) – Kadaj to Jenova

Mother, today is about love. I don't understand that. I don't know love, love wasn't in the labs. But I understand blood ties. I understand protection and loyalty, and holding each other when you cry. The laboratories taught me that. We won't desert you mother. We'll never leave any of us behind, and that includes you. Be brave mother, I'll find you.
P.s. I'll look after Loz and Yazoo for you. They need it.