BFW: Omake Collection
Omake 4.5
Story 9: Keigo the DRAGON SLAYER! (Part 1)

In which Keigo has an adventure! Or so according to Keigo

A humming sound could be heard in the Asano apartment. Keigo's sister glanced up from what she was doing. "Are you doing your homework?"

"Homework's boring. This though is fun!"

The female came over and looked over his shoulder at what he was about to post. She found herself rolling over with laughter. "That makes fun of you all on its own!"

"Say what!"


Title: Kiego the DRAGON SLAYER!
User Name: Slobbery Wimpy Deranged Dog
Summay: Kiego is a knight and shining armor ladies! Watch as he rescues you from all those evil dragons!
Rating: K+
Genre: Humor, Satire


Hello! My name is Keigo the mighty dragon slayer! Call upon me to slay dragons in this adverse battle to save all the ladies from doom! Because if I don't, dooms day is at hand ladies! Anyways, I've got this cool swag, with these balloon pants that happens to have these weird blue and green stripes, but it is all the rave during the time period so I can learn to live with it. I've also got this weird sombrero artists hat with a big old red feather on top, and the white blouse like thing has these gold square like buttons. I've also got these boots made from dragon hide and its neon blue, which is all the RAGE with the ladies. So here I come to rescue you!


"Get lost Slobbery Wimpy Deranged Dog! Your stories suck! Oh well, it just means I have one more person to make fun of."

"Sis, is that you? Do you have two accounts on here."

"Listen idiot, I Oshikko am NOT your sister. If I was related to you I would be your brother, but I don't see how that would be possible as your a dumb ass an I am not."

"Ahh... why are you calling me Slobbery Wimpy Deranged Dog then? Only my sister calls me that."

"All right. I am gong to assume that you're a troll right now because that answer should be obvious."

It was then that Kiego got a review from Ichigo. "I think your sister changed your user name again. And what is up with this? This isn't a story! All it does is describe... I don't have a clue what you are trying to desribe."

"Ahh man! I can't believe she did that again. And it is a story Ichigo! OH, and you know that writer you like. I'm describing the kind of clothes he likes to wear."

". … Keigo... while I now see it, that is some of the worst description I've ever seen. Balloon pants? That describes something else entirely."

"Ahh, shut up. I tried my best here!"

"Sure you did."

The next review was from someone named Kung-Fu-Fire. "Man... you are a really bad writer. What is this, your third story? I told you, you need to work on your writing more."

"So you have a second account now too Ichigo."

" already know that this account belongs to one Tatsuki. How can you forget that. It hasn't been that long since I've TALKED to you on this account. Really..."

"Ha ha! Look at all those bad reviews you got dummy!" wrote WTF Cheese Cake.

"Shut up sis!" Keigo's out burst caused himself to suddenly find himself in a head lock.