Chapter 1

Harry wouldn't have liked it if he were sober. Harry wouldn't have laughed at all his jokes, if he were sober. But he wasn't. He was sloshed. And he was walking down a corridor, alone, with Draco Malfoy.

Harry had agreed to accompany Ron and Hermione to one of the famous Slytherin parties, rather reluctantly, and before they even reached the doors, he had regretted his decision. He wasn't at all interesting in seeing people. Walking into the Slytherin common room, his fears were confirmed. All around the room, there were people mingling: Gryffindors, Hufflepuffs, and even a small amount of Ravenclaws had turned out.

After grabbing himself a drink, Harry immediately retreated to a corner. It was a habit of his; sneaking away and watching from the sidelines, trying to avoid attention as much as possible.
Due to his discomfort, Harry drank drink after drink, and after a while, he started to become more comfortable in his surroundings. He was almost enjoying himself.

Harry was woozy, his vision blurred and he could barely walk in a straight line. Amazingly, he was still in better shape than a majority of the party goers still there. The intoxicated Gryffindor walked towards the table, his hips hitting the wood as he reached his goal. Harry reached towards the bottle of Fire Whiskey he had spotted from across the room, intending to pour himself yet another glass but, when his hand grasped the cool bottle, he found it was lighter than expected.
Too light; there was nothing left.

Pansy Parkinson, who was also at the table, frowned slightly at the lack of alcohol before turning towards Harry with puppy dog eyes.

"Potter, will you please go get some alcohol more please?" she stared at him expectantly, as if he should know exactly what she had just said.

"Er, from where?" Harry asked in a tone more confused than polite.

"Oh, of course! You, being a stupid Gryffindor, wouldn't know where it is." She turned around quickly and almost fell before righting herself and hollering towards the other side of the room.


Malfoy giggled slightly before skipping gracefully and coming to an almost perfect stop before Pansy.

"Yo, Pans?"

Parkinson pouted, poutily. "We have no more booze and Potter here," She threw a thumb in Harry's direction, "doesn't know where to get more."

Draco sighed. "He wouldn't, would he, being a Gryffindor and all. Alright, I suppose I'll go. But Potter's coming too. No way am I being caught alone again. Plus, next time, he can go by himself."

With that Draco promptly turned and walked out the door, stepping over Neville (who was snuggled up against Blaise Zabini) on the way. Pansy gave Harry a slight push who, after stumbling for a moment, rushed out after the blonde in search of more alcohol.

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