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Chapter 1 - Knock Knock!

Lan Fan let down her shoulder length raven hair with a heavy sigh. She had been ordered some resting time from Ling Yao himself, but she couldn't rest. She had just watched her grandfather being buried, and right now the prince was running up to his father with the Philosopher's Stone in hand. To top that off he was going off with absolutely no one to protect him. If Fu were here, he'd beat her senseless.

"But, Grandfather's not here anymore," The young Xingese woman whispered, chills running up her arms as she pulled off her black secret soldier uniform. She peeled off her fingerless gloves and hand protectors lined with small spikes along the knuckles. She also took off her red and white warrior mask that had been pulled over her head, kept around her neck by a single string.

The only things she left on were her scarlet undergarments. They hugged her curves so snugly that no wrinkles in the fabric were present. A mirror rested in the back of the tidy room, her eyes resisting the urge to look herself over. She passed it as she hung her clothes up on a rack. Biting her lip, she decided to look into the glass.

Her figure was that of an hourglass, but in her dark onyx eyes she wasn't good enough. It was fare to say her self esteem was not very high. She hated women who showed off their bodies to anyone who asked, but deep down she would wonder just as everyone else would. All the vigorous training she had gone through was no match for a virgin woman's venturous mind.

Lan Fan messed with her silky fine, ink black hair in the mirror. She pulled all of it to the left, then to the right. She posed, but nothing seemed quite appropriate. She flipped it all back then pulled it all forward with it parted in the middle. Assumed foolishness crossed the personal bodyguard's mind and she quit her fondling.

What am I doing?

The young woman grew frustrated as she flopped down onto her small bed. What was she thinking? Shouldn't she be worried about the prince? Of course she was worried, she was more than terrified for the safety concerning her friend.

Lan Fan bolted straight up. Friend? The prince was not her friend! He was her master and she was his servant. She was his bodyguard. She was his...she was his...

Another frustrated sigh escaped her lips, her body hunching over as she placed her head in her hands. Who was she kidding? She loved the prince. What else would explain her irrationality when someone insulted him, or how flustered she appeared without the protection of her mask? She guarded him so closely, except now at this very moment. That's what was driving her crazy. She wasn't by Ling's side where she belonged.

Lan Fan fell back on her bed and curled up in a fetal position. She was exposed, her mind as well as her body. Cream colored eyelids closed over dark chocolate orbs and calm breathing overtook the Xingese woman. Fantasies roamed throughout her head, and for once she felt she deserved to just...dream.

"Hey, Lan Fan, guess what!" someone yelled from the other side of the door. Lan Fan jumped out of bed faster than a bullet but failed to dress herself before Ling Yao burst through the wooden door. His palm was up like he was going to give her a high-five, and it remained in the air once his eyes were stunned open. His mouth was agape and his cheeks were redder than the undergarments he laid his eyes on.

"M-Milord!" Lan Fan squeaked, losing her voice in pure embarrassment. Her hands found no place by her side and her cheeks were hot as hell. If she had felt nothing toward her prince there was no doubt in her mind she'd be standing straight with a calm face. She did feel something, however, and right now she could not contain her composer.

Ling stuttered, but couldn't form a proper word. He turned, closing the door quickly behind him. His bodyguard dressed herself quickly, putting on her mask to hide further blushing. She opened the door to find her lord leaning against the clean off-white wall, awaiting her. He looked up, his eyes closed shut and his trademark smile split his face in two. He was acting as if he hadn't seen anything, and Lan Fan felt relief wash over her. If she had come out to a nervous young man who couldn't look her in the eyes, this conversation would have been indeed very awkward.

"Yo," he grinned, waving slightly.

"What is it you wanted to tell me?" The woman's voice was husky, masking her will to slip up her words.

"Oh yeah, you are now officially looking at the emperor of Xing!" Ling exclaimed while pointing a thumb in his direction. Lan Fan knew this would happen; that Ling would surely become the king. For he was the only one to gain a stone, but even knowing this she was more than breath-taken.

"That's wonderful news!" Onyx eyes lit up from behind her mask.

"Yep, now we go enjoy a delicious meal!" The new emperor cheered, turning to exit the building.

"As you wish, Milord." Lan Fan agreed, gathering her armor quickly and following him out the door. She'd put it on on the way.

Pictures of her lord seeing her barely dressed flooded her mind. She pushed them out, mentally screaming for them to go away. She'd enjoy this night with her prince, and she would act as if nothing happened. She'd be damned if she didn't.

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