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Well, this is it... Aqualad thought, walking down the hallway. Miss Martain and Superboy both trailed behind him. He took a deep breath, and walked into the living room, where Robin and Kid Flash were playing video games together. Just seeing them, it was beyond obvious. Aqualad, Miss Martain and Superboy had all come to each other with their thoughts on the subject, and they all concluded one thing: Robin had a thing for Kid Flash.

"Take that! Ha!" Robin shouted, pumping a fist in the air.

"Dude! You so cheated!"

"Not my fault you can't figure out the cheat codes!"

"Well sorry, I wasn't trained by Batman!"

"Like he'd waste time teaching me to hack videogames, KF! I taught myself!" he said, rather proudly.

"Um... guys?" Miss M asked timidly. Robin paused the game, and they turned around to face the others.

"Oh, hey Megan! Kaldur, Supey," Kid Flash greeted speeding over to each one in turn, then finaly stopped, falling on his face as Robin stuck his foot out to trip him. "Not funny, Mr. Shades!" Robin smirked, but reluctantly held out a hand to help Wally up. "So, what's up?"

"We need to talk-" Megan started, but was cut off by an annoying beeping.

"Oh! Sorry, Meg! I'll have to take a rain check, Ba-er, the Flash wants me back in Central City! I'll be back later!" The teen speedster sped off, leaving the others in the proverbial dust.

"So, what'd you guys need to talk about?" Robin asked, looking up at the others. Man he felt short...

"Maybe it would be for the best if we all sat down first," suggested Kaldur. Shrugging, Robin did as he was told for once.

"So, what's the sitch?"

"Robin..." Miss Martain started.

"We know about you and Kid Flash," bluntly stated Superboy. The room was silent for a moment, the three older heroes waiting for Robin to react.

"What are you talking about?" the boy wonder asked, defensively.

"Robin," started Kaldur, "we don't think of you any differently now that we know-"

"Wait a sec," Robin cut him off. "You mean he told you that he knows about... which means you know that I...? Which means that... HE TOLD YOU? I'm gonna kill him!" He shouted, standing up. The others quickly tried to calm him down. "I trusted him, and then he does this? How could he!"

"Robin, he didn't tell us anything!" Megan quickly explained. That stopped him.

"He didn't?"


"Then how did you know?" he shot back angrily.

"We just could tell, you know, by how you hang around each other so much and all..." Aqualad carefully explained.

"What does that have to do with anything? I hang around with you guys plenty too," Robin asked, confused.

"Well, you two have always seemed... closer, than anyone else on the team."

"Still, but then... wait. Hold up a sec, something's not adding up here..." He started pacing, and Superboy mused, that the boy wonder looked much more like his mentor when he did that. "Think differently of me? If Kid Mouth didn't tell you, then what's that supposed to mean?"

"Just that! We don't think of you any differently now than we did before, even after finding out!" Superboy shot, exasperated.

"Finding out WHAT? I've got absolutely NO CLUE what you're talking about!" Robin shouted back.

"Everyone, calm down!" Kaldur asked with a firm voice. He turned to the youngest member. "Robin, what do you think we've been talking about this entire time? I believe we may have a misunderstanding."

"Iam just trying to figure out how you all know I told Wally my secret I.D.!" he spat, exasperated. Kaldur, Megan and Superboy froze. Unaware, Robin continued. "I mean, when you said that 'you don't think of me any differently now,' that implied that you figured out my I.D. and since you mentioned Wally... so I thought..." he looked up, and noticed his friends expressions.

"He knows your secret I.D.?" Megan asked, shocked. Oh, wow, if that was what Robin thought was the 'big secret'...

Now it was Robin's turn to bite his lip, worried he'd said the wrong thing. "You mean you didn't know I told him? Then what were you guys talking about?" The trio shifted uncomfortably, until it clicked in Robin's mind.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Wait a second here! You don't seriously think...? Oh, EW! That is DISGUSTING!" Yep, they had gotten it WAY off. "You seriously think that..? Okay, SO many things wrong with that thought! Gah... ew! I mean, nothing against people that choose that lifestyle, I mean, I grew up with a lot of them, but... You really thought that me and Wally were gay?"

"Er... well, you at least," Megan admitted. "You two are rather... close..."

"Yea, because he knows my secret I.D. I mean, you all know his, but..." he shrugged. "Still... ew! Just because we're close friends doesn't mean anything!"

"Well no, but we HAVE noticed Wally's constant flirting attempts... and you always ruining those attempts..." Superboy further explained.

"Oh, you mean when he attempts to flirt with Megan?" the girl in question flushed bright red. "Of course I mess with him. That's what we DO. And no, I don't flirt with every girl I come across! I mean... that doesn't mean... EW! Wally? REALLY? Ugh. Even if I WAS gay, I'd go out with a guy with just a little more class!" he ranted.

"Ugh, and no, I'm not flirting with Megan... come on, you're like, what? Three years older than me? Uh, yea. Self explanatory. And besides, I have a girlfriend!" Robin clasped his hands over his big mouth, seeing he had peaked their curiosity. Just then, the king of inopportune moments himself walked in.

"See, Meg! I told'ja I'd be right back!" he announced, as everyone turned to him. "And don't you all know you can't start grilling Robby without me? So..." he trailed off, evil look in his eyes, "this girlfriend of yours, Robby...?" Robin just groaned in exasperation, and started to leave the room, Wally trailing him. "So, is she hot?" the red head called out, and Superboy could distinctly hear someone banging their head against a wall.

"Well, I guess things aren't always as they seem..." Megan awkwardly stated.

"No..." Kaldur agreed, "No they aren't..."

"SHUT UP WALLY!" was the last thing they heard, before the trio left the cave to enjoy the summer day...


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