Hello everyone, this isn't a double update so so sorry, Vampires-suck1993 asked me to help promote his/her awards so read on

Dear Readers,

I, L. West am hosting the BLOODLUST AWARDS to honour the wonderful authors that continue to entertain us with such wonderful and creative ideas.

Everything you need - links and rules can be found on my author profile and story posted. My author name is vampires-suck1993.

If you don't want to e-mail the nominations, you can leave a review or simply PM me. (vampires-suck1993).

Nomination should be in by the 8th of November as voting begins on the 14th November.

You can type bloodlust awards on google and go to the wordpress blog for moore information. If you have any enquiries the email is bitelilwest1993 (typo on profile).

Hope to hear from you and thank you for your time.


I would appreciate if I saw my name on the nominees list but that is your choice. I already know the authors I'll be nominating ;)

Have fun my lovelies,