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Omake 4.1
6: First Kisses
In which our Chappy duo writes a fanfic that makes sense compared to the others.

Rukia sat on her knees in Orihime's apartment reading the fanfiction on her phone. Her busty friend was preparing a tea for them to drink. She spoke up from the kitchen. "I don't understand why people have to compete for a certain guy."

"What do you mean?" The small shinigami glanced up from her phone.

"I've noticed that a lot of Chocolate Kiss and Vanilla River's fanfics are about fighting about which one of us gets together with Kurosaki-kun." Orihime sat down with the tea pot and began to poor her guest a cup of tea.

"Well, I believe the reason a bunch of girls compete over a guy is because they both like said guy." Rukia glanced at the ceiling. "However... its not Chocolate Kiss and Vanilla River who are being paired with Ichigo."

"Since there are stories featuring us being paired with Ichigo, shouldn't there be stories featuring the, too?" Orihime piped up.

"Nah. Ichigo is squeamish when it comes to kisses." Rukia let out a light laugh.

The busty female teen suddenly blinked a couple of times. "He is... I wouldn't have thought it."

"One of the times I erased memories Kon kissed both you and Tatsuki in Ichigo's body. Ichigo freaked out despite the fact it wasn't on the lips." The small shinigami nodded her head.

"That would have been funny to see."


Title: First Kisses
User Name: Orange Strawberry
Summary: Rukia and Orihime have a conversation with Ichigo. Written in response to Chocolate Kiss's fanfic "First Kiss" and Vanilla River's "The REAL First Kiss".
Rating: K+
Genre: Humor

Orihime-chan – Here is another fanfic from us!

Chappy Chan Chan – Yes, another fanfic!

First Kisses

"Can we ask you something Ichigo?" Rukia walked up to the young man with a smirk on her face.

"What is it Rukia?" The boy gave them a rather dull look.

"Have you had your first kiss?" Orihime quickly asked.

"What... where did this question come from?" Ichigo blinked a couple of times.

"Well, the girls and I were talking about having a club for those of us who like you and we were wondering who would be your first kiss." Orihime spoke up.

Ichigo frowned at the two girls, narrowing his eyes. "So?"

"Would you pick me?" Rukia spoke up.

"Or me?"

"What kind of question is this!" Ichigo began to cross his arms and his cheeks flushed up. "I wouldn't choose either of you!"

"Then would you choose Matsumoto Rangiku?" Rukia asked. Ichigo fainted.


Orihime and Rukia posted their next story, before turning to each other and trying to hide their fits of giggles. Tatsuki walked over behind the two and folded her arms. "You two know this is the library, right? What are the two of you up to that makes it so that you are having a laughing fit?"

"We wrote another story about Ichigo." Orihime bubbled out.

The sportsy teen leaned forward suddenly before letting out a deep sigh. "You two do know that Ichigo is going to kill you for writing this, right?"

"Why? It is true that he freaks out about stuff like this." Rukia piped up.

"Yeah... but whose Macho Nacho?" Tatsuki leaned forwards to read the comment left by the person.

"It is amazing how you're back in our group Ichigo! We're all a bunch of losers together. I'd love to faint at the idea of a hawt cutie trying to kiss me, wanting to kiss me!"

"Seriously... who is this guy?"

"It is Asano-kun," Orihime smiled.

"Asano? Well that doesn't surprise me. Why does he think he is talking to Ichigo though, you guys are the ones who wrote the story, right?"

"Ichigo's account is the account we post our joint stories on."

"And who is this Vanilla River Person... what the..." Tatsuki shook her head at the fanfic she was reading.

"How could Ichigo say that he wouldn't kiss either. He would obviously say he would kiss Rukia!"

"I actually don't know who that person is."

Tatsuki shook her head again. "And now this Chocolate Kiss person says they're wrong, it has to be Orihime. Ichigo is really going to be mad at you two."

"Why? We're not the ones making up this stuff." Orihime piped up. "For some reason they think Rukia and I should be fighting over him."

"This is because you wanted to make a club Orihime," Tatsuki said as she let out a deep sigh.

Author's note – Since this fanfic is part of Bleach: Fan Works I'll say this once. When the site admins clarified what MA material was, they did not say "all descriptions of physical interaction of sexual or violent nature is considered Fiction MA...". They said "detailed descriptions of physical interaction of sexual or violent nature is considered Fiction MA..." In other words "vague or non-detailed descriptions" is actually allowed. If you think any details are too much you shouldn't be reading M rated stuff in the first place.