AN: This is for Sophie, because it's our favourite pairing and I don't write it enough.
Love: Philia (Brotherly) – Rude/Reno
Disclaimer: I own nothing
Warnings: Though this is about brotherly love, due to Reno mentions of sex crept in. Occasional swearing, and lack of complete literacy

Well Rude,
It's been a year. Do you know that? A year since you pict me, out a all the trainees. There were loads a us and you picked me. I dunno why.
Hell, I wouldn't av picked me. My grades were shit, though I was good in the chopper. I like flying. I feel free. Specially when your up there with me. But when you pict me, I thought I knew why you'd want me. Same reason everyone wants me.

I guess last night proves I was right huh? Your great tho. You let me choose. You don't think I'm easy, cos I'm from under the plate. You taut me a hell of a lot. You are the best guy I ever met, my best friend, an maybe one day we gonna be more than that.

I guess you couldnt a pict me for that. I think you pict me for something special. Cos you could see I needed it. Not for the same reason as the rest of them, but cos your a good guy.

I hope you like this leter. I'm writing it just for you. Like you wrote a leter for me. I want to show you how far I got. Theres loads a mistakes in this, I guess. I cant ask you to look it over. But its getting there. Im learning. You really did help me. You taut me to read, and you check my paperwork. This is the first thing I wrote on my own, with none of your help. Your worth it. I wanna be amazing for you. Hope is good enough, that your gonna keep it. I want you to know how much you mean.

You really do mean a lot to me. Everythin I could need, in one guy. Best friend, lover, partner, big brother. Everythin I always wanted, and I thought wasnt going to get, you gave me. I know I aint as awesome as you are, but I hope I helped you too.

You know you saved my life right? You just got the time wrong. You think you saved me when the building fell down on us, and when those bastards grabed me. Thing is, you did it way befour that. You saved me the day you said I could be your partner. And the day you began to teech me to read. You gave me all your old books, ones you read as a kid. And read them with me.

Im not going to let anyone break me. Not when I got you. Pepole say I cant be a Turk. That I aint smart enough, don't talk nice enough. But you say I can be. And its you I trust. I dont believe them. I believe you. I believe in you. And for you Im gonna try. Im gonna be your Turk. Always.

Your Turk.