Arrietty paced quietly outside the grate at the old manor. Spiller left quite angry a few weeks ago and had not yet revealed himseld to her. He did however, she came to find, visit with her parents. Visit being a unqualitive word for stopping in and delivering his borrowings. Arrietty stopped pacing and came to the conclusion that she had better tell Spiller soon or risk his never coming around again, or worse. She had just come to this end when the boy himself appeared from the grass almost invisible.

"So I'll tell him next time I see him!" She nodded to herself, still having not seen his approach.

"Your father in?" Spiller spoke calmly carrying a borrowing bag. Arrietty nodded and watched Spiller walk passed.

"Spiller." Arrietty almost yelled. She covered her mouth slightly embarrassed. Spiller turned and looked at her with his cursious eyes. "I… um… wanted to tell you that…" She tried to get a hold of her voice. In response to her hesitation she planted her feet and drew strength from the solid ground. She looked up and was mildly surprised that she still had his full attention, curious eyes and all. "I plan on marrying you when I grow up! So don't go marrying some terribly nice borrower with fat legs. Alright." She practically huffed out the last part. She then looked at the ground feeling the blush climb up her neck.

"Alright." Her eyes widened as his mouth formed his usual v-shaped smile, before he vanished into the grate, leaving her shocked and mildly confused. Arrietty remained unmoving and stared awestruck at the spot Spiller once occupied. She straightened herself up and collected her wits, "Well that was easier then I thought." Peagreen rounded the corner limping along.

"What was?" Arrietty feeling both joyous and playful simply smiled and told him it was a secret.