Life's Great! ... Not Really


Hi,my name is Addie. I'm 16 years old. I'm 5'6". I have black hair and black eyes. I'm from Fort Washington,Pa. Actually, that's where I just left. I'm a foster child. I've been in foster care since I was 2. my parents died in car crash when I was 2. None of the other family member, or my parents friends would take me in. So,I was put in foster care. Whenever I would get adopted I would be taken back to the adoption agency within 6 months. That's the longest I've stayed in one place.

One reason I never stay I one place is because I tend to get into fights. I never start them though. I would get kicked out of school for a few days. There's a bigger reason why no one will keep me no longer than 6 months. I can't even talk about that now.

I hate foster care. I hate having to keep moving. Whenever I actually like living somewhere,or when I just make friends,I have to move again. I don't have a say on if I get to stay someplace or not. I never know how long I'm gonna be I one place. They just expect me to be ready to leave at a moments notice.