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The day Rachel once again found out she was pregnant was actually very uneventful. She was going to stop by McKinley High later to help Finn coach the kids to the best of their ability so they were prepared for regionals.

That was also the day she had scheduled her annual check up with her doctor. She checked her vitals and what not, frowning at one of the tests before walking out of the room, explaining that she would return soon. Rachel couldn't help but wonder if maybe that was a bad sign. She glanced at the clock; there was no way she would make it to McKinley now. She still needed to pick up Seth.

A few minutes later, the doctor returned telling her that she was perfectly healthy, which wasn't a surprise to Rachel at all. Before she left, the doctor stopped her.

"Mrs. Hudson…" She began. Even after five years of marriage, Rachel still had a hard time believing that she was no longer 'Rachel Berry'. "You do know that you are about two and a half weeks pregnant?" Rachel's heart stopped, her eyes widening.

"Wh-what?" She stammered. "N-no, I didn't."

"It came back positive in one of the tests." The doctor explained. "I assumed you wouldn't know, with it being so early on."

"I haven't had any of the symptoms." Rachel murmured, glancing at her stomach in complete shock. Damn! And she had been on the pill, too!

"As I said, it's still very early on." The doctor explained with a smile.

"You don't understand." Rachel shook her head. "I have a kid; when I was pregnant with him, it was nonstop puking, constant cravings, and so forth. I even had a hysterical pregnancy and the symptoms mimicked those of my previous pregnancy." She paused. "So how can I be pregnant now without the symptoms?"

"Time has passed, Mrs. Hudson." The doctor sighed. "Your body may be reacting differently now." Rachel paid and left after that, her head stuck in the clouds.


The place she told Finn that he would, yet again, be a dad wasn't the ideal place, either. It was at Seth's first baseball game. Dark clouds loomed overhead, threatening to bring rain later. The joys of spring, even if summer were only less then a month away.

Finn and her talked about the summer she had come down from New York to visit her friends from Lima. Not only had it been the summer Rachel had gotten back together with Finn after being broken up for nearly two years, it was also the summer Finn had learned about Seth. Rachel had been ashamed of her break up with Finn, so she didn't tell anyone, not even her dads, about the little boy she had given birth to. But everything changed that fateful summer.

It was also the summer Finn had proposed to Rachel. They got married in the following January. That was also when they had moved back to Lima. They bought a house close to Finn's mom's so they lived near someone they knew. Carole instantly took a liking to Seth, and watched him while Rachel and Finn would go on dates to celebrate certain anniversaries (Finn never remembered).

After several moments of silence, Rachel finally pulled Finn closer to her. "Finn?" She whispered, her heart racing. How was she supposed to tell Finn that they were having another child? She hadn't done this before. How did Quinn do it?

"Yeah, Rach?" He asked, his attention still focused on the game.

"Remember how you told me earlier not to keep things from you?" Rachel whispered. She took a deep breath. "Well, I've got something to tell you…" Finn glanced away from the game and took everything in. He saw Rachel, hand on her stomach. He thought about the conversation. He saw that look in her eyes. Finn's eyes widened.

"No way, Rachel…" He whispered, eyes still wide. The game was forgotten as Rachel nodded her head, her eyes swimming with tears. But they were tears of joy.

"I'm pregnant." She whispered. Finn grabbed her and placed a passionate kiss on her lips. She giggled and wrapped her arms around his neck.

"I can't believe it." Finn breathed, pulling away. "My God, Rach, I'm…I'm so happy!" Rachel laughed and breathed a sigh of relief.

"Oh, good." She rested her head on his shoulder, squeezing his hand. "I was afraid you wouldn't react well."

"How could I not?" Finn scoffed. "When did you find out?"

"This Tuesday, at my doctor's appointment." She paused. "I'm three weeks along." Finn kissed her on the forehead, still grinning widely.

"That's such great news." He whispered. "You, me, and Seth…and the new little baby…we can all be a real family now." Rachel smiled and nodded her head.

"Definitely." She agreed.


"This is so nice." Kurt smiled, leaning back in his seat. "It was like your Celibacy Club meetings, Quinn. The guys are off at Rachel's and all the girls are over here."

"But we got back together after thirty minutes." Quinn corrected. "By the way, Rachel, how can you and Finn both manage to be away from your kid? Doesn't he need to be looked after?" She raised an eyebrow. Rachel shifted in her seat, lifting her chin.

"I know what I'm doing." Rachel smiled. "Besides, Seth is at school, and even if he was home, Finn is there."

"And so are the other guys, those Neanderthals." Kurt muttered.

"Then he would stay with Carole." Rachel defended herself. "Carole has no problem watching over Seth."

"Seth is such a cutie." Tina said with a smile. "You have to bring him next time, Rachel."

"Totally." Brittany agreed.

"Where's Santana?" Rachel paused. "And Mercedes?"

"Santana is in California with Sam." Kurt smiled. "And Kyle asked Mercedes to go meet his parents with him. She is unable to attend." Rachel grinned.

"How sweet!" She whispered. "I can't believe they've lasted since that summer."

"Everything has lasted since that summer." Quinn said, grinning. "Sorry, Brittany." They all nodded their heads apologetically for the sweet, blond girl. A year after that fateful summer, Brad and Brittany had had some huge fight and things ended very suddenly between them. Brittany moved out and moved into her own apartment, and Brad was never heard of again. Rumor had it that he had moved to Columbus.

"It's okay." Brittany said softly. "Brad was an ass." They all murmured in agreement.

"I can't believe it's been five years since that summer." Kurt shook his head. "Everything happened that year. Rachel revealed that she had a kid, Quinn and Puck got married, Rachel and Finn got married, Rachel moved to Lima, Will and Emma had their kid, Artie and Tina started dating again…"

"Everything did happen that year." Tina murmured, blushing.

"And the fact that it's been five years since is such a shock." Rachel agreed. They were silent for a few minutes, listening to the soft, rhythmic sound of the steady rain drumming against the window.

"You forgot to add one thing about that summer, Kurt." Tina said. "It was also the summer Rachel scared the shit out us with that bad case of the flu." Rachel blushed again.

"Ah, yes." Kurt shook his head. "That was the worst part."

"That summer was amazing." Brittany said dreamily. "I wish it could happen all over again."

"That was an amazing summer." Quinn agreed. Silence once again filled the room before Quinn spoke up again. "I have something to say."

"Me, too." Rachel announced, her gaze fleeting to her stomach for one quick second before it returned to Quinn.

"You first." Quinn insisted, though she seemed a bit bothered that Rachel had taken her spotlight. Rachel took a deep breath and shifted nervously.

"I…" She paused, glancing at the floor. "I'm pregnant." She said softly.

"Again?" Tina shrieked. "How? I thought you were on the pill!" Rachel's face grew red with embarrassment.

"Of course I was!" Rachel pushed some hair behind her ears. "Blame Finn. He got me all wild for a few nights a few weeks ago."

"Too much information, dear." Kurt said, closing his eyes. "It's like you can't keep from becoming pregnant."

"Is it real this time?" Quinn asked snidely. Rachel glared at her.

"It was confirmed by my doctor." Rachel announced.

"I'm so happy!" Brittany squealed, hugging Rachel. "You're having another baby!" Rachel hugged her back tightly.

"Can I plan your baby shower?" Kurt asked.

"I'm not sure if I want one…" Rachel began.

"Nonsense!" Kurt cried. "You are having a baby shower, and I'm planning it."

"How far along are you?" Tina asked.

"Three weeks." Rachel replied.

"How ironic." Quinn smiled. "I'm pregnant, too. I'm seven weeks along." Everyone let out a cry of dismay before they all rushed to congratulate Quinn.

"It's like a pregnancy pact!" Brittany squealed. "One gets pregnant, so the other one does, too!" Brittany thought for a moment. "Should I-?"

"No, Brittany." Both Quinn and Rachel said in unison. Rachel smiled at Quinn.

"Congratulations, Quinn." Rachel said kindly.

"Thank you, Rachel." Quinn said smoothly, nodding her head. "Congratulations to you, too."

"Thank you." Rachel said curtly.

"Oh, this is so great!" Kurt exclaimed. "You two will be pregnancy buddies and exchange pregnancy war stories…"

"How did the daddies react?" Tina giggled, interrupting Kurt. A part of Rachel was very thankful for that.

"I told Finn at Seth's first baseball game." Rachel said softly. "He was shocked and then really happy. He pulled me aside and kissed me and told me that we could all be a real family now. Me, Seth, him, and the new baby. It was so sweet." Rachel paused, frowning. "Though I was quite fine with just having one kid. That's why I was on the pill."

"Damn those small-print labels." Kurt muttered.

"Puck and I didn't use any birth control." Quinn said, placing her hand on her stomach. Now that Rachel looked closer at the pretty blond, she noticed that her stomach was slightly distended. Rachel guessed only she would notice; it takes a pregnant girl to know a pregnant girl. "We didn't plan to have a kid either. It just happened. He was ecstatic when I told him. We called Beth and told her about her new baby brother or sister."

"Aw!" Everyone chorused.

"I told my mom, too." Quinn continued. "And he told his mom and sister. They both can't wait to be grandparents." Rachel glanced at the floor, suddenly feeling very out of place. Had it been wrong for her to tell her friends before she told her family?

"What about you, Rachel?" Kurt asked. "How did the grandparents-to-be react?"

"I, um, I didn't tell them yet…" Rachel's voice trailed off.

"You mean you told your friends before your family?" Kurt asked, scowling. "I'm flattered, Rachel, that you trust us that much, but family always comes first."

"You're family to me." Rachel argued, placing her hands on her hips as she stared directly at Kurt. "You're Finn's stepbrother, making you my stepbrother-in-law." Rachel concluded. Kurt sighed.

"Okay, I see how that makes sense, but what about Quinn, Tina, and Brittany?" Kurt paused. "No offense to you guys."

"None taken." They all said in unison.

"Finn is bringing me to dinner at your parents' house this Friday, so I'll tell them then." Rachel said.

"And your dads?" Kurt prompted.

"I'll tell them the next day." Rachel paused. "I need to bring Seth over there to visit, anyways."

"How did Seth react?" Tina asked.

"She didn't tell him either, I'm guessing." Quinn muttered.

"No, I didn't." Rachel rolled her eyes. "I'll tell them when I'm ready to tell them. Can we please drop the subject?" She asked, exasperated. Kurt smiled.

"Sure." They continued talking, but Rachel was hardly paying attention. She was going over ways to tell Finn's parents, her parents, and Seth about the new baby.


"How am I supposed to tell your mom and step-dad that we are having another kid?" Rachel hissed, checking her make up in the car's mirror. Finn sighed.

"The same way we told them about Seth." He answered, growing tired of hearing Rachel's useless questions. They were pulled up right outside his mom's house, and had been sitting there for fifteen minutes now. And the whole time, Finn was answering the same inane questions.

"That was different." Rachel protested. "He was actually born at the time. He had been alive for nearly two years."

"Rach, in my opinion, this will be far easier then it was when we told them about Seth. Can we please go inside now?"

"You aren't being very supportive, Finn." Rachel sighed, closing the mirror and opening her door. Finn let out a sigh of relief and climbed out of the car, rushing around to Rachel's side to help her out. She glared at him. "I'm pregnant, not handicapped. I'm fine." She hissed, pulling her purse over her shoulder and marching up the walkway. Finn sighed and closed Rachel's door, locked the car (knowing she would throw a fit if she discovered that he had once again left the car unlocked), and followed her up the walkway. He rang the doorbell and took one look at Rachel, sighing and wrapping his arms around her waist.

"You look beautiful tonight." He murmured in her ear. She shuddered and glared at him.

"Not now, Finn." She begged. "We're about have dinner at your parents' house."

"And?" He whispered, placing a kiss on her temple. She clenched her hands into fists, her nails digging into her skin as she struggled to ignore him. Finn sighed and pulled away, his arms still wrapped around her waist. She was nervous, he could tell. She was trembling (not noticeable unless you were hugging her like Finn was), and her eyes held a look of complete terror in them.

"It'll be okay, Rach." He reassured her, stepping away as he noticed a figure coming to answer the door. The door opened. Carole was the one who answered it. A wide grin lit up her face.

"Rachel, Finn!" She exclaimed. "Come in." Rachel flashed her a weak smile and politely gave her a hug before entering the house. Finn smiled and hugged his mom, too, following Rachel inside. He grabbed her hand and walked with her to the family room. Blaine and Kurt were already there, sitting on the couch across from the chair Burt was sitting in. Politely, Burt stood up and greeted the couple before taking a seat again. Finn took a seat on the couch next to Blaine. Rachel frowned, still standing as she examined the couch. Even though she was very small, there was no room for her.

"There's no room." She complained. Kurt rolled his eyes but didn't move.

"You can sit on my lap." Finn offered. Rachel's face grew red as Blaine began chuckling.

"Finn!" She hissed. "This is hardly the place for such things!" Kurt laughed and stood up, taking a seat on a different chair. With one graceful movement, Rachel took the seat, mouthing Kurt a 'thank you'. In return, he pointed to Blaine and mouthed, 'he knows'. Rachel's face grew red again and she turned to Blaine, who winked in her direction. She sighed and leaned back in the couch as Carole took her seat across from them.

"So, how is everything?" Carole asked, still smiling.

"Great." Finn answered, and began talking about the kids and how they were all geared for regionals this coming Thursday. He told them the song choices, their choreography plan, everything. He was convinced that they were going to win.

"And what about Seth?" Burt asked, his gaze turning to Rachel. Her heart began racing; Seth had been a touchy subject for her and Burt ever since she had told them about him. Burt sure knew how to make her feel guilty for what she had done.

"He's fine." She said, grinning. "He is one of the brightest students in his class." She announced. Carole smiled.

"That isn't a surprise." She said. "Speaking of Seth, where is he tonight?"

"With a babysitter." Rachel said. "He'll come next time."

"Sure." Burt smiled. "If he were here, we wouldn't be able to crack open the drinks."

"I'll have a beer." Finn said quickly.

"You aren't driving home." Rachel scolded, frowning. They laughed as Finn rolled his eyes.

Dinner was served later. Carole had remembered Rachel was a vegan and made sure the whole meal revolved around her specific diet. After a few complaints from Kurt and Finn, everyone began eating in silence. Surprisingly, Rachel had found herself very hungry. She guessed it was just an early sign of her pregnancy, and prayed that she wouldn't wake up with morning sickness the next morning.

After dinner, they all returned to the family room and took a seat in the same places they had sat earlier. Rachel cuddled next to Finn, smiling as he wrapped his arm around her shoulder. Burt brought out the drinks (beer and champagne) and began pouring the glasses.

"Champagne, Rachel?" He asked. Rachel eyed the glass for a few moments before shaking her head.

"No, thank you." She said politely.

"No champagne, Rachel?" Carole asked, surprised. "You always have at least one glass when you come over here. It's tradition." Rachel bit her lip and glanced up nervously at Finn.

"Rachel isn't feeling too great, Mom." Finn said, placing a soft kiss on her forehead. She smiled and clutched onto his shirt with her hands, nodding her head. Kurt and Blaine eyed the two of them before reaching for their drinks and sitting back. She glanced around the expectantly, before sighing and sitting up. She glanced at Finn, who nodded his head and sat up, too.

"Mom, Burt." He paused. "Rachel and I have something to tell you."

"You need money?" Burt asked, his hand inching towards his checkbook.

"No!" Rachel exclaimed, blushing. "Finn's job may not pay a lot, but it pays enough."

"Oh." Burt sat back and stared at the two incredulously. "What is it you want to say, then?"

"Mom, Burt." Finn began again, placing a hand on Rachel's leg just as he had done when they announced they were engaged. "Rachel's pregnant." Silence filled the room before Carole leapt out of her seat and wrapped Rachel in a tight embrace. She was surprised by the gesture, but returned the hug.

"Oh, sweetie, that is such great news!" Carole exclaimed. "That's wonderful! How far along are you?"

"A little over three weeks." Rachel said, pulling away from Carole and snuggling closer to Finn.

"Congratulations." Burt smiled, leaning back in his seat. "Still can't believe I'm old enough to qualify as a grandpa."

"Hardly." Kurt scoffed. "Rachel and Finn just don't know the meaning of birth control."


"My dads won't be as easy to tell as your parents." Rachel informed him as they all walked up the walkway.

"Tell them what?" Seth asked, jumping in front of the door and ringing the doorbell. Rachel flinched, grabbing Finn's hand.

"Nothing, baby." She said sweetly, smiling. Seth nodded his head and stared at the door, waiting for one of Rachel's dads to come answer it.

"You'll be fine, Rach." Finn whispered, kissing her one the head.

"Easy for you to say. You're not the pregnant one." Rachel muttered. Finn chuckled as the door opened.

"Grandpa!" Seth exclaimed, darting inside and hugging Hiram tightly. Hiram laughed and scooped up Seth, kissing him on the cheek.

"Hey, there, little buddy!" He exclaimed, setting him back on the ground. "Your grandpapa is in the living room." Seth squealed and raced off to the living room. Rachel smiled and stepped inside, kissing her dad on the cheek.

"Hi, Daddy." She said softly. Hiram smiled.

"Hey, baby." He said. He nodded at Finn. "Hello, Finn."

"Hello." Finn said cheerfully. They both entered the house hand in hand and greeted Leroy. For about fifteen minutes, they listened to Seth explain what he was doing in school, some of the games he played at recess, who his friends were, and a crush he had on another girl in a separate class. After teasing him about it for a little bit, everything grew quiet. Seth announced he had to go to the bathroom and marched away. Rachel hoped he was no longer in earshot. She breathed a tired sigh and leaned back into the couch, smiling faintly as Finn wrapped his arm around her shoulder.

"You two are much quieter then usual." Leroy commented, sitting up and scrutinizing them with a suspicious look. "Is everything alright?" Rachel sat up, grasping Finn's hand tightly.

"Dad, Daddy." Rachel began, squeezing Finn's hand even tighter. He began to wonder if she was maybe blocking off blood circulation, but he didn't dare tell her to loosen her grip. Her dads tensed, waiting for Rachel to continue. "I'm pregnant." She whispered. No words met hers. There was just silence. Finn scratched the back of his head and shifted a bit uncomfortably. He wanted to excuse himself by saying he would go check on Seth, but he knew Rachel would beat him up for it later. He sighed and sat through the uncomfortable silence. He could feel Rachel beginning to tremble again. Finally, Hiram broke the silence.

"How far along are you?" He asked quietly.

"Almost four weeks." Rachel whispered, still absolutely terrified.

"Why didn't you tell us sooner?" Leroy asked, glancing up. Rachel's eyes widened.

"How much sooner could I have told you? I just found out about a week ago!" She exclaimed.

"Did you tell anyone else?" Hiram questioned. Rachel's face turned a bright red color as she glanced at her feet, deciding not to answer that question.

"Mr. and Mr. Berry." Finn began. "Rachel didn't mean to offend you by telling you much…later on." He still thought the way her dads were reacting was very uncalled for. Shouldn't they be crying hysterically and wrapping him and Rachel in tight hugs like his mom and Burt did?

"We aren't offended." Hiram laughed, getting up and wrapping his arms around Rachel. Stunned, she hugged her dad back. She glanced at Finn with a look of pure relief on her face. "Congratulations, sweetheart." Hiram murmured in her ear. She smiled, pulling away.

"Thank you, Daddy." She said softly. Seconds later, Seth came darting back into the living room, continuing from where he left off in his conversation. Rachel smiled as she watched her dads interact with her son. It was so cute to watch. Because they weren't paying attention to Rachel and Finn anymore, Rachel gently grabbed Finn's hand and placed it on her stomach, leaning back into the couch.

"That's our baby." She whispered. Finn smiled, heart racing.

"Our beautiful baby." He agreed.

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