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Doki doki I feel my heart beat.

Doki doki It calls.

I can hear it all too well when he approaches. Doki doki and Doki doki again. As if warning me of his appearance, but of course I'm already blushing and aware.

"Hey Hinata!" He calls at me while my heart responds. Doki doki I smile slowly and promise I wont stutter this time. "Well, I'll see ya!" He says with a small wave when I don't respond.

Doki … Doki … He's walking away again. Doki … Doki My heart wants to stop Doki...

"Naruto-kun!" I say after a long pause. It is barely audible, but he turns around again.

Doki doki doki My heart is eager and I can feel it pressed firmly in my ribcage itching to speak for me. "Good luck on your jounin exams!" I manage.

His face breaks out into a wide grin. "Thanks Hinata! If I pass, lets go get ramen!" He says it without a lead up and turns to go before I agree.

Doki doki doki I smile and instead of saying 'yes' like I want to I open my mouth and "Doki!" comes out.

He hears me and chuckles. "I'll definitely pass!" He yells back to me when he's almost a field away.