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Author's note – I normally don't like writing long author's notes at the beginning of my chapters but I felt that this author's note is in fact needed. The omake I had for Bleach: Fan Works simply got to complicated, so I am having to make a side fanfic for the series. This whole thing will be confusing unless you do in fact read BFW. I also feel that I need to note, it is fictional fanfic writers talking about fictional reviewers. I am still shaking my head that the fact people thought I was being flamed when I wasn't. It is the literary concept "story within a story".

BFW: Omake Collection
Omake 2.1
Orange Strawberry
In which Orihime and Rukia create a fanfic account for Ichigo without him knowing.

After school, both Orihime and Rukia found themselves in Ichigo's room. The small female sat on the bed staring at the ceiling while Orihime sat in the computer chair facing backwards. The busty teens face twisted in a bored expression. "So... now what are we going to do now that we've read all the fanfiction about us and other people we know on that site?"

"Well... I like the idea that we can upload pictures to the site and write our own stories." Rukia folded her arms across her chest. "Why don't we write our own stories for the site and post pictures. I mean, people are writing fanfics in response to other people's stories, so why can't we write stories in response to their stories? And we can make photos for some of the stories we like, right?"

"You mean, like act them out and take pictures and even taking pictures of ourselves?" Orihime found herself smiling at this only to suddenly pause. "But... which account should we post the stories we write under? I get that the ones we write ourselves should go under our individual accounts, but we're more likely to write a story together. Same with pictures. Individual ones to our own accounts, but of other people and pictures of us together..."

"Ichigo has a computer right?" Rukia glanced at the substitute shinigami's desk.

"I don't know if he has axes to the internet." The busty female turned on the owner of the room's computer to find a desk top screen of a picture of him with his two younger sisters. She then clicked on a few buttons then suddenly donned a huge smile. "He has internet connection too. What were you thinking?"

"Let's create an account for Ichigo and use it as a neutral zone. We can post any and all of our joint work to that account." Rukia's lips pushed together in determination.

"What should it be called though?" Orihime began to ponder.

"Well, his name means strawberry." The small female put a finger to her mouth.

"But his hair is orange." Inoue stated.

Both girls suddenly widened their eyes as a bright idea came to them. They then spoke at the same time. "I got it! Strawberry Orange!"

Both of the girls fell into fits of laughter just as the person they were talking about came into the room. Ichigo's face narrowed suddenly. "What are the two of you talking about? What are you doing?"

"Nothing," Rukia blurted out.

"Just visiting." Orihime smiled.

The small female paused as she noticed the rather sour look on Ichigo's face and suddenly pulled out her soul phone snapping a picture. "That will do. We've got a sour strawberry."

"Oh! Goodie!" Inoue chirped just as Ichigo's eyebrow twitched.

"All right. What are you guys doing?" The male narrowed his eyes again.

"Girl stuff." Both of the females stated in order to get him to leave them alone. He then turned and walked away, grumbling as he closed the door.

They then uploaded the picture to the site they were using and clicked to use it for the account they so named Strawberry Orange. Ichigo's face stared at them from the user icon. Rukia smiled. "Now isn't that adorable, that itty bitty little picture. Maybe I should have drawn a picture instead?"

"Well... I think it is cute!" Orihime stated, a smile fully on her face. "We should make a profile though."

"Yup." Rukiasat down and began to write out the profile that they would be using for the so called Ichigo's account. In reality it was simply a joint account between the two account.

Hello! We, Orihime-chan and Chappy Chan Chan decided that we really liked this site, despite the fact that there are stories on here we don't like so much, but that is neither here, nor is it there. Well, since Ichigo didn't have an account, we decided to create one for him, called Strawberry Orange. I think you can guess how we came up with that account name.

Rukia suddenly paused. "Hey, Orihime... what is Ichigo's favorite author?"

"Mmm... I don't know. Twilight?" Inoue placed a finger to her mouth. "That would mean Stephanie Meyer right?"

"Oh... I've read those books. They have a very dark feel where the female is reverted to an old fashioned role through her own choice of being submissive. It is a very interesting study on modern culture."

Ichigo's favorite book series happens to be the Twilight Saga and he likes the work of Stephanie Meyer due to the submissive role the female choose to take on. He finds the concept to be fascinating. The concept is romantic and domineering at the same time.

"What else should we put?" Rukia asked, pausing for a few minutes.

"Mmm... hey, lets start the Ichigo fanclub, making it so that all the girls like him." Orihime smiled. "You know, like we talked about when we ate lunch with the other girls. Other then that, I can't think of anything else."

"All right," Rukia clicked away at the keyboard.

Ichigo has his own fan club of girls which includes in the top tier Kuchiki Rukia and Inoue Orihime, the founders of said club. It also includes Honsho Chizuru simply because she wants to see Ichigo with a guy. Tatsuki is part of the group because she is his long time child hood friend, as are Ogawa Michiru, Kunieda Ryo and Mahana Natsui. Mabey even Ms. Ochi! :)

Author's note – Ichigo should have pressed harder to find out what they were up too. I didn't expect it to tun out this kind of funny crazy.

2-7-2012 - Since I can't answer anonymous reviews I wish to answer the one from today. Yes... I know Ichigo's favorite author is Shakespeare. The fact he hates Twilight is actually a joke in the omake I am writing. And yes... Twilight 'has' been translated into Japanese as light novels.