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"My god, Wally, would you just SHUT UP?" Robin shouted, exasperated. Definately feeling the disaster brewing. HEAVY on the dis.

"Why? All I want is a teeny tiny name! Come on, you told me yours! Is she even more secretive than you? Or is it a he?"

"Didn't we have this conversation already!" Wally scruched up his face in confusion. "Right, you weren't there, thank god."

"What was-? Never mind, you're trying to distract me! It's not gonna work! So, your girlfriend...?"

"Drop it."

"Why? Oh, I get it! You're embarassed, aren't you? It's a pitty. I figured you'd have good taste in women... guess I was wrong..." Robin was well aware that Wally was baiting him, and just chuckled in response.

"You keep thinking that, Flash Boy. I'll have you know that she is GREAT."

"How great?" he asked, eyebrows wagging suggestively. His only response was a smack to the head. "Dude! OW!"

"See that? That, would be the reason WHY I'm not telling you who she is! I'd be embarassed of YOU."

"Of course you... HEY!" By this point, they were in the kitchen, Robin ignoring Wally, trying to make his lunch in peace. "I've got it!"

"Got what?" Robin asked, exasperated. Wally ran to his house, grabbed his laptop from his room (stopping for an extra half a second to greet his mother) and came back within thirty seconds. He sat down at the island, and tapped his foot impatiently. Why did his laptop have to be so slow? Finaly it was on and running, and he found what he was looking for.

"HA!" he spun the laptop around to show Robin what he was looking at. A page labeled 'Gotham Academy Yearbook Now Online!' Robin raised an eyebrow, inquiring what Wally was getting at.

"What's your point? You found my schools yearbook. Now what?"

"NOW I grill you about every girl in the school until I pick the right one!" Robin turned back to making his food, hiding the smirk on his face.

"Who says the girl I'm dating goes to the Gotham Academy?" Wally opened and closed his mouth a few times, trying to think of a response.

Robin shook his head in a satisfied manner, and was about to take a bite of his sandwitch when- "So, what do you think about Aria Kleaver?" he groaned, realizing that today was going to be a long day... he briefly recalled that there were 134 girls in his grade alone, and 613 girls in the entire school. He wished there was a wall nearby to smack his head against.

About an hour later, Robin was training, his apponent Black Canary. "Tara Markov? Or what about Linda Park? She's a real hottie!"

"Linda who?" asked Black Canary, blocking a kick from Robin, who had seemed tense the entire time she had been sparing with him.

"Possibly Robby's girlfriend!" He chirped, and in that moment, Robin wished he could've been fighting Wally instead. Then he'd have a good reason to punch him...

"You have a girlfriend? Good for you! Anyone I know?"

"You've met her once or twice," Robin muttered, hoping Wally wouldn't hear. Of course, luck wasn't on his side. Canary smirked and nodded in recognition, before sweeping Robin's legs out from under him.

"I think I know who you're talking about. And if I'm right, it's about damn time. You two have been oogling at each other for a while, regardless of your ages," she added, an uneasy tone coming to her voice.

"Wait, SHE knows who your girlfriend is and I don't?" Wally asked, pouting. "That's not fair!"

"I never said that, I just said I have a good idea as to who she is," Canary said, innocent look on her face. Wally just glared. "So, how're the 'rents taking this in?"

"They're not," he mumbled.

"Meaning what?" she inquired. "Don't tell me you haven't told them! They're bound to figure it out! Two of Gotham's greatest detectives, are you forgeting that?"

"Batman doesn't know!" Wally exclaimed. "Oh, you are so dead!"

"Not true! I'm standing right here, aren't I? And obviously her dad can't know Canary. I mean, as far as I know, he doesn't know about this," he reminded, pointing to the cape.

"Does that mean that you're dating another superhero? Or does she only know you as Robin? Nah, 'cause then Canary wouldn't know her. She must be a superhero! That narrows things down! Thanks Black Canary!" Wally ran out of the training room, as to compile a list of possible canidates. Robin turned his glare to Black Canary.

"Really Dinah? Really? Did you HAVE to say something?"

"Don't worry, kid! I bet he doesn't even know that-..." she lowered her voice down to a whisper.

"True... and I guess you did save me from listening to him list every girl in Gotham. Thanks for that, by the way."

"No problem! Now, back to training..."

Wally sat in the living room with the rest of the team, pencil and paper in hand. "Hmm..."

"What are you writing, Wally?" asked Miss Martian, looking over his shoulder. "Power Girl? Supergirl? Wondergirl? Me? Wally, what is this?"

"Oh! I'm trying to figure out who Robby's girlfriend is! Canary let it slip that she's met this chick, so she's gotta be a superhero! You don't happen to know any other superchicks, do you?"

"Well, actually-"

"You know what, that's not fair of me to ask, is it! You like, JUST got to earth! See ya later Meg!" he ran out of the room, and Megan just shrugged, a smile playing on her lips.

"Should we-?" she started to ask, turning to Superboy. He just shook his head, smirking. Aqualad smiled as well. Better not to mention anything to Wally...

"Ugh! Dude, who is this chick?" he asked himself. "I mean, Robin's like, five! It's not like he could be with one of the League Ladies... could he?" he paused. "Nah. That's crazy. If anything, they'd be swarming me. Though, they all do seem to like him..." he was about to go question Black Canary again, when the women in question let out a quick 'ahem' to make her presence known.

"Before you even think about doing anything related to your latest idea, keep in mind- Most of the women on the League are old enough to be his Mom. And I'm at least ten years older than him. NO."

"Heh... it was just a guess..." he muttered sheepishly, rubbing the back of his neck. As fast as he could, he sped down the hallway, this time running into Robin again. Literally. "Oh! Hey, Robbie! Uh... heh... whats up?"

"You're still trying to figure this out, aren't you?"

"Uh, DUH!" Kid Flash shouted. Robin just laughed his signature cackle, walking towards the door. "Hey, where are you going?"

"Hanging with the bats. It's the weekend. I have to get back to Gotham. Later. Have fun not figuring out anything while I'm gone!" As he disapeared, Wally groaned in exasperation.

"Dude! Wait a sec- did he say bats? As in, plural? Or did he mean it like 'old man bats?' He wouldn't be hanging with the actual bats in the batcave unless he was doing some form of crazy training or something..." it clicked. He smiled. "There's a BatGIRL! Robby's dating BATGIRL!" he danced around for .003 seconds, then stopped and muttered, "Well, maybe. If there even is a Batgirl... must check the ultimate source!"

Not the BatComp.

Not the JLA database.


"Ha! Found it!" There was an article from the Gotham Gazette titled 'New Addition to the Bat-Clan? Welcoming the Batgirl!' "No way! Robbie's dating a batchick! Hey, what's this...?" he uploaded a picture, and had to do a double take. "Wait a second here! Waaaaaait a second! There is NO WAY that Robbie's dating a girl like her! She's totally HOT! And WAY older! Or really tall. Either way..." He opened up the online yearbook again. Well, if she's his age, she'd probably be in here..." he looked through the entire site within a matter of minutes, but none of the pictures matched that of Batgirl. "Different school maybe? Oh! Duh!" He googled Bruce Wayne instead. Much more likely to get results.

Lets see, if I can find people always hanging with Bruce and Dickie..." He clicked on a picture, and read the caption. Lucious Fox, Alfred, Commisioner Gordon, his daughter Barbara, Selina Kyle... wait. Roll back! "Barbara Gordon? Dude she's gotta be!"

It made sense. After all, earlier Black Canary had said two of Gotham's best detectives. Barbara Gordon was the daughter of GPD Police Commisioner. Also, after another minute of research, he found that Barb had won many awards for gymnastics. And school. Brains, gymnastics and detective work under her belt? In ADDITION to looking like Batgirl? Easy cheesey!

"Huh. Robby's dating Barbara Gordon. Batgirl!" Feeling satistfied with his detective work, he continued reading up on this mystery girl, looking for new material to grill Robby with later. He refined his search, and looked at the new results, reading them aloud.

"The Gotham Gazette would like to congratulate our very own Police Commisioner James Gordon's daugter, Barbara, on her full scholarship to Gotham U next symester-WHAT!" He continued reading the article. There had to be an explination! She was some genious kid and skipped five grades, or Gotham U was just a highschool-nope. Right there in the paper it said it. Age: 18.

You two have been oogling at each other for a while, regardless of your ages...

Black Canary's words came back to haunt him. "Dude! I can't even get a girlfriend my own age, and Robby's dating a college girl? DUDE! So not fair!" He smiled to himself. "But I know a bit of payback... Hey! Guys!" He rushed back into the living room, Superboy still there.

"I figured out who Robby's girlfriend is! Its-"

"Batgirl, we all know," Superboy finished, not bothering to look up from the game he was playing.

"Wait, WHAT?" Kid Flash screamed, exasperated. "When did he tell you?"

"What part of super-hearing don't you understand?" Superboy shot back. He shut off the game and left the room, joining the others on the beach. Wally West stood their dumb founded, and pulled a Robin-

"Well. That was... whelming."

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