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"You know, I thought there would be more sex," Bella mumbled into my neck as she lies on top of me.

"What?" I chuckled, moving her hair away from my face so I could see her. "We've done it on every surface of this place, multiple times a day. That not enough for you?"

"I will never get enough of you," she murmured with a kiss to my chest, causing me to hum in satisfaction. "I just didn't realize that there would be equal amounts of relaxation as there was sex."

"Is that bad? I can ravish you right now if it would make you feel better," I joked, running my hands down her sides and grasping her ass to grind her into me.

"No," she laughed, squirming in my lap, "I love this, it feels so nice just to lay with you. We never get to do this."

"Lay with me? Or on me?" I chuckled, wrapping my arms around her before she tried to bolt. She would always start with a leg thrown over me and end up sprawled over my body.

"You love it," she smirked, stretching and rubbing against my bare chest before curling back into me.

I did love it, especially when she was in a tiny bikini the way she was now.

"I definitely can't complain," I smirked back, pulling on a bikini string.

"Edward!" she squealed, grabbing onto her top before it could slip off of her. "There are paparazzi all over this place."

"Cockblocks," I groaned. You'd think after we'd been here for two weeks they would leave us alone. "I should have taken my moms offer for the island."

We were currently in what was supposed to be a private villa in Turks and Caicos but there were already a ton of pictures of us circulating online, many pictures of us in this very position. According to quite a few rags Bella was extremely clingy and I was whipped beyond recognition. One of those was definitely true.

My mom had offered us up her private island in Brazil but Bella and I had always wanted to visit Turks that I decided to surprise her. The trip had been amazing so far, we'd explored as many touristy places as we could without being recognized and spent many days and nights christening the entire villa. All areas except for the outdoors, I'd learned that the hard way. There were some borderline pornographic shots of us in the pool on our first day here; the only reason it didn't escalate farther is because I didn't want our first time here to be in a pool. All they got was a good look at my wife's bare back and my ass as she pushed down my trunks as we entered the villa. We'd gotten an earful from the family back home.

"We could always take this inside," she whispered, brushing her lips against my ear and taking my lobe between her teeth. "We haven't tested out that pool table yet."

"We did," I groaned as her lips drifted down my neck, stopping to suck on my pulse point. "The other night."

"Remind me?" She questioned coyly, before hopping off of me and running towards the double doors leading to the pool house.

"Fuck," I whispered under my breath as she shook her ass at me and blew me a kiss. I wondered when the time would come that she couldn't get me hard in seconds. I hope it never came.

"Baby?" I called out as I stepped into the room, finding her bikini top hanging from the doorknob. I followed the sound of her laughter before coming up on her bikini bottoms hanging from the ceiling fan.

"Got you," she shouted, popping up behind me and pressing her naked breasts against my back. I spun quickly, picking her up into my arms and making her squeal before she wrapped her arms around my neck. "Hi."

"Hi, love," I whispered, pressing my lips lightly against hers before pulling back to stare at her face. She'd gotten a tan while being here, her freckles multiplying over the bridge of her nose. "You're beautiful."

"Edward," she sighed, pressing her lips harder against mine and pushing her bare skin against me. "I love you."

"I love you," I replied, grasping her ass in my hands and deepening her kiss. I'd just had her this morning and yet I couldn't wait to be inside her again. "You're right, I could never get enough of you. Let me see you, baby."

"You like?" she asks, eyes sparkling, stepping back and running her hands down her body. She spins for me slowly, and my cock jumps in my shorts when I see her bare, tan skin and the sweet, wet flesh between her thighs and all I can think in this moment is touch her, taste her, ravish her.


"You're so gorgeous," I tell her, trying to force my eyes up to meet hers.

"Remind me of the other night?" she asks, stepping closer. She brushes her lips against my jaw and leans into me-her breasts just grazing my chest-before spinning to face the tinted windows, the view of the ocean making the perfect backdrop to her body as she leans against them.

I move to kiss the back of her neck, dragging my fingertips up and down her spine, feeling her shiver under my hands. She's so soft; I have to kiss her, over her shoulder blades and down to the small of her back.

"Edward," she breathes, gripping my hand where it rests gently against her hip. "Are you going to stop teasing me?"

"Eventually," I murmur, circling my hands around her waist. I smooth them up over her silky skin and cup her breasts, earning a long, low moan. She arches into my hands and I want-I need-to feel more of her.

She starts to turn and I correct her, tsking in disapproval as I let my hands roam over her waist and her hips.

"Not yet," I whisper as I cover her back with kisses all while my fingers tickle her ribs, her hipbones, and her thighs.

"God, Edward," she whines. "Please."

"Whatever you want, Bella," I tell her, leaving one last kiss to the top of her ass. "Come here and get it."

She launches herself at me, kissing me fiercely and winds her fingers into my hair. Her body is crushed against mine, her breasts flat against my chest. I reach down to cup her ass, pull her closer and make sure she feels how hard she's made me.

She whimpers while we kiss, her body writhing against mine. I slip my hand between her legs from behind, rubbing her folds gently, feeling the wetness I created.

"Fuck, Edward," she says, pulling away and gasping for breath. Her eyes flutter closed as she moves against my hand, searching for more stimulation.

I sit back against the low pool table and pull her into my lap, letting her grind against my cock to get what she wants.

"That's my girl," I groan, tilting my head back as she wriggles in my lap. "That pussy is so wet for me, isn't it?"

"Yes," she hisses, clutching my neck.

"Are you ready for me? Want me to bend you over this table and fuck you? Remind you of how good I gave it to you the other night?" I ask, lifting her hips to move her faster as she grinds in my lap.

"Please," she says. "Fuck me."

I lift her off my lap and set her down on the table gently. My lips graze her jaw, her shoulder, and her sweet nipples as I kiss down over her torso. I intend to bend her over but as soon as I start I can't resist dropping down to my knees and burying my face between her legs and tasting her.

"Yes!" she cries, pulling me closer. She spreads her legs for me, fisting my hair and holding me against her. "More, Edward, come on. I'm so close," she whimpers.

I focus on her clit, licking soft circles all around it and tasting every inch of her sweetness. I want her to come, but I want to be inside her when she does.

I lick her until I can't take it anymore, until I'm so hard that it hurts. She shudders when I pull away, trying to hold me against her until she sees me start to tug on my shorts.

"I need you," she breathes, desire making her voice low and husky.

"Here," I direct, walking her forward until she's up against the glass. I lay my palm flat between her shoulder blades and push gently until she bends at the waist, resting her palms against the window.

"God, Bella," I tell her, stepping back to admire her naked body. "I can't tell you how sexy you look right now. How sexy this looks," I add, lightly spanking her firm, round ass. She moans, shifting slightly in place.

I push my shorts down around my hips. I keep one hand on Bella, stroking her back and her neck, combing my fingers through her hair, while I grip my cock tightly with the other.

I don't need to ask her if she's ready-she's been ready since she ran into the room.

"There," I murmur, pressing into her warm, tight pussy. "God, right there. You feel so good, Bella."

"Edward," she moans, resting her forehead on the glass, her breath causing it to fog up slightly.

"Is that good, baby?" I ask, pushing inside slowly until my hips are resting against her ass. "Can you feel all of me?"

"So good," she says. "Perfect, Edward."

"You're so tight like this," I tell her, grasping her hips as I start to move. She's impossibly tight, warm, and wet. "God, Bella, you feel so good."

"Fuck me, baby. Please," she asks, burying her face in her arms. I move faster, harder, holding her hips to help keep her upright.

"Bella," I pant. "Look up. Look out at the ocean, baby." I want her to remember this, being so connected, so in love, in such a beautiful place.

"It's beautiful, Edward," she moans. "You feel... fuck. Baby, just a little harder."

She drops one arm below her body, brushing my cock as she gathers some moisture before pressing them against her clit.

I lean forward, press my chest to her back, and nip at her neck.

"I want to feel you come all over me, baby," I whisper. "Scream for me, okay? Scream my name while you come for me."

"Yes!" she cries, tilting her head back to rest her forehead against my cheek. It only takes a few more strokes before she's tensing and crying out my name. I hold her up, slamming into her as she shudders around me.

"I'm coming, baby," I warn her, thrusting hard one last time as her convulsions draw out my orgasm.

When we're both spent, I lower us carefully to the ground. I lay back, pulling Bella on top of me and letting her curl up against my chest while we both relax, just like we started.

Bella starts giggling once she catches her breath, and I smile at her happy, satisfied sounds.

"I don't remember that from the other night," she says, and I have to laugh with her.

"I improvised, hope you didn't mind," I tease, tickling her side.

She sighs contentedly and whispers, "Not at all, feel free to improvise all you want."

"Again?" I grin as she rubs her thigh over my cock.

"I did say there should be more sex," she giggles as I roll her underneath me, attaching my mouth to her nipple as she throws her head back and moans.

There should always be more sex.

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