Ah…Greetings duelists. And welcome to my newest fanfiction. Actually, as some of you may have noticed, it's a rewrite of an older one. I decided to delete it because I had just lost the inspiration to work on it. So I decided to try writing it again.

So this time, I will be using the September 2010 list. However, a few rules will be set in place. I will change a few cards.

-Heavy Storm will not be banned, while Dark Hole will be. That card is BROKEN.

-Dark Strike Fighter (Which will be referred to in its Japanese name) will be used, but it will have its anime effect. Which is far less broken.

-Infernity Launcher in this fic will be Semi limited instead of limited (For those of you that read this before, no, the decks of a few characters will be different)

Other than those, I'll try and stick to the regular rules. Oh yeah. This fic will also take place 50 years into the future AFTER Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's. So several one of kind anime cards will have been either massed produced, or made into rare promotional cards. Note that this is not the time yet of the proclaimed 'Machine Emperor Invasion', as that future has been avoided (Well not yet but it's the anime. The good guys win in the end :D). So energy disks haven't been mass produced (Disks used by the three emperor's of Yiliaster.

Some will have stayed one of a kind. You'll see. This fic will also have one more rule. Some of you saw one of my fics die fast, but had a decent idea called Speed World 3. So I'll be using it.

Speed World 3/Field Spell/Effect

Spell Cards other than "Speed Spell" Cards cannot be activated. During each player's Standby Phases, each player places 1 Speed Counter of their own on this card (up to 12 each). When a player takes damage, remove Speed Counters of the attacked Player from this card for each multiple of 1000 damage taken. Once per turn, you can remove Speed Counters of your own and reveal 1 "Speed Spell" Card in your hand to apply the following effects.

3 Counters: Draw 1 card and discard one card

6 Counters: Change the battle position of one face up monster your opponent controls

9 Counters: Activate one spell card in your hand that does not have "Speed Spell" Written in its name.

Also, a lot of Japanese Terms will be used-like D-Wheel and Riding Duel.

So that's the law folks. So now that this has been revised…

Let's get started.


I haven't lived very long, maybe thirty or so years. But I'm a perfectly happy person. I've studied the arts of Shadow Games for years. Why? It's my sworn duty.

You'll find out who I am, and I'll be the one to tell you everything. Why don't I begin.

Our story begins long before the time of the first Egyptian Shadow Games, about 10,000 years ago. At one time, there was a pocket dimension where these games were a non violent source of entertainment, laughter, and fun.

However, some of the most evil monsters from these games were brought together one time. We don't know by whom, and we don't know why. All we know is the results created…

The Dark Prognostics.

A book filled with ancient shadow magic that could summon incredible creatures, so evil and powerful, islands were reduced to nothing in less than a minute. The strange man, who had caused the book to come into existence, controlled these creatures with excellent skill.

The people of this dimension were completely helpless in the terms of fighting back. They were too weak and vowed to seal away the shadow games that had once brought them so much joy.

The situation got worse. Innocents were dying by the millions. The evil was spreading fast.

But one day like a miracle, four heroes stepped into existence. They were chosen to battle this evil. The shadow monsters all emerged at one point at the heroes, and in one day, they were all slain.

People were astounded. How could these people have so much strength inside of them? Then the unholy terror, the man who had cast forth the shadows, stepped forward. He released the Dark Prognostics itself, and it let loose its ultimate evil. The Chaos Heart.

The Chaos Heart threatened the heroes, but they valiantly fought back against it. The heart shattered at long last. It was over.

The man was sucked up by the very darkness he had cast forth. To seal the shadows away, the four heroes sacrificed themselves, making eight multicolored, Pure Hearts. The hearts sealed away the shadows, and the dimension was at peace.

That's the story that has been passed down in my family from generation to generation. Quite astounding isn't it? The story is written in a separate book, the Light Prognostics.

The Light Prognostics was written for the sole purpose of counteracting the dark one. My family wields it currently.

Unfortunately now, that peace we all know is in danger of being threatened. As I look into the sky at this thing growing in it. I can only pray that a similar miracle comes to our rescue before it's too late. Heroes will arise.

These games have been recreated…So there may be hope.

Shall I tell you the story?



The Legend of the Pure Hearts

A fanfiction by Charliemew2

Inspired by Cyber Commander's original fic Yu-Gi-Oh, the Thousand Year Door



A Hero Emerges


Years had passed since the fated duels of Yugi Moto and Jaden Yuki and Yusei Fudo. Their cards have been seen as legends. Now today in the United States, four kids from around the country will unite…

It's 2099…So shall we begin?


Samanatha Micheals was prodding at the letter in front of her.

She had gotten the letter in the mail just about a day ago, but she had never wanted to look at it. She never read the mail. But this one was special for some reason.

The girl was tall and buxom with flowing whitish blond hair that reached halfway down her back with cobalt colored eyes. She wore a red jacket over a blue shirt and icy colored pants. On her hip was a case filled with exactly forty five cards.

The letter was still unopened. She thought deeply about it.

"Maybe it's a congratulatory gift because I won that tournament a while back…" She thought as she stared at the letter. Samantha thought back a few days…


Samantha had a duel disk attached to her left arm. She was standing up with a large man covered in ice with samurai armor and a sword (1800/1200). The blonde also had a face down card.

Her opponent was a tall man with a skinny frame and glasses with brown hair and black clothing named Mike. In front of him was a robotic android with a brain on the outside of its head. It was the all so familiar Jinzo (2400/1200).

(Samantha: 1,200) - - - - - - - - - - (Mike: 2,500)

"Give it up Samantha!" Mika taunted "I have your traps locked down and you've got nothing that can stand up to Jinzo!"

"Oh yeah?" She said "If you're finished then…"

She drew a card from the top of her deck.

"I think I'll activate my Crest of the Ice Barrier Spell Card. This lets me search for any monster from my deck with the words, Ice Barrier, in their names."

Samantha's deck spit out a card and she took it.

"Next up…" She said "I think I'll move Bushi of the Ice Barrier to defense mode…"

Her Samurai knelt…And then shattered into ice.

"…To make a new draw."

Mike laughed as Samantha drew a card.

"You just made yourself completely defenseless!" He laughed. Samantha smirked.

"Did I?" She asked. Her opponent stopped laughing as she placed a new card into her disk "I activate the spell card Double Summon!"

The card appeared in front of her.

"I never would've drawn the cards I needed if not for my Bushi." She said "So I'll use my first normal summon to bring out what I got from him…Geomancer of the Ice Barrier!"

A small cold storm erupted in front of Samantha, and then a young girl in robes with a glass tipped staff stepped out of the storm (800/1200).

"Then I'll use my second Normal Summon to summon Acolyte of the Ice Barrier!"

A blonde colored man suddenly materialized, being dressed in cold colored clothing. He stared at Mike with eyes like icy daggers (1,500/1000).

"Big deal!" Mike snorted.

"Oh it is a big deal. Because my Geomancer here is a tuner monster!" Samantha said with a grin as her two monsters dissolved over her head into three green rings and a grand total of seven stars "Synchro Summon…Gungnir! Dragon of the Ice Barrier!"

A burst of light shone through the rings, revealing a multicolored dragon being made of solid ice. It roared at Mike (2500/1700).

"It's stronger then my Jinzo!" Mike gasped. Samantha smirked.

"Actually, that can be said in more ways than one. So I just ditch one card…" She said as she discarded Driving Snow "And then I can destroy one card on your field."

Gungnir threw back its head and let loose a chilling blizzard. Jinzo shattered.

"And that was just his special effect so take this!" Samantha yelled.

Gungir blasted Mike again. He screamed before toppling over.

(Samantha: 1,200) - - - - - - - - - - (Mike: 0)

A referee walked over to Samantha. There was a large crowd gathered and they cheered for her. She blushed.


She shrugged and then opened the letter. Her eyes poured over every single word of it. She grinned.

"Hoo boy…" She muttered "This is going to be a fun trip…"

The blonde picked up a phone from the table and then dialed a number…


At that same time, another person was reading the same letter as Samantha.

Dave Duval was silently reading it. He was tall and dressed in a black shirt with leather pants and black combat boots with a grey vest. He was muscular with slick black hair and onyx colored eyes.

"Interesting…" He muttered "I guess my performance has been good enough lately…"

He thought back…


Dave was also in a tournament final. He was standing in the square of his town with people gathered around him. A girl with red hair and glasses with a green colored outfit was opposing him.

Dave had a blue colored bird with a shiny metal body, like a shield, crouching in front of him (100/1800). He also had a continuous spell card out called Black Whirlwind.

His opponent, Abby, had a set monster, but also had two continuous spell cards. Level Limit Area B, and Wave Motion Cannon. She also had a face down.

(Dave: 4,800) - - - - - - - - - - (Abby: 5,700)

"Hey Dave, looks like in two turns, my Wave Motion Cannon will have enough juice to finish you off!" Abby laughed "Summon another one of your little birds!"

Dave frowned.

"They're called Blackwings!" He snarled as he drew "And I think my Mystical Space Typhoon will have a word with your Cannon!"

Abby frowned as a small whirlwind headed for her cannon.

"I activate…Magic Jammer!" She said as she threw Gear Golem the Moving Fortress into her graveyard.

Dave smirked.

"In that case, since I already have a Blackwing Monster on my field, I can summon Blackwing-Elfen of the Pitch Black from my hand with no tributes!" he said as he held a card up.

He played it, and a large black bird with large wings and a humanoid form flew onto the field (2200/1200).

"Big deal!" Abby snorted "My Level Limit Area B will move that thing into defense mode!"

The bird crouched under its wings.

"Actually it's a bigger deal then you think, because now one of your monsters moves to attack mode." Dave said.

Abby's face down monster swung around, revealing a large rocky stone solider (1300/2000).

"And then there's the effect of my Black Whirlwind that you have to deal with! So I get to add this guy to my hand!" Dave said as he took a card "And then I think I'll play him! Blackwing-Gale of the Hurricane!"

A purple feathered bird with a green feathered head flew onto the field (1300/400).

"You can't summon more than two monsters!" Abby complained.

"Oh yes I can." Dave countered as he crossed his arms "If I have another Blackwing monster on my field other than Blackwing-Gale of the Hurricane, I can special summon it."

"Bah! Big deal..." Abby said "It may be level three, but its attack score is the same as my monster!"

Gale of the Hurricane flapped its wings and swept a gust of wind at Giant Solider of stone. It began to corrode and then fell down (750/2000).

"My monster is allowed to cut your monster's attack and defense stats in half." Dave said "Destroy her Solider! Hurricane Winds!"

The Blackwing flapped its wings again, and then Giant Solider of Stone shattered.

"I end my turn with a face down card." Dave said.

(Dave: 4,800) - - - - - - - - - - (Abby: 4,950)

"My turn…" Abby growled as she drew "I set a monster and end my turn. After all, there's no way you can deplete my life points in one turn…"

A set monster appeared in front of her.

"My turn!" Dave said.

He drew a card.

"I play my face down card! Dust Tornado!"

A fierce wind erupted again, shattering the Level Limit Area B.

"Fool! You could've destroyed my Cannon!" Abby laughed.

"I have something better in mind. Because why bother dragging the duel out when I can win it all right now!" Dave said "I release Mistral the Silver Shield…"

The silver colored bird vanished.

"To summon Blackwing- Sirroco the Dawn!"

A black colored bird somewhat resembling Elfen the Pitch Black, but more humanoid and smaller (2000/900).

"Next I'll use Black Whirlwind's effect to search for this guy and then special summon him!" Dave said.

A card slipped from his disk and he slapped it down. It was a humanoid bird with a huge black drill spear and a red colored head with yellow eyes. He chuckled (1700/800).

"Blackwing-Blast of the Black Lance!"

"I take it he has the same special summoning effect as Gale…" Abby growled.

"Sure does." Dave said "And then I activate Sirroco the Dawn's effect!"

The black bird glowed.

"So I select one Blackwing Monster on my field, and then it gains the attack points equal to the total attack of all other Blackwing monsters the field!"

Blast of the Black Lance began to grow in size until he was about thirty feet tall (7200/800).

"OVER SEVEN THOUSAND POINTS!" Abby gasped. The crowd murmured. The red head calmed down "Well my monster's in defense mode. So I'm safe!"

She paused.


"That's right!" Dave laughed "Blast of the Black Lance has a trampling effect! Destroy her hidden monster! Black Spiral Bare!"

The Blackwing flew upwards and spun its drill onto Abby's hidden monster, Stone Statue of the Aztecs (300/2000). It crumbled into rocks.

(Dave: 4,800) - - - - - - - - - - (Abby: 0)

A woman walked over to Dave and held up his hand.

"Our winner! David Duval!" She yelled.

Dave frowned.

"I like being called Dave…" He thought.


Dave looked over the letter again. It had some steady terms and he would be a fool not to accept it.

"Sounds like fun. I guess I could go and kick some butt…" He thought.

With that, the Blackwing Duelist whipped out a Cell Phone.


Another girl was squealing as she read the letter.

"What an opportunity!" She giggled.

Sasha Mccurtis was the girl who was doing the giggling. She was tall with a modest chest and auburn colored hair with very, very, faint freckles. She wore revealing shirt and cut shorts. She wore sandals.

With that, she thought back to a match she had at the public dueling arena in her town…


"Skull Flame…Destroy her monster!" Sasha's opponent yelled.

A large demon with a flaming hairdo (2600/2000) with long robes breathed out a blast of fire at Sasha's set monster. A small mole with a flower for a nose with a pickaxe squealed, but stayed intact (1000/1200).

Sasha's opponent, a buy named Philip, was tall and skinny with pale skin and silver hair with grey clothing. Currently, all he had was Skull Flame and a flaming skull next to it (1000/800).

"Sorry Philip. But once a turn, Mine Mole can resist being destroyed in battle!" Sasha explained.

Philip fumed.

"Fine then" He said "I end my turn."

(Sasha: 3,000) - - - - - - - - - - (Philip: 4,500)

"Then I'll take mine." Sasha said "Draw!"

She whipped a card off of her deck excitedly. She quickly threw it onto her disk.

"I summon Unicorn Familiar!" She said.

A small bluish green furred creature with an elfish appearance and claws appeared. It cackled (0/1000).

"Now I remove one Spell Card in my hand from play…"

Sasha took Monster Reborn and pocketed it. She threw a new card onto her disk.

"…To special summon Monocreos."

A large horse with a large horn and revealed patches lumbered onto the field (1000/1000).

"Now I tune my three monsters together…" She said.

The three monsters dissolved into eight glowing stars.

"Synchro Summon…Lightning Tricorn!"

A brilliant flash flit up the field, and then a golden colored steed with several pink horns sprouting out of it (Three on its head and three more from its body) and a blue mane. It neighed (2800/2000).

"Erk! Not bad but I'm far from beaten!" Philip said.

"We'll see! Since Monocreos was used for a Synchro Summon, I get a familiar face back." Sasha said.

Unicorn Familiar reappeared, crouching in defense mode.

"And then Mine Mole's effect! So I get to draw one card now."

She made a draw.

"Now Lightning Tricorn, take out Skull Flame!"

The Synchro Monster rushed forward with Electricity crackling from it. Skull Flame groaned before it was shocked. The monster shattered.

"I place one card face down…" Sasha continued as she took the card she had just drawn.

She set it.

"And then end my turn."

(Sasha: 3,000) - - - - - - - - - - (Philip: 4,300)

"My turn…" Philip said. He looked around the stadium. He flinched "I just drew my ultimate monster!"

Skull Flame slipped out of his discard slot. He pocketed it.

"So I remove him from play…"

A storm of wind and fire erupted, and then Skull Flame Charged up, but his lower half had been replaced by an undead horse. He growled (2600/2000).

"…To summon Speed King Skull Flames!"

Sasha gulped.

"It can't beat my Lightning Tricorn…" She said.

"Not yet anyway." Philip said "I sacrifice my Burning Skull Head…"

The burning head vanished.

"To summon Il Blud!"

A large hulking form arose, being a huge zombie with a shadowy head and a striped prison outfit. The scary part was the head coming from its roundish body. (2100/800).

"Next I'll equip my Speed King with this." Philip said.

He slotted a card.

"Violet Crystal. So now it gains a bonus three hundred points."

Speed King Skull Flames glowed as purple aura surrounded it (2900/2000).

"Destroy her Lightning Tricorn!"

The Zombie rushed forward like a flaming meteor and crashed right through Sasha's Lightning Tricorn. She cringed.

"Ergh…I activate two effects! First Lightning Tricorn's lets me bring back one of two specific monsters!" She yelled "I choose Thunder Unicorn!"

A blue colored Unicorn steed, with a yellow horn shaped like a lightning bolt, with a yellow colored mane (2200/1800).

"And then my face down card! Parallel Select! So when a Synchro Monster is destroyed, I get to add one removed from play spell card to my hand."

Sasha took Monster Reborn and then added it to her hand.

"Nuts, my Il Blud can't beat that...But I can still hurt you! Destroy Unicorn Familiar!" Phillip said.

The Zombie breathed out corrosive gas and melted Unicorn Familiar.

"I activate Speed king Skull Flames special effect!"

Two Burning Skull Heads appeared and flew at Sasha, searing her.

"So you take four hundred points of damage for each Burning Skull Head in my graveyard. And I can do that again next turn."

Sasha cringed.

(Sasha: 2,100) - - - - - - - - - - (Philip: 4,300)

"My turn!" She said.

She drew a card.

"Gotcha!" She said "I activate Pot of Avarice!"

She took Mine Mole, Lightning Tricorn, Unicorn Familiar, Monocreos, and X Saber Airbellum from her graveyard, shuffled them into her deck, and then quickly pulled off two more cards.

"Now I activate Scapegoat!" Sasha said.

Four multicolored sheep appeared in front of her (0/0 x4).

"Then Thunder Unicorn's effect! So now for every monster on my field other than him, one monster you control loses five hundred points!"

Thunder Unicorn shot out a blast of thunder at Speed King Skull Flames. It groaned (900/2000).

"Destroy it! Attack!"

Thunder Unicorn moved forward and charged into Speed King. It shattered. Philip cringed.

"Now I activate a Quickplay Spell!" Sasha continued "Infernal Beast Rampage!"

Philip looked at the card.

"I've never heard of that card before…" he said.

"You won't forget it! Because I can use it when I control a Beast monster! So every time I release another level one Beast Type monster, it gets another attack!"

One Scapegoat vanished, and then Thunder Unicorn crushed Il Blud. Philip cringed.

"Number two!" Sasha said.

A second Token vanished and Thunder Unicorn ran over Philip. He screamed.

"Let's wrap this duel up! Thunder Unicorn, attack!" Sasha ordered.

The third token vanished as a blast of thunder shot out from Thunder Unicorn's horn, throwing Philip backwards. He was done.

(Sasha: 2,100) - - - - - - - - - - (Philip: 0)

The crowd cheered for Sasha as she laughed and soaked up the good fortune of victory.


Sasha glowed brightly. She looked around her house.

"This is such an opportunity!" She squealed to herself.

With that, she pulled out her deck and leafed through it.

"After all…This deck hasn't let me down just yet…"


Something different was going on in the dueling arena of the town. Dave, Sasha, and Samantha all lived in the same town, Miami-Florida in the United States.

Currently, people were flooding in to watch the match that was happening in it. Two duelists competing for title of the town's strongest duelist.

The two duelists were shuffling their decks manually before slotting them into their disks, allowing the auto shuffle feature to shuffle the cards.

Jonathan Dupri (John for short) was looking at his opponent, Richard Garrison.

John himself was impressive. He was tall and muscular with brown hair and blue eyes. He wore jeans and a leather jacket over a brown shirt. He wore a dog tag over his shirt.

Richard was shorter with red hair and green eyes with a blue shirt and black pants. He stared at John.

"Heh…It's already been decided. You know I'm going to win so why even bother trying?" He asked.

The brown haired duelist frowned.

"You just try me…" He said.

They activated their disks.

"This tournament has been going on for two weeks and I'm the one that's climbed to the top of it. So I expect to STAY at the very top!" John said.

Richard growled.

"Let's just do this thing. DUEL!" He yelled.

(John: 8,000) - - - - - - - - - - (Richard: 8,000)

"If you don't mind…" John said "I'll go first!"

They each quickly pulled five cards off of their decks. John quickly drew a sixth card to join his others.

"I'll set a monster in defense mode…"

He took a card and set it onto his disk. It appeared in front of him.

"And that's all for me…"

Richard laughed.

"Oh come on!" He said "I've watched you duel before, so I already know your strategy! So why even bother keeping it a secret?"

John said nothing.

"Giving me the silent treatment eh?"

Richard drew.

"Well I'm certainly not defending…" He said as he slapped down a card.

A silvery colored dragon flew down in a burst of black flames, staring at John through cold, flame filled eyes (1600/1000).

"Meet Horus the Black Flame Dragon! And in his lowest level four form, he's at his weakest!" Richard smirked "But since I already have a pretty good idea what your face down monster is…"

Horus breathed out a small ball of black flames. A large rodent appeared underneath John's card before burning up (1400/1450).

"That was a Giant Rat…" John muttered "So I'll use his effect. Now I get to summon a new monster…"

"Come on out Ancient Gear Statue!"

A small rickety statue made of rusty metal, formed into a small head with a glowing red eye. It's gears made it whir to life, but with a rickety sound (500/500).

"Heh…I knew it…" Richard smirked.

He set a card into his disk.

"I set that card and then end my turn." He continued "Which means that monster evolves a little bit!"

Horus grew slightly in size, becoming more feral and dangerous with heavier armor (2300/1600).

John slowly drew a card off of his disk. He looked at it.

"Hoo boy. You know this move is really going to hurt you." He said.

"Bring it." Richard dared.

John quickly discarded a card.

"I toss one card from my hand…"

He played a card.

"…To special summon Quickdraw Synchron."

A new machine appeared. It was a small brown colored machine in western styled clothing, including a pistol, a hat, and a cape. The machine drew its guns (700/1400).

"Next up, we have the effect of the monster that I just discarded. So since it's in my graveyard, I can special summon it since I control a tuner monster!" John continued as the discarded monster slipped out of his graveyard.

He slapped it onto his disk.

"I summon Quillbolt Hedgehog!"

A small monster appeared, being…A hedgehog. However, it had large screws and bolts on its back rather than spines (800/800).

"You mean…" Richard gasped.

"That right!" John said as Quickdraw Synchron suddenly shot a bullet into a card, Nitro Synchron. Quickdraw Synchron and Quillbolt Hedgehog dissolved into seven glowing stars…

"Synchro Summon…Nitro Warrior!" John yelled.

He threw a Synchro monster card onto his disk, and then a tall green colored warrior with demonic horns on its head and large fists burst from the Synchro Summon's light. It had a large Nitro Bulb on its back (2800/1800).

"And then I'll get rid of my Statue to summon something different…"

The small rickety Ancient Gear Statue shattered into shards…

…Allowing a giant hand that was made completely of rusted metal to burst from the dueling arena, pulling up a twenty foot mechanical giant resembling the statue ever so slightly (3000/3000).

"And I think that Ancient Gear Golem will fit the definition of 'Different', very well." John said.

Richard smirked and pressed a button on his disk.

"Well you might have been able to summon two power houses, but my Threatening Roar trap will guarantee me another turn!" He said.

A loud bellow echoed through the field.

"I'm finished then." John said.

"Then I'll draw!" Richard said.

He pulled off a card.

"And now I'll use my drawn card, Shrink!"

Ancient gear Golem was struck by a beam of energy, causing it to suddenly decrease in height (But in reality, it was still pretty big) to half of its size (1500/3000).

"Now Horus…Attack Ancient Gear Golem!"

The black flame dragon roared and shot a black burst of flames from its mouth, burning the strange contraption. John staggered backwards.

"Ha…Good way to knock you down." Richard said.

He slotted a new card.

"I'll set this down…"

He chose a different card and set it horizontally onto his disk.

"And then set this monster in defense mode."

It appeared in front of him as Horus suddenly glowed with a black energy…

"And then my big dragon here evolves to the next stage! Horus the Black Flame Dragon, level eight!" Richard laughed.

Horus burst into black flames, showing off a complete metal body bursting with heat and energy (3000/1800).

"And by playing this guy…"

"Yeah yeah…I can't use spell cards…" John muttered "Which sucks because summoning Nitro Warrior was now pointless…"

(John: 7,200) - - - - - - - - - - (Richard: 8,000)

John drew a card, and in one swift beat, swapped the direction of Nitro Warrior's card, allowing it to shift into defense.

"Defending already? That makes for a pathetic show, John." Richard warned.

"Oh can it…" John said "I place a monster in defense mode and end with that."

Richard laughed as he dramatically whipped a card off of his deck.

"I play this!" he said "Solar Flare Dragon!"

John gasped as a fiery dragon appeared in front of Richard, burning very brightly (1500/1000).

"Then I'll flip my other monster around…"

A second Solar Flare Dragon appeared in front of Richard (1500/1000).

"Next comes a field spell…"

Richard's duel disk opened up at the end and he slotted a card.

"Molten Destruction!"

Fire erupted from the arena, making the crowd gasp as lava flowed around the two duelists, empowering the two Solar Flare Dragons (2000/600 x2), as well as Horus (3500/1400) glow with a red aura. Nitro Warrior was pumped up as well (3200/1400).

"Damn…" John muttered.

"Solar Flare Dragons…Wipe out his defense!" Richard yelled.

The two Dragons lashed at Nitro Warrior and John's face down monsters with their tails, making the Synchro Monster, and hen the card shatter, revealing a large rusty car (1000/1500).


"Not so fast!" John yelled "I activate the effect of Ancient Gear Convoy!"

The rusty grey colored car reappeared (1000/1500).

"So now I get to summon another one in attack mode."

"Bah! So you get spared some damage!" Richard said "Horus, blast it!"

The Black Flame Dragon shot out a blast of flame, obliterating the small machine. John cringed.

"I have three of them!" He yelled as a third convoy appeared in front of him (1000/1500).

"Yeah, but it's not going to do you any good. You see, because I'm ending my turn, which means my Solar Flare Dragons can burn you for five hundred points of damage for each!" Richard said.

The Dragons glowed brightly as flames licked John's skin.

(John: 3,700) - - - - - - - - - - (Richard: 8,000)

John drew. His eyes widened.

"I play…Turbo Synchron!" He said.

A small green colored machine appeared, having a racing head and resembling a card slightly (100/500).

"Now Turbo Synchron attack's your Horus!" John yelled.

"What!" Richard yelled as the small robot lunged at the larger dragon "But that's suicide!"

Suddenly, he heard a groaning sound, and was shocked to see that Horus had fallen down and was covering itself with its wings. Turbo Synchron bounced off of Horus.


John took a card.

"I use Turbo Synchron's effect!" He said "So now I get to special summon a monster whose attack score is equal to or less then the damage I just took!"

"Come on out, Ancient Gear Solider!"

A small version of Ancient Gear Golem appeared, only having a green colored gun for one arm and with green lined metal on it (1300/1300).

"Now here goes my face down! Micro Ray!" John said as it lifted.

"WHAT!" Richard gasped as Horus suddenly began to diminish in size as well until it was no bigger than a hatchling (3500/0) "But you could've used that before!"

"I have my reasons…Ancient Gear Solider, take it out!" John yelled.

The Solider held up its arm and with a burst of bullets, shattered the golem. Richard stared in disbelief.

"My best card…Already beaten…" he growled.

"And there's more to it. This Convoy has another effect." John noted "So when an Ancient Gear monster on my field destroys a monster on your field, one monster on the field is destroyed."

One of the Solar Flare Dragons shattered.

"Unfortunately that means I lose the Convoy as well." John said.

The car shattered. He chose a card.

"Then I'll discard this. It's called Noisy Gnat. It lets me boost a monster's level by one."

He tossed it and Turbo Synchron glowed (Lv 1-2).

"Now I'll bring them together…"

Turbo Synchron and Ancient Gear Solider dissolved into six glowing stars…

"Synchro Summon…Turbo Warrior!" John yelled as a new light burst from the Synchro Summon.

The new monster was a fire engine red colored robot resembling Optimus Prime from the movie Transformers with a red stick up that resembled hair and sharp claws with a turbo car like form (2500/1500).

"That's all for me." The Ancient Synchro Duelist said.

(John: 2,400) - - - - - - - - - - (Richard: 8,000)

Richard snarled as he drew.

"Darn it…" He thought.

He turned Solar Flare Dragon's card, making its tail cover itself in defense mode.

"I'll end my turn with a face down card." He said "My Dragon will also inflict a bit of damage to you…"

Heat scorched John's body. He cringed.

"I'm still way ahead of you!" Richard reminded.

(John: 1,900) - - - - - - - - - - (Richard: 8,000)

"Not for long. My turn…" John said as he drew "I activate Pot of Avarice!"

He took all three Ancient Gear Convoy's, Quickdraw Synchron, and Ancient Gear Golem from his discard slot, and added them to his deck. The deck shuffled and then he quickly made two draws.

"Now that I have that out of the way, I'll summon Ancient Gear Knight!" The Ancient Synchro duelist continued.

A large rusty knight, being made of the same alloy that all the ancient gear monsters were made of appeared, only it held a lance and shield (1800/500).

"Take out the last dragon!"

The knight leapt and stabbed Solar Flare Dragon with its lance. It shattered.

"Turbo Warrior, attack directly with Axel Slash!"

The red warrior leapt up and plowed its claws into Richard. He screamed in pain.

"About time you took some damage…" John said.

"Just don't get too cocky…" Richard groaned "It's my turn…"

(John: 1,900) - - - - - - - - - - (Richard: 5,500)

He made a draw.

"I'll activate this." He said as he slotted it "Soul of Fire. So I just take one Pyro monster from my deck and remove it from play…"

He held up a monster called Mr. Volcano.

"And then you take damage equal to half of its attack score."

John cringed as the flames from Molten Destruction licked his skin.

"You however, also get to draw one card." Richard said with a smirk "But make it count."

John looked at him funny, but none the less, drew the card.

"Now I'll summon Molten Zombie!"

A hunched over flaming zombie appeared. It groaned as Molten Destruction empowered it (2100/0).

"Destroy his Knight!" Richard ordered.

Molten Zombie breathed out a corrosive flaming gas from its mouth. Ancient Gear Knight groaned before melting.

"I'll place this down…And then take a break."

John watched a set card appear in front of Richard.

(John: 450) - - - - - - - - - - (Richard: 5,500)

"My move!" John yelled.

He drew.

"I activate the spell card Monster Reborn!" He said as he played it "So I'll use it to bring back a familiar face…"

A burst of flame erupted, and then Nitro Warrior reappeared (3300/1400).

"Next I'll activate my Mystical Space Typhoon!"

A gale erupted, shattering Richard's face down card, a Backfire.

"Can't have that around…" John said "I haven't normal summoned, so I'll use that summon to bring out a second Ancient Gear Solider."

Another copy of the green and grey solider rose up (1300/1300).

"Turbo Warrior…destroy his Molten Zombie!" John yelled.

The warrior lurched forward, and Molten Zombie was no more. Richard cringed.

"Ancient Gear Solider, attack him directly with Rapid Fire Flurry!"

The Solider shot several rounds into Richard's chest. He cringed.

(John: 450) - - - - - - - - - - (Richard: 3,800)

"Heh…Nice shot, but you're Nitro Warrior doesn't have enough attack points to finish me off!" Richard said.

John smirked.

"Really? Maybe you should check the scores again." He said.

Richard looked at his disk and gasped in horror. Nitro Warrior's stats had changed (4300/1400).

"WHAT!" He gasped.

"On the turn that I use a spell card while Nitro Warrior is on the field, he gets an extra one thousand attack points for his next attack!" John explained.

The Warrior cracked his knuckles.

"Nitro Warrior…Dynamite Crunch attack!"

The Synchro Warrior leapt at Richard and slammed him with his fist. The fire duelist fell backwards, defeated.

(John: 450) - - - - - - - - - - (Richard: 0)

"THAT'S IT!" John heard from the speakers "A come from behind victory! The Miami State Duel Monsters champion is…

The ref held up John's hand.

"Jonathan Dupri!"

He blushed slightly as the crowd cheered for him.

"That was pretty obvious…" He thought "Now nobody will want to leave me alone for a month or a year…"

A shadowy figure was watching John from the arena. He got up from his seat and left as the crowd cheered louder…


Ancient Gear Convoy/EARTH/Level 4/Machine/ATK-DEF: 1000-1200

When this face up card is destroyed as a result of battle and sent to your graveyard, you can special summon 1 'Ancient Gear Convoy' from your deck in face up attack position. During the turn a face up Level 4 or below 'Ancient Gear' monster destroys your opponent's monster as a result of battle, you can destroy one face up monster your opponent controls, and then destroy this card.

Infernal Beast Rampage/Quickplay Spell

Activate only when a face up Level 5 or below Beast or Beast-Warrior type monster destroys a monster your opponent controls by battle. Destroy all face up Beast Monsters you control with 500 ATK or less. The selected Beast monster can attack equal to the number of monsters destroyed by this effect and is the only monster that can attack this turn. During the End Phase, remove it from play.

(The above two cards are my own invention and credit for them belongs to me)


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