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"Edward!" "Bella!"

"Over here!"

"Give us a kiss!"

"Turn this way!"

"To your left!"

"Put your arm around her!"

"Let us see the ring!"

"Having fun?" I whispered into Bella's ear as I pulled her into my side, wrapping my arm around her.

"So much," she responded sarcastically with a giggle.

"You mean you don't like all these flashes in your face?" I chuckled. "Your mom seems to."

"My mom is such a camera whore." She laughed, looking over at our mothers talking excitedly to some reporters. "She's probably telling them all I'll be pregnant within the year."

"Why am I suddenly scared they're going to start fucking with your birth control?" I chuckled making Bella burst into laughter. The flashes escalated.

"Because that's something they would totally do." She giggled. "Oh, I love our mothers, even if they are desperate for grandchildren."

"Which they aren't getting for a while," I said wrapping both arms around her and kissing her temple. "I need you all to myself for a while."

"Ridiculously long honeymoon?" she asked, looking up at me with hopeful eyes.

"Ridiculously long honeymoon." I chuckled, bending my head to kiss her lips, forgetting about the audience until the shouts grew louder.

"Alright. I think you guys put on a hell of a show," James said, waving at the press as he pulled us closer to the venue. "Nice job."

"You know we didn't do anything." I chuckled.

"I know that, but they don't." He smirked. "They don't even know that you were probably discussing something sexual you're going to do later."

"You know us so well, Jamie," Bella said sarcastically, laughing at the wince at his name.

"You're getting away with that just because I like you," he grumbled. "And I'm practically your manager now too. Alec and I combined forces, that's how wanted you two are."

"Aww, are you forming a bromance?" she teased.

"If you mean both of us getting wasted after a long day of talking to people about you two, then yes. We have a very strong bromance going."

"Is it really that bad?" I asked with a laugh.

"I'm messing with you, Ed. You guys are a publicists wet dream." He smirked. "Sweet little lady tames Hollywood bad boy. It doesn't get any better than that."

"And you wanted me to hide it." I raised an eyebrow.

"I admit, I was wrong. I just hadn't met Bella here. Once I did, I knew you were gone for good. Nothing I said would have changed that. So I rolled with it and I'm so happy I did."

"Believe me, so am I," Alec said, joining in on our conversation as he flanked our other side. "Plus, happy clients are the best to work with. How are you guys? Great job with the Press by the way, they were eating it up."

"Good Alec, Thanks." I nodded.

"Very good." Bella grinned.

"I'm glad," he said, smiling down at her. "Ready for the fans?"

"Am I going to get molested?" I joked.

"Probably." Bella snorted.

"I'm with Bella on this." James laughed.

"You wouldn't protect me from the screaming girls, baby?" I teased.

"You should be used to it." She giggled.

"You're right, I should. You're always throwing yourself at me and screaming my name-ow." I chuckled as she swat at me.

"Now I hope they eat you alive." She rolled her eyes.

"You know I only like when you do that." I winked, chuckling when she pushed me towards the crowd.

And then the screams started.

Only they weren't just for me. More girls were screaming my girls name than mine.

"Look who's hotter now." She wiggled her eyebrows at me as she approached her fans.

I laughed before the fans screaming my name called my attention and we spent the next hour signing autographs and taking as many pictures as possible.

"Did they really have to make such a big deal that my dress is white? If I get asked one more time if we're getting married tonight I'm going to kick someone's ass."

"Baby," I said, chuckling at the pout on her face. "You know all they ever ask about now is our wedding."

"I know," she sighed, falling into my arms as I opened them.

"I promise once we get married they'll stop asking." I chuckled.

"Ha ha," she said dryly. "You're so smart."

"That's why you love me."

"So you think," she teased.

"It always goes back to my looks doesn't it?" I smirked.

"When did I say anything about your looks?" She laughed.

"We all know that's what made you want me."

"Do you want to know the truth?" she asked, wrapping her arms around my neck.

"Of course."

"I'm only marrying you to get closer to your dad," she whispered, shrieking when I squeezed my arms around her and growled into her neck.

"Stop lying," I said, tickling her sides.

"Ok, ok I'm sorry. Edward, you're going to ruin my outfit," she cried through her laughter. "I love you, I really, truly do. I swear!"

"Not that this isn't entertaining." I heard someone say. "But they still have a few interviews left before they premiere the movie."

"Sorry." I chuckled, looking up to see an older woman in a security uniform smiling at us from behind the tent curtain. "We just needed a break so we snuck back here."

"It's fine but it's kind of a waste of a premiere when the stars aren't out there." She raised an eyebrow.

"We'll be right out," I said, giving her a crooked grin.

"Take your time." She blushed, before letting go of the tent flap and leaving us on our own again.

"Using your charms for evil." Bella smirked, shaking her head.

"I have no idea what you're talking about." I smirked back. "Now let's go listen to more people ask about your white dress."

"Ughhh," Bella groaned as we left the safety of one of the camera tents and back into the flood of screams and flashes.

"So, Isabella.. Why the white dress? Getting ready for the wedding?" Another interviewer teased, making me stifle my laughter as Bella squeezed my hand.

"Well, you know, we just decided to kill two birds with one stone and just get married tonight since everyone is here," Bella said with a straight face.

"Really?" The girl squealed, forgetting about the microphone in her hand and the camera in her face. "That's so exciting, I can't believe you would do that.."

"She's joking," I interrupted her excited rant.

"Oh," she said sadly.

"Sorry, I couldn't resist." Bella bit her lip.

"Who knew America's sweetheart had a sense of humor?" The girl chuckled. "Thanks for getting me all excited. I turned into a total fangirl there for a second."

"I'm used to it." I smirked, causing Bella to roll her eyes and smack my arm.

"Well it looks like they're rushing me to get you inside so I'll just ask one more question. During one of your sex scenes it shows Anthony whispering something in Marie's ear making her laugh. So my question is.. What did Edward whisper in your ear Bella? Because that laugh seemed too real."

"I don't think he'd want me to say," Bella said bursting into laughter.

"Go ahead," I said, shrugging not remembering anything about that day except her practically naked body underneath mine.

"Oookay," she said sending me a warning glance before trying to stifle her laughter enough to answer the reporter. "You can't get mad at me."

"Just say it," I said, rolling my eyes.

"He said, and you can quote this," she started with a giggle. "'This thong is really annoying.' He couldn't understand how girls wore them all the time."

"Ohh." I groaned with a laugh, remembering those exact words. "I was trying to distract her."

"So now we all know that under those sheets is a thong clad Edward," the reporter laughed. "You heard it here first. Thank you so much, I hope you enjoy the rest of your night and for your sake, I hope you don't have to wear any more thongs, Edward."

"Thanks." I chuckled, shaking her hand, before turning to Bella. "Really? You couldn't have lied?"

"I'm sorry!" She laughed. "You told me to say it."

"Whatever." I smirked, loving the smile on her face. "You know thousands of women are going to be picturing me in a thong now, right?"

"Lucky me that I got to see it then, huh?" She smirked back. "Come on sexy man, let's go see you in that thong scene."

"I've seen him in a lot less," a voice simpered before we made our way through the doors.

"Doubt it," Bella said, turning towards the voice before freezing. "Tanya."

"What?" I asked, whipping my head around to see the woman in question before groaning aloud. "Really? Tonight of all nights you had to be here?"

"I just came to see you, Eddie." She smiled. "I don't know why you get so angry.

"Give it up." I sighed. "Nothing happened and nothing is ever going to happen."

"You can't say that." She smirked after giving Bella a quick look. "You'll get tired of her soon enough."

"The ring on my finger says otherwise." Bella smirked back.

"You're getting married?" she gasped.

"Don't act like you didn't already know." I rolled my eyes.

"She probably didn't, she only reads stories about herself." Bella snorted, glaring when Tanya started towards her.

"Don't start anything. Not here, not now," I warned as she basically growled at my fiancée. "You need to stop. I love her. I'm marrying her. It was never going to happen between us. I'm sorry."

"My sister was right." She sighed with a slight sneer. "Your loss. Good luck with.. that. Maybe she'll give it up on your wedding night."

"I suggest you leave, Tanya."

"Fine by me. I didn't want to see this movie anyway." She shrugged before trotting out of the theatre and towards the screaming fans. If only they knew.

"Seriously?" Bella raised and eyebrow at me with a snort. "Wow."

"Just, forget it." I laughed grabbing her hand and leading us further inside.

I smiled at everyone as we walked through the throng of people in the theatre, stopping to greet a few people we knew before being escorted to our seats.

"I hate having to watch myself on screen," Bella sighed once we were seated.

"You think I do?" I snorted as the screen came to life and screams were heard throughout the room.

"Aww Mr. Cocky doesn't like staring at himself for 2 hours?" She teased.

"I'd rather stare at you." I chuckled.

"If only my ass actually looked that good," Bella sighed as her character danced across the screen in her panties as she packed.

"Your ass does look that good," I said, wiggling my eyebrows.

"It's called movie magic, baby. It's ok, you don't have to lie," she sighed making me chuckle. "Ooh wait, you're coming up, get ready for the screams."

"Aaaah!" "Edward we love you!" "Oh my god!"

I couldn't help but laugh as Bella imitated them, screaming my name in my ear.

"I wish you got this excited to see me all the time." I joked, making her laugh and causing Aro to smack my shoulder from behind us.

"Pay attention. This is my masterpiece at work," he scolded teasingly.

"Of course, sir, so sorry." I smirked as he rolled his eyes and smacked me again.

"Remind me to never work with you again," he deadpanned.

"Says the man who happens to be working with me right now." I chuckled.

"We haven't filmed that much. I could easily replace you." He smirked.

"But you won't." I smirked. "You love me."

"Stop flirting and watch the movie guys," Bella teased.

"Jealous?" I joked.

"So much." She giggled as I wrapped my arm around her and pulled her into my side.

"You know, this is a nice little date," I said as I buried my face in her neck.

"If this was a date we wouldn't be watching the movie." She smirked, setting her hand on my thigh.

"What would we be doing Ms. Swan?" I asked, intrigued as she ran her hand up my leg.

"Take a look on the screen for an idea," she breathed as I turned my head to watch.

I smiled as I watched us on screen, acting shy and reserved before we attacked each other, the sounds of the theatre cheering reminding me that it wouldn't be possible to attack her now.

"When we get home I promise to attack you just like that, ok?" I said, nuzzling her neck once more.

"Deal." She nodded, turning her head to kiss me quickly before returning her attention to the movie.

Once the movie was over we were rushed out of the theatre before the swarm of fans could get to us.

We spent a few minutes taking a few more pictures with fans once we were outside before we were escorted to our limo.

"When it comes out on DVD can we buy it so I can watch it and fast forward to all the sex scenes over and over?" Bella asked as we were escorted back to our limo.

"Sure, baby." I chuckled as I helped her into the car.

"What? They were hot." She laughed.

"I completely agree." Renee nodded as we stepped into the car, having obviously heard our coversation. "I never though I'd be so proud of seeing my daughter half naked on screen but that was a beautiful movie and those scenes felt so real."

"Too real," Charlie grumbled.

"He had to hide his face quite a few times, cover his ears too." Carlisle laughed. "No wonder you two are always all over each other."

"Oh God." Bella groaned, hiding her face in my chest. "No more embarrass Belward time, what did you think of the rest of it?"

"Finally embracing the name?" I teased.

"Shush it, your mother is speaking." She giggled as my mom shook her head at us.

"I was just going to say that I absolutely loved it and I can't wait until you follow in your characters footsteps and have little Cullens of your own."

"Mom," I groaned.

"The premiere is over. Can we start wedding planning now?" Renee butted in.

"Mom," Bella groaned, making me laugh at how similar we sounded. "Seriously? The night isn't even over yet, plus we still have to travel for –"

"I got it, I got it." Renee rolled her eyes as she waved a dismissive hand. "Doesn't mean Esme and I can't start planning while you're gone."

"Have at it." Bella chuckled with a smirk, shaking her head when our mothers squealed and launched into a full-fledged discussion about China patterns.

"We don't have much time you know," Renee reminded us.

"I know. You guys can call up Alice and plan everything and once I'm back from our press tour I'll be there to veto anything you went overboard with." Bella smirked. "Just let me pick my dress and we're good."

"Oh please that will be the easy part. Do you know how many people have contacted me about having you wear their designs? I'm pretty sure Alice has gotten plenty of calls as well," my mom gushed.

"I have too." Bella blushed. "It's the one thing I'm actually really excited about."

"You'll look beautiful in anything," I whispered in her ear. "Although I'll just be fantasizing about taking it off of you."

"I don't want to know," Charlie groaned as Bella's blush deepened making us all laugh. "Oh look we're here. Come on, lets leave these lovebirds alone. Have fun at the after party."

"Bye dad," I teased. "I'll take good care of your girl."

"I'm sure." He smirked before turning to his wife. "Come on Renee. Take my mind off these two."

"Eww dad. Seriously?" Bella groaned.

"Goodnight." They all chuckled before exiting the car.

"I love our family," Bella said sarcastically once we were left alone.

"As crazy as they are," I chuckled. "I do too."

"Remind me why we're here?" I asked as dozens of sweaty bodies gyrated around us.

"Because Alec and James said we had to make an appearance at the after party." Bella sighed, leaning against me.

I smiled at the fact that her head barely reached my chin. We'd barely been at the party for an hour and she'd traded in her heels for some flats.

"Want to dance?" I asked, wrapping my arms around her from behind and swaying our bodies. "We're here, might as well take advantage and have some fun."

"You just want me to grind on you." She laughed

"Well duh," I said. "What other reason is there?"

"I can't dance," Bella whined as I dragged her onto the dance floor.

"You said it yourself, we're going to grind, not dance," I said pulling her into my arms.

"You're horrible." She blushed as I brought her hips to mine, grinding my erection into her ass.

"I think the word you're looking for is incorrigible." I laughed, running my hands down the front of her body.

"You know there are going to be dozens of pictures of us like this all over the tabloids tomorrow, right?" she asked as she stifled a moan.

"It's not like it will be a surprise," I said, turning her to face me and planting a kiss on her lips. "I'm your fiancée, I'm allowed to touch you."

"Oh really?" she smirked as my hands moved to her ass. "Can we go home so you can touch me some more?"

"Well why didn't you just say something?" I laughed picking her up into my arms as she squealed in surprise.

"Edward!" she protested as I carried her through the venue and out the front doors, smiling and waving at the press outside. It wasn't something they hadn't seen before. I was quite the caveman when it came to Bella.

By the time we got home I didn't even bother to turn on the lights, somehow finding my way into the bedroom by just feeling around.

"Home sweet home," Bella moaned, cuddling up to her pillow as I dropped her on the bed. "I've missed you, bed."

"Yea, yea," I groaned, tugging on my pants. "Give your pillow head later I need you naked."

"Bossy," she teased, kicking off her shoes and kneeling on the bed to unzip her dress. "You're going to have to help me."

"Gladly," I smirked, yanking her towards me and pulling off the dress in record time.

And as I pushed inside of her, four words ran through my head.

Home sweet home, indeed.

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