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"Jade calm down."

"What the hell do you mean calm down? I just saw you and Vega making out!"


"No. Just shut up. You know you were one of the few people I actually let into my life. You think I have it all good don't you? Well I don't! Yeah. My parents are rich. Yeah I'm popular, well was atleast. But no. That's not everything. One, my rich parents are abusive. Yeah. You thought I actually fell riding my bike. No, those bruises weren't from a happy old family bike riding session. I felt safe here in Hollywood Arts. Because I felt like I didn;t have to impress anyone. I felt like I was good as I am. I thought for once I was the best. But that all came crashing down when Vega came to impress everyone with her stupid glitter! I thought you loved me. That's why I quit this. Maybe I was wrong."

Jade pulled up her sleeves. Beck's eyes widened. Healing scars from what looked like cutting were shown.

"Jade...why...I...what...why did you do this?"

"Because that was the only way I could deal with my pain Beck."

Jade began to cry.

Jadelyn August West never cries. Ever.

"Jade...I...Tori...oh god..."

"That's all you can fucking say?"

"Tori and I are in a play together."


"Yeah. But I'm glad you freaked out."

"What? You're sick, you know that Beck."

"No Jade. I finally know the truth. If this didn't happen. I would've never known the truth."


"Jade. I can't believe you thought I would cheat on you."

"Yeah well..."



"Exactly. You know you can trust me. Oh and we're going to your house."

"What? Why?"

"One, to get rid of all your razors. There is no fucking way any new scars will appear. And two I'm having a little talk with your parents."

"I love you Beck."

"I love you too Jade. Forever and Always."


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