Based upon Star Trek: The Next Generation

Post-Nemesis, Imzadi

- /.\ - /.\ - /.\ -

Sometimes, she caught him staring. He never thought she would notice, but she did, every time. Sometimes, she wouldn't let him know that she saw him. She just continued with whatever she was doing and let him stare. Other times, she let him know. Like tonight, she was compiling her biannual psychological evaluation of the crew. Usually, she didn't like to work in their quarters, but she really needed to finish the report and she had wanted to come home to relax.

She had changed out of her uniform into a loose fitting silk chemise and dressing gown. She sat on the large chair she liked, with her cold feet tucked underneath her. She had two PADDs in her hand, three on her lap, and an additional two along with her mug of hot chocolate sat on the small table next to her.

She glanced up from her work to find him staring. He sat on their couch with a novel abandoned next to him and a smirk on his face. Setting down her report, she met his gaze and with a little smirk of her own. "What?"

He blinked, as if noticing the fact that she had caught him. He got up, not breaking eye contact and knelt on one knee in front of her. One of his forearms rested on his thigh, his other hand rested on her thigh. "You're beautiful."

Her smile grew. "I have a report to finish."

His smirk turned into a toothy Riker grin. "No you don't." He picked up her PADDs and stacked them on the table. He then slid his hand under her chemise to her bare thigh.

"Will," she said, trying to sound serious. She did need to finish her report, but it was hard to ignore the way he was looking at her and the feel of his warm hand on her flesh.

"Imzadi," he said in a low tone.

Well, any ideas she had had of finishing her report were now mere imaginations of the past. She allowed him to pull her to her feet and guide her towards their bedroom. Her last fleeting thought of the evening was that, in the future, she was always going to let him know she knew he was staring.

- /.\ - / FIN \ - /.\ -