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We pushed through the door, his mouth wet and hot on my neck as he covered it with kisses.

My jacket was thrown off before he pushed me against the wall, attacking my lips with his.

My leg wrapped around his waist, while his hand dragged up my leg, caressing my thigh, before pressing it against him as he went higher up my skirt, the heel of my shoe digging into the back of his leg.

I gasped, when he pushed his prominent erection against me, squeaking in surprise and biting his lip in retaliation when I felt his hand on my ass.

We pulled apart when I tugged on his sweater to pull it off, gasping for breath as we stared in each other's eyes.

His hand held my face, his fingers caressing my cheekbones, as I watched the rainbow of emotion cross through his deep green eyes.

"Sweetheart," he whispered. "I need you, I can't wait any longer."

"Have me," I whispered against his lips, as he dragged the strap of my tank down my shoulder, breaking his lips from mine, to kiss down my neck and across my collarbone.

He kept me panting as he kissed lower, brushing his lips across the top of my breasts, and making me shiver at the thought of what those lips would feel like on the rest of my body.

"Cut!" the director yelled, breaking me out of my lust induced daze, and forcing me to focus on what was going on around me, and more so, who was wrapped around me.

No! My mind yelled at me. You can't be thinking of your co-star this way. Especially not EDWARD CULLEN!

"Edward," I murmured, pushing his face away from my cleavage, and forcing him to look up at me.

"What?" he asked, looking confused as to why I stopped him.

"Aro yelled cut. You can let go of me," I said, motioning to the hand he had on my ass, holding me against him.

"What if I don't want to?" he smirked, pulling me tighter against him to feel the bulge in his jeans.

"Don't even go there playboy," I told him as I pushed him off me, turning away from him to hide the blush on my face.

When I looked up, I saw the raised eyebrow of our director.

"That was great," Aro said, clapping his hands together. "Just try to tone it down a bit, don't get so handsy Cullen, this is supposed to be both of your first times, we don't want it to look raunchy."

"Sure thing sir," Edward nodded, winking at me when he saw me looking, causing me to roll my eyes. "Of course, if Ms. Swan wanted to practice, I'd be more than happy."

"Not on your life buddy," I scoffed, turning my head away from him, so he couldn't see how much I would actually love to 'practice' with him.

Stop it! My mind continued to yell at me. Edward Cullen was not someone I could get in involved with.

It was no secret that he hooked up with co-stars he worked with, parading their relationships for all the press and the world to see. In fact he was known for it and I wouldn't be the next one, no matter how attracted to him I was, I knew all the stories.

He flirted and sweet talked, gave those 'come hither' eyes at you any chance he got, kind of like the way he was looking at me now.

"Alright break for a few minutes, get your make-up redone and be back here in 15. We're going to shoot this again," Aro told us, walking away before giving any of us a chance to respond.

"I was serious about practicing Isabella, since we just met and all, I think it would be great to try to work on our chemistry, and get to know each other," Edward said, sounding surprisingly serious.


"Of course, I wouldn't mind getting to know each other, in other ways as well," he smiled, bringing his hand up to caress my arm.

"Fuck you," I hissed, as I threw his hand off my arm.

"I'd love to," he smirked. "When and where?"

I walked away from him without responding, slightly flustered from the panty-wetting smirk he kept giving me.

"Stupid, sexy, cocky motherfucker," I grumbled as I walked into my dressing room.

"Who's a motherfucker?" Alice, my best friend and goddess of all things make-up and fashion, asked as I sat in my seat and she pulled out her brushes.

"Edward Cullen," I stated, closing my eyes, as she began to touch up my makeup.

"Sexy?" she asked, the smile present in her voice.

"I never said that," I retorted, not able to hide the blush that bloomed onto my face.

"Someone's crushing on their co-star," she sang, as she reapplied some lipstick.

"I can't be," I whined, looking into her laughing eyes, "he's an asshole and a player."

"And he's hot," she laughed.

"Yea because that just makes all the other bad stuff go away."

"Bella you don't even know him."

"I know what I've heard, and read, he's a player. He hooks up with all of his co-stars, and then throws them away when he's done with them, and on to a new one."

"You can't believe everything you read," she chided, while adding some more blush.

"I see the way he acts. I mean, he grabbed my ass during that scene Alice!"

"What? You have a nice ass, maybe he just couldn't help it," she giggled as she shrugged her shoulders.

"And why, can I ask, did Aro think it was a good idea to film the love scene on the first day? We just met!"

"He wanted to capture the perfect raw emotions from both of you, the nervousness and newness of what you we're both doing with each other would come off as it being just like your first time."

"He's smart," I sighed. "And stupid. Did that even look like it was our first time?"

"No," she laughed. "You guys just looked ready to maul each other."

"Yeah," I groaned.

"Oh come on Bella, it's not that bad."

"It is that bad! I was ready to maul Hollywood's most notorious playboy, I was imagining his lips on every part of my body out there Alice! I was like, 10 seconds away from ripping off all his clothes!"

Alice just continued to laugh as I ranted. I even grabbed a gossip magazine from beside me, showing her the last story about Edward, and his latest conquest.

"Bella," she sputtered through her laughter. "I keep telling you, don't believe everything you read! You know how the business is these days."

"Please Ali," I scoffed.

"Ok then, Mrs. America's sweetheart, innocent, perfect little role model, Isabella Swan," she said sarcastically.

"Fuck you," I chuckled.

"Case in point," she said pointing at me. "Not everything is as it seems."

"Fine," I sighed. "You might be right."

"I'm always right," she smirked.

"Doesn't change the fact that he still acts like a frat boy. First he grabs my ass during the scene, then he invites me to 'practice' so we could 'get to know each other' better, and then he practically asked me to fuck him."

"Ooh tell me more," she teased. "Besides, you just said a key word, acts, he's an actor Bell, just like you are with your sweet miss routine."

"Yea in front of the camera's," I explained. "Not when I'm around my co-stars and the crew. They see the real me."

"Yeah because your reputation can't really be tarnished, you're sweet, no matter what, you're not a diva, and you never throw bitch fits. You earned the title of America's sweetheart, because you don't do drugs, and aren't a slut, or diva like a lot of these Hollywood girls. You genuinely are a nice person."

"Yea I guess," I sighed.

"Look at Rose, we know she's not a bitch, or even that cocky, but she got that reputation a long time ago, and it brought her where she is today. If she dropped that act in front of her co-stars, and became all sweet, her reputation would be ruined."

"True," I acquiesced. "Why are you defending him anyway?"

"I just have a good feeling about you two," she shrugged. "Plus not all the stories are bad, he always seems like a sweet guy in interviews and stuff. It's only all the player stories that are bad about him. He always brings his mom or sister to the big award shows too, what kind of asshole does that?"

"Damn it Alice, I'm trying not to like him."

"Sorry," she giggled.

"Whatever, it's not like anything could happen, I have a strict no dating people I work with rule, you know this. We can be friends, but that's it."

"Yea, yea," she shrugged, waving her hand. "Now go, you have a love scene to film."

"Fine," I sighed, walking out of my dressing room, and right into the devil himself.

"Shit, sorry," he said, turning, and grabbing me from the shoulders to keep me from falling, before smirking at me. "Oh hey, ready to create some magic?"

"Sure," I nodded, walking ahead of him, and ignoring his touch on the small of my back.

"You know, I'm not the asshole everyone makes me out to be," he said in my ear as we walked.

"Really? And I'm just supposed to believe that? You know you did grab my ass right? And you invited me to fuck?"

"What? You have a nice ass, and I can't deny I'm attracted to you, you're gorgeous," he said, making me blush. He pushed me against one of the studio's walls, leaning over me.

"I know you're attracted to me too, this blush gives you away," he whispered, his thumb brushing my cheek as he leaned down to bring his lips to mine.

"Edward," I whispered, his lips just a breath away from mine.


"This isn't happening."

"Why? It's not like we weren't just making out a few minutes ago."

"Those were our characters, not us, and us, is not going to happen."

"You're going to make me work for it?" he asked, smirking at me when I pushed him away.

"No, I don't want you to work for it. I don't even want you to try. I'm not like most girls Cullen."

"Oh, I know you're not," he murmured, looking me up and down.

"I'm not just going to fall at your feet because of your charm, and crooked smiles. I won't be another notch on your belt."

"I wouldn't want you to be," he said looking shocked that I'd even suggest that. "I don't need any more notches.. I mean, I don't wear a belt.. I mean, it's not.." I held in a laugh as I watched him stutter through an explanation.

"It's ok Edward, you do what you do, just keep me out of it, I'm not interested."

"Really?" he smirked slightly, my declaration bringing him out of his flustered stupor.

"Really," I fidgeted as his green eyes burned into mine. "We can be friends."

"Friends," he said slowly, caressing my hand in his, which I hadn't even realized he was holding.

"Yea," I stated, clearing my throat as I extracted my hand from his. "Just friends."

"We'll see about that," he mumbled, before turning and walking towards the set. "Come on Isabella, let's go lose our virginities."

Please God, let me pull this off, I can't be attracted to him.


Friends. Just friends. The girl was infuriating, gorgeous, but infuriating.

I thought she would be different. She should know that everything she read about me couldn't possibly be true. Of course, I wasn't making it any better. She brought out the horny bastard in me, the one that just wanted to grab her, and rip off every piece of clothing, to reveal all of her perfect, porcelain skin.

There wasn't a moment I hated my agent more than I did right now. One little slip up with the wrong girl, and suddenly I was an asshole.

I had met Tanya on the set of one of my first movies. I wasn't very big in Hollywood yet, and when she asked me out for drinks, I didn't say no. She was hot, and she could get me to places I wanted to reach in the business.

Of course, that one date turned into some huge story about us sleeping together, and flaunting our relationship around set. My denying that anything happened didn't really matter, since Tanya was set on her own story.

So of course, when I was seen out at lunch with a different co-star, the rumors flew. I was 'cheating on', and 'dating' both of them. I got so much attention that James, my agent, decided to just run with it, catapulting me into the limelight, with the 'stud' reputation.

Over the years, the reputation stuck. I was linked to every woman I came in contact with, and James just kept adding to the mix, making me pretend to date all these woman and act like a womanizer.

I didn't mind it at first, it brought me all the fame and attention I wanted. But of course it came at a cost, the cocky attitude became like a second skin, and it was hard to turn it off.

So when Aro had asked us to take a break, I couldn't help but offer up time to practice with Isabella. I was serious at first, wanting us to connect and get to know each other, since we had to act like we were in love. But the moment I saw the surprised look on her face, I made an asshole comment in reflex, and continued, when I saw how beautiful she looked flushed and angry.

When she stomped away I realized my mistake. I was supposed to be making her swoon, not angry.

I had first seen Isabella Swan a few months ago, she was in talk to be starring in this movie with me, and I had to get a look at her, after seeing a picture of her amongst all the other woman.

I went to the premiere of one of her movies, watching how graceful and sweet she was with everyone around her. I learned about her America's sweetheart reputation, and watched at how well it fit her.

She was great with her fans, smiling and talking to them as she walked down the carpet, posing for pictures, and laughing at all the jokes the paparazzi made.

She spoke with all the interviewers like they were old friends, joking with them, and blushing sweetly when they embarrassed, or complimented her.

At one point in the night, she tripped, and broke her heel, getting swarmed by photographers trying to catch the embarrassment, but she laughed it off, taking off her shoes and spending the rest of the night prancing around, barefoot.

She was sweet, and down to earth, yet sexy, and alluring at the same time. I just had to know her.

Her performance in the movie was great, and I just knew we had to have her. I walked up to Aro the next day, practically demanding to have her play opposite me in the new romantic comedy. He laughed, before admitting that they had already decided on her.

When I heard the news, I was nervous, and excited. Isabella wasn't like any other woman I worked with, yes, they were all attractive, but I wasn't attracted to them. I never cared what they thought about me, and didn't bother to show them the real me, not like I wanted Isabella to see.

She was even more beautiful up close, and the fire in her just made her more attractive. Of course, her reluctance to give me a chance killed me. I had been hoping to talk to her, show her I wasn't the man they made me out to be, but the moment she walked onto the set, in a little skirt and heels, I snapped. The only thing I wanted to do was touch her. And once I did touch her, I didn't want to stop, I didn't even hear Aro yell cut, I just kept tasting Isabella's sweet skin.

When it came time to go back on set, I promised myself I wouldn't molest her like I had earlier. When I bumped into her outside our dressing rooms, I tried to explain that I wasn't that guy, but she just made it difficult.

Her bringing up the scene from earlier, just reminded me about how it felt to feel her in my arms, I couldn't help where my hands ended up when I touched her.

I told her I couldn't help it, and made sure she knew that I was attracted to her. The blush on her face just showed me that she was attracted to me too, since my advances were flustering her.

When I caressed her flushed cheek with my hand, I couldn't help but lean down to taste those sweet lips once more.

I couldn't believe she was nervous about a kiss; it wasn't like it was going to be the first time our lips touched, and I was hoping it wouldn't be the last.

But she rejected me, and it hurt, I wasn't expecting it. Most girls jumped at the chance to be seen with me.

She's not most girls. My subconscious reminded me. This was Isabella Swan, the girl of my dreams, I couldn't treat her like anyone else.

I had to tell her how much I wanted her; how I wasn't that guy she thought me to be, and how I really just wanted to get to know her. But of course, that's not what came out of my mouth.

"You going to make me work for it?" I asked smirking at her, reverting to my asshole tendencies.

"No, I don't want you to work for it. I don't even want you to try. I'm not like most girls Cullen."

"Oh I know you're not," I murmured, looking her up and down. She was most definitely not like most girls, she was so much better, and I wanted her to be mine. No matter what it took.

I could do this, I could be her friend, and show her the real me. Make it my mission for her to look beyond the asshole and see me. I was going to make Isabella Swan fall in love with me.

"Come on Isabella, let's go lose our virginities." I joked as I grabbed her hand once more and pulled her towards the set.

"Ah there are my stars. I assume you have gotten to know each other," Aro said, smirking, as he took in our linked hands.

"Yea, we're good sir," Bella said, pulling her hand out of mine, and walking to the bed, grabbing her jacket, and putting it on to start the scene over.

"Now, the last take was good, I liked the passion, and chemistry that burns between you two, but, I want you to tone it down just a bit. This is supposed to be sweet and slow, you can get dirtier later," Aro explained laughing.

Isabella and I both nodded our heads, as we took our positions at the door outside of the 'bedroom'.

"Ready?" I whispered, as I grabbed her hand, she looked into my eyes quickly, nodding her head in response, and intertwining her fingers with mine.


We went to through the scene once more, and as soon as I pushed her up against the wall, and my lips touched hers, I knew, this just friends thing, was going to be a lot harder than I thought it would be.

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