Ino knocked three times on sasuke's door before he answered his jet black hair was dripping wet and he smirked "I missed you" he kissed her hard on the lips running a hand through her long blond hair.

She blushed pushing thought of gaara to the back of her mind "i missed you to" she replied licking her lips still tasting the kazekage inside her mouth.

He nodded and grabbed her hand pulling her inside and locking the door behind them. He then pushed her against the wall his leg in between her thigh's holding her slightly above the ground as he kissed down her neck "i really fucking did miss you" he hissed.

A deep feeling of dread sunk into Ino as she stared down at her lover pulling a fake smile. She couldn't deny it she wanted to fuck the brains out of that kazekage. But... she could never tell anyone.

Sasuke pushed the blond nin onto the couch where he continued to kiss down her neck his hand undoing the pants. That belonged to kazekage Gaara. He easily ripped them off growling and nibbling on her neck his hand venturing up her pale thighs to her hot sex.

Sasuke smirked as his girlfriend moaned as his finger brushed her already wet pussy "Hmph".

Thats weird... i mean i know i can turn her on easily... but never... this easily Sasuke thought to himself as he bit down on her neck leaving a mark that bled slightly.

Ino grabbed for the edge of Sasuke's pants tugging them down with one swift movement. The uchiha wore no underwear so his hot member stood up beside her. Sasuke was large... but not nearly as large as Gaara. Ino stroked it causing the dark haired uchiha to shiver slightly.

Then she grasped him at the base of his shaft and used her index finger to rub the precum over the head of his cock then brushing the tip with her lips. Causing Sasuke to groan slightly gripping the back of her head.

Ino pulled away her cheek flustered as her mobile began to vibrate shit! Ino thought as she pushed herself off of Sasuke and picked it up flipping it open.

New message (Kazekage Gaara)

Hey babe, sorry we didn't get to finnish head over here at ten and we can continue and i can pay you. Later sexy

Sasuke sat up pumping his hot member in his hand "W-w-who was that?"he panted. Ino Shook her head "Just my mum she wants me home by ten" she replied