Hey…. Well I know I just told you I was busy and haven't had time to write… but… I really really really really reeeeeally wanted to do this one! Because * glares at multiple other writers* no one else seems to get all that far with the stories with our favorite mentally abused teens in mental hospitals! Well except that one story... which I love… and I forgot the name of… U.U'… anyway… the opening panic attack scene was written at a time when it would be more realistic… while I was having one of my frequent panic attacks... yeah and so what Jackie said about me "Researching"... well er here's what she meant lol... and I realised she put up the chapter late! Argh so I'm back sooner than you may have thought but really I've been gone over a week... ^^'… anyway on with the show! Love Hime-chan! ~3


I can't breathe. It's dark. I can't breathe! It's hot. I can't see! I can't breathe! I keep scratching at my face. I can't breathe! Everything is too close. My heart is pounding too hard. It's going to explode. I'm screaming dry, soundless air. I can't breathe! Something's there! I can't see! I curl up around myself. I can't breathe. No. I can't breathe. No! I can't breathe! NO! I CAN'T BREATHE!

~~~~~~~~~~ Chapter 1~~~~~~~~~~~


'I punched the wall. I left a hole.

I threw a chair. I broke a window.

I attacked an idiot. He broke three bones.

So now the send me here. A damned mad house . . . sorry I mean Black Order Mental Health Youth Center.'

"Hi there, Mr. Yu Kanda! my name is Lenalee Lee. I'm a nurse here at the Black Order." The pigtailed girl in a black skirt and long sleeve t-shirt stood in front of him holding a clipboard. "I'll show you around." She smiled. 'Stupid cheerful people.'

"Che." He clicked his tongue. 'They had taken away my cell phone, iPod and worst of all my katana mugen; there for I'm very pissed.'

"So here," she held her hand to the left, "is the dinning hall." We walked past a colorful room. "Here's the activity room. The boys bathroom is down the hall and upstairs is the roof for taking smoke breaks."

'Why would the let you smoke in a hospital?' the raven haired teen glared at the door leading to the roof.

"Do you smoke?" she asked simply.

"Che. No."

"Well you might want to pretend you do. It's the only way to get outside." She held her pen to the paper.

"Fine then." Kanda said. She marked something on the clipboard.

"Alright the. Now I'll show you to your room." she walked down the white hall, all the way down to a room. on the door was a sign that read 'Ark Project'. She opened the door and peaked in. "Allen, your new roommate is here."

A boy was sitting on one of the white beds. His hair was an odd snow white color and half of his face was wrapped in white gauze. He was crouched on the sheets surrounded by various art supplies and a pad of paper in his lap. 'Ugh, it reminds me of that dead old fool.'

The boy smiled and stood up. he smoothed out his white t-shirt and baggy jeans. (A/n: Think L!) "Hello." He walked over and held out a gloved hand. "My name is Allen Walker. It's nice to meet you."

"The taller, older teen ignored the hand and glared at the white clad boy in front of him.

"All right then." He lowered his hand and shoved it into his pocket.

"Allen this is Yu Kanda. He'll be here for ten days." Lenalee smiled and hugged the clipboard.

"Hm, okay. I'm sure we'll get along just fine." The white haired boy said with a tone of bitterness in his voice.


"Lunch is at 12:00, but come to the hall a little before then to sign in." both boys re-entered the plain white room and the pigtailed nurse closed the door behind them.

"Well you're not very nice." The boy stated plainly as he sat down on the art scattered bed. The longer haired boy sat down on the clean unwrinkled white bed. Laying down. The resonating sound of crumpling sheets indicating that the bed had seldom been used before now. Kanda did not respond. "Are you mute?" he inquired.

"Che. No retard, I'm not." He replied quickly and sharply.

"It was just a question, Yu." He said apathetically. He soon found his head slammed against the wall.

"Never. Ever use my first name." The Japanese teen growled icily. His arm pressed the younger Brit to the blank wall.

"There is no violence allowed in the center. Nor is physical contact with out permission." Allen said with and empty smiled. "Please let me go." He seemed unaware that his head was almost smashed against the wall.

"Che." The raven haired boy retreated back to his bed.

"Then, what may I call you?" The boy's voice stayed optimistic.

"You may call me Kanda. Damned Baka Moyashi." He spoke arrogantly. "Now, shut up."

"Fine, Ka- Hey wait!" he started. "What did you just call me?"

"Che. I called you a Baka Moyashi."

"W-what does that mean?" Allen asked cautiously.

"It means what you are. Bake is stupid and Moyashi is bean sprout."

"Oi! Are you calling me short?" he stood up, knocking some papers onto the floor. One picture was a sepia image of a girl sitting on a piece of rubble. Her pigtails seemed to be blowing in the wind as she cried into her hands. It was such a beautiful, melancholy image.

"yeah, and your hair and body are white."

"That's it's natural color, thank you very much." His hands were now balled at his sides. "Hmph! I won't bother BaKanda!" He accented the sound to mock his new roommate's native language.

"What the hell did you just call me?" he snapped his head to face the other boy and his long hair whipped the unsuspecting wall.

"Your name. Ba-Ka-nda." The younger smirked in satisfaction.

"Che. Don't. . ." Kanda was positioned to punch Allen when the younger put up a finger signaling the other to wait.

"Ah, no, no. Remember, no violence. I can have you sedated." He looked up at the other boy straight into his onyx eyes. "And that's never fun."

"Che." Kanda fell back into the small bed opposite of Allen.

"Well, I suggest we go down to the dining all to sign in and get a seat."

"What ever." He said in a low snarling voice.

"Huh, what? No 'Che'?" the younger laughed. The other made some sort of irritated growl before following Allen down to the cafeteria.

"Hello, Miranda. How are you feeling today?" the white haired boy asked a very nervous looking woman with large dark circles around her eyes.

"Oh, hello A-Allen. I-I seem to be f-fine today." She smiled while wringing her hands. "How i-is your health t-today?" she stuttered.

"Oh, I'm quite fine today Miranda. Thank you and I'm glad you're feeling better." Allen held oon of her shaking hands. "This is our new patient, Miranda. His name is Kanda." He stepped closer to whisper in her ear. "He's kind of a jerk though."

"Can hear you, damned Baka Moyashi!" Kanda reached to pull out mugen only to remember that his prized katana had been confiscated. Not liking the idea of sedation he surrendered to balling his fist at his side.

Allen laughed and walked over to a pad of paper on the table. He wrote his name the said, "Here, BaKanda. Sign in on this." Holding the pen out to him, he continued, "To make sure you eat. If you don't, that's a who-o-ole 'nother set of meds." The white haired one chuckled.

Kanda grunted and grabbed the pad of paper. He read down the list.

Name l Meal Set

Timothy and l A

Alistar Krowry l Set B

Miranda Lotto l Meal set B

Toma l Set C

Choji l Set C

Allen Walker l Set A, B, and C double order

"Double order? What the fuck Moyashi?"

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