Chapter 1

Introduction and Waffles

"Sophia? Sophia, honey? Wake up," I heard the kind, gentle voice while half asleep. I opened my eyes and saw a round, cheery face smile down at me.

"Mornin'," I whispered. "It's the first day of school, isn't it? You always wake me up on the first day of school."

"Yep. Sure is. I need to go wake up Katie. Start getting ready, 'kay?" the kind voice said.

"'Kay Stella," I replied.

Stella's not my real mom. She and her husband, Daniel, adopted me when I was a baby before they had their daughter, Katie. Even though I wasn't their real daughter, Stella and Daniel treated me like family. My birth mom is…well, she's dead. I don't know what happen to my real dad. I know he's not dead, though. I would feel different if he was.

You're probably wondering who I am by now. My name is Sophia Andromeda Anderson. I'm 12 years old and I'm in the 7th grade. I go to Sunset Valley Middle school. I live in Los Angeles, California. That's basically all you need to know about me.

Anyway, today is just the first day of school. After I got up and used the bathroom, I went to my room and got dressed. I chose my new pair of black Converse high-tops, black jeans, and a dark blue camisole. I looked at my reflection in the mirror, pleased the results. The outfit went well with my looks.

My appearance isn't, well, anything you would call normal for a girl whose lived in southern California all her life.

I'm really thin and gangly with a gaunt face. I also have long black hair and very pale skin. But, out of everything, my favorite feature is my eyes.

They're violet. I don't wear contacts. My eyes are naturally violet. Weird, huh?

After I got dressed, I headed down the stairs, hungry for breakfast. When I got to the base, a brown and green blur darted out of nowhere and clung to my waist, exclaiming, "Thophia!"

That's my 7 year old sister, Katie. She's really adorable. She has light brown hair and big green eyes. She's missing a tooth, so that's why she pronounces my name like that. Katie's also the sweetest thing I've ever met.

"Hey, Katie! You excited for the 2nd grade?" I laughed. " Yeah!" she exclaimed, her big eyes sparkling.

She finally let go of me and hurried back to her breakfast. I chuckled. Katie was so funny sometimes.

When I arrived at the table, Stella and Daniel greeted me with open arms and smiles. I hugged them and proceeded to devour my waffles.

Afterwards, I went back to getting ready. The usual routine. Brushing teeth. Combing hair. Packing up my bag. I was almost ready, until-


How could I forget? I t wasn't like I had anything on my mind. I rushed t the end table next to my bed and gingerly picked it up. My most prized possession. The only thing I'd saved as long as my family escaped.

It's a seemingly simple necklace. But to me, it's more than that.

It's the only thing I have of my real parents.

I've worn it as long as I could remember. It's a garnet shaped like a pomegranate, inlaid in gold, and on a gold chain.

I clipped it around my neck, slung my messenger bag across my shoulder, and hurried out the door.

" Bye, Katie! Good luck! Bye Stella and Daniel! Love you!" I called over my shoulder as I ran out the door.

I walked to the side of our house and unlocked my bike. Riding, I felt, for some reason, my 7th grade year was gonna be exciting.

Boy, did I not know how right I was.