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"Well!" he said suddenly. "I'm gonna take a nap!" Allen flipped himself face down on his mattress.

"Hold on!" Kanda stood up suddenly before witting back down, still wobbly from the drugs. "Tell me what the Arc Project is!"

"Do you really want to know?" his voice was muffled in his pillow.


"To put it simply, I am the Arc Project." He had propped his pale chin up on the pillow.

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"It means," he drawled out. "That I'm a wackado science project for these bastards." Changing positions again he sat on the edge of his bed staring at the ceiling. "And that's all you need to know!" the teen shined a unwavering grin and kept it as he fell back onto the sheets.

"Tch. Obviously not." The Japanese growled as he glared and the half sitting figure.

"Well you don't neeeed~ to know anything else." He sang.

"You're so fucking annoying!" He growled loudly. "Tell me!"

"Hm ah, um, well. . . . how 'bout. ." the whittette dragged on. "Nope!" Jumping to his feet he brushed off his loose jeans and tugged at his sleeves.

"Wait, why not?" the older male didn't dare stand from his spot as his roommate started for the door. "Where are you going?" his angry tone embedding his words.

"The Rec room. Go back to sleep." He held a hand on the frame of the door, but didn't look at his roommate. "Dinner's at six." The hand slid away from the frame and disappeared with the body.

"Shit." Kanda groaned as he lay back down on the bed. Allen was right, he needed to sleep off the last of the sedative in his system, but his mind was uneasy about the white haired boy's reaction. Closing his eyes, the Japanese teen tried to sort his thoughts.

The one thing he needed to know about was this Arc Project. What about it could be important enough to the Moyashi that he was so secretive towards it? His dark eyebrows furrowed and he rolled onto his side. He missed the sense of fear and danger lingering around him when he held mugen. Here he was just a bratty teen with anger problems. It made him feel powerless. Closing his eyes, he breathed in the confined air. No matter how he looked at it, this was a prison. The remaining drug in his system allowed him to succumb to a blank sleep.

A soft piano melody rang out in the darkness. Opening his eyes, Kanda found himself surrounded by a dark endless space. The light sound slowly grew louder and louder as if approaching at an increasing speed until it blasted in his ears angrily. He covered his ears and winced at the booming sound. It might have been beautiful if he didn't feel like he had been crammed inside the piano. Someone was singing in a gentle yet melancholy tone, but the volume made it unbearable.

soshite bouyaha nemurini tsuite

ikizuku haino nakano honoo hitotsu, futatsuto

ukabu fukurami itoshii yokogao

daichini taruru ikusen no yume, yume

gin no hitomi no yuragu yoruni umareochita kagayaku omae

ikuokuno toshitsukiga ikutsu inoriwo tsuchihe kaeshitemo

watashi ha inori tsudukeru

douka konokoni ai wo

tsunaida teni kisuwo

A dull pinching sensation in his arm brought his mind back to the surface reality. It was a dream. Cautiously, the onyx-eyed male opened his eyes. Someone was standing behind him.

"I can run a test on his blood sample tonight." A voice said in a hushed tone.

"Has the secondary drug kicked in?" The second voice was male as well. His tone was sharp and harsh and seemingly radiated an air of cruelty.

"Yes, but it wont completely be in affect until we administer the second dose." The dark haired teen continued to feign sleep.

"Will he be compatible to draw it out?" the crueler man growled. His voice grated on Kanda's ears.

"I can't tell until we run a blood test."

"Then go!" he barked. "He'll be waking up soon, we should leave." The door opened and shut quietly.

"What the fuck?" Kanda whispered. He drew a hand up his arm, lifting his wrist to his face. A tiny red pin prick sat in conspicuously on the center of his pale wrist. "Tch." He was feeling more awake and less sluggish now that he had slept. Looking at the clock, he had only been out another half hour. Sliding to a sitting position at the edge of the bed he tugged down the bottom of his black t-shirt and undid his messed up ponytail.

The mysterious men gave him hardly anymore information than his roommate, but he now knew it was only going to get worse. A dull headache was starting to pound at his temples as he put his face to his hands. Groaning as he got up, the male wondered if there was anywhere he could exercise to blow off some steam.

He walked out into the quiet hall and turned town the main area. Passing the rec room the ghosts of piano keys reached his ears. Stopping in front of the door he strained to listen.

"ukabu fukurami itoshii yokogao" the familiar tune travelled daintily from behind the door. It was the same song that blared angrily though his dream. "daichini taruru ikusen no yume, yume" slamming open the door he found no one with a piano.

"Kanda?" Komui said, startled but the loud noise. Seeing the look on the anger management patient's face he stood up. "Are you alright?" Kanda's headache began to pound harder as he entered the room. The piano continued to play.

"P-piano." He winced. His head was now splitting and the light was hurting his eyes. "My h-head." The male was stuttering uncharacteristically.

"The piano?" the doctor now had his hands on Kanda's shoulders. "Does your head hurt?" he was given a weak nod as a response. "Allen!" releasing his hand from the teen he ran into the back room. "Allen stop." Suddenly his voice was solid and stern, but behind it was a remorseful tone. The piano cut off and his headache vanished like a wisp of smoke. Allen's white head poked out of the room, bringing his silver eyes to his roommate. His eyes widened and dropped to his feet.

"Th-that was fast…"

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