Eh, got stuck on (re)writing oneshots/chapters on Sunday and started to watch The Batman episodes again in hopes it would help inspire my bunnies. So when I came to Ragdoll to Riches (one of my many favorite episodes from the TV show) I should have known my plot bunnies would end up having a light bulb moment. That and they wanted to challenge themselves to write drabbles that were exactly one hundred words or less.

Seeing as how short the shots are, I think I'll update this once a week (preferably every Wednesday). At the moment it'll be fifty drabbles, but… who knows? It may be shorter than fifty or it may be longer than fifty. Depends on the feedback this gets. On another note: some shots may follow previous ones and some may not. I will be sure to add an author's note at the top if it's the case that it does tie-in with a previous one.

Disclaimer: Haha, I wish I owned, but—sadly—I do not. Just the small drabbles.

Déjà Vu

Weeks had passed since the incident at the clock tower and the donation of the check that Bruce Wayne had given her in regards to selling the Cat's Eyes he received recently. It was a thoughtful gesture, sure, but…

Selina Kyle really wanted those emeralds and she was going to get them.

Took forever to track down the buyer, but there he was, chatting with other harpies that held the same interest as she.

"Ooh, someone certainly looks like a tigress on the prowl."

She turned, raised an eyebrow. "And you are?"

"I'm Peter!" Way too cheerful.

Déjà vu, anyone?

I swear it'll get better as we go along.