Chapter 1:

As the representative of America, aka Alfred Jones, stepped into the conference room he couldn't help but notice that something was off. It wasn't his lunch. He had specifically remembered to pick up a quarter pounder with extra cheese before coming because listening to all of the old people rant about their problems always made him hungry. The layout hadn't changed from the last meeting either. France and England were still trying to outwit and tear each other apart, Germany was still listening to Italy who was telling him about some new style of painting that he had invented the other day and was still annoying him, and Russia was still doing the stalking thing with China who was trying to figure out why he was suddenly so nervous and couldn't sit still.

So, what was wrong?

While trying to sort together some information on why the other countries should all change their language to American, and forget about that old English stuff because seriously, sometimes the idiot needed subtitles to get anything across, Alfred noticed that somebody had quietly sat down next to him. Glancing out of the corner of his eye, he saw that this person was wearing a tan suit with a maple leaf patterned tie and was holding a ball of fur that vaguely resembled a bear. You couldn't see much more of him though because his head was down on the table ruining his softly curled and shiny hair and squashing his trademark droopy curl.

Oh, that must be it, Alfred thought. His brother did tend to creep people out with his ability to pop up anywhere without being noticed. Just last week China had cracked three of his ribs and broken his wrists for sneaking up on him unintentionally, and the week before that they had spent two hours trying to figure out what the "scary ghosty thing" was that was haunting Italy because he had refused to take part in the meeting until it was gone and, shockingly, they had actually needed his input that time. It's not his fault that he can't be as cool and heroic as me, I mean, who is? Still, you think people would notice him just for being the brother of the only important country in the world.

"'Sup Canada? Something bothering ya?"

His brother looked up at him with hurt and sad eyes that were two shades short of violet blue and said, "You wouldn't know, would you? Leave it to my twin brother to forget what today was supposed to be." Then he sighed, went back to moping into the ball of fluff, and ignored everyone, not that they ever paid attention to him, but before he put his head back down something caught Alfred's eye, something vaguely familiar. Something that was hanging on his brother's neck. It was an old leather cord and a worn stone that pulled on his memory like waves on the faraway shores of his home….

A distant home that still held the lives of those who had lived before, guarded by their towering forests and living by the ancient ways of the land…

The G8 meeting in Bern, Switzerland marched on without anything too crazy happening. As usual, no one had taken to any of America's ridiculous and downright bizarre ideas and when the group had split up for a break absolutely nothing had been achieved. Alfred gathered up his possessions and absentmindedly dropped his lunch into the trash on his way out. His hunger had completely vanished the moment he had happened to glance at a peculiar and worn necklace that was hanging around his Canada's neck.

Leave it to my twin brother to forget what today was supposed to be...

Had it really been that long since he had spent time with his brother on their birthday?

Well, it doesn't really matter anymore does it? Ever since we both declared independence we've always used those days for our official birthday, thought the confused American. Since when have we ever been together for that anyway? I mean, it's not like I ever totally forgot about it but it's just not as important anymore as the 4th of July. He continued along this train of thought until his feet brought him to a secluded room, that he was sure had he had never seen before, where he found the problem in question eating fries with some white lumpy stuff covered in gravy. Seriously, the stuff he eats sometimes...

"Canada! Hey, I didn't get the chance to tell you before you started skulking but I knew that today is our old birthday. You couldn't wait five seconds for me to think?"

"You swear you didn't Google it?"

"HEY! I don't need the internet for everything! Why would you say that?"

"It's what everyone says..."

"Aaaaaanyway, I wanted to ask about that necklace. Dude, how long have you had that thing? It's ancient! I half expected some bug to come crawling out of it."

"Well, if you did remember you would know why I'm wearing it and where I got it from. You used to have one too before you were obsessed with England and being a colony. You forgot all about us and now you barely ever talk to me or our people. Your too crazed about all those new people and completely forgotten about where you came from and who loved you first."

Alfred was stunned at Canada's little speech. The shy country barely ever talked and when he did it was almost always interrupted by someone else. For him to talk like this... it must have been bothering him for a while now.


"I don't really care whether you bother to come or not but we are going to have a party to celebrate back at my house. It'll probably be too cold for you or too lame for a hero to come but she'll be there. If you still care about that stuff."

She'll be there...

Written by Nami

This is a combination of chapter one and chapter two to make it longer.