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1 This story contains MALExMALE relationships.

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2 This story contains child abuse on a high level, if you have a problem with that then once again this story is not for you.

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This is a story created by me and Kurgy. The main concept was developed by both her and I, so any credit for this story also goes to her.

Shizuo's POV:

He's crying.

Never since the day I first met him have I seen him cry.

Even after being punched, kicked, or even smacked down with vending machines has he ever shed a single tear.

Here we are in some god forsaken alleyway with the ice cold concrete and that goddamn yellow spray painted dumpster that smells like corn chips and ass as he clings to me for dear life and cries his eyes out.

Seeing him cry is like finding a dead puppy on the side of the road. The worst part about all of this, is that its because of me that he's crying. He's hurting now because of me.

I don't know how to handle it. All I know is that I want to comfort him. Hold him. Do anything to make him stop crying. He doesn't deserve to be hurting like this. He doesn't deserve to hurt like this.

But I'm also happy.

He trusts me. Trusts me enough to cry in front of me. And for someone like him, trust is something important. I don't think he's ever been able to trust another living being in his entire life.

I'm happy.

I want to be there for him.

This is never what I expected to happen. To be here with him, like this, seems almost impossible now. I never thought I could care about him at all, at least not in a way that didn't involving my hater for him.

For Izaya.

As a human being (or should I say monster?) I can't help but feel sympathy for him though. I never thought anything so horrible could ever happen to him. Never thought anything so horrible could happen to back on how I acted towards him in high school, I can't help but feel that I just made things worse for him. He says I'm an idiot for thinking so.

Then again, he calls me an idiot for pretty much everything I do.


Yet after everything that's happened to him, after everything that I've done, after what they did. He's still here, living to the best of his ability. And apparently his best is pretty good, knowing his income and simply looking at the apartment he lives in.

Honestly I'm amazed at the fact that he's still sane (well, sane-ish) after everything he's been through. Everything he's been forced to endure. Would things have been different if he had been raised like a normal kid? Would we have been friends in high school?

So many peoples lives would have been a hell of a lot better if he had. But then he wouldn't be special. He wouldn't be Izaya.

My Izaya.


He stuttered my name as he sobbed, completely breaking me from my train of thought.

He clung to shirt so, so desperately begging me to stay with him.

What do I do?

How do I help him?

How can I help him?

I want to save him.

I cant.

He wont let me.

He doesn't want to admit to himself that he needs saved.

I've asked those same questions before, haven't I?

Yes, when all this first started, I remember…

Everything had started about 4 and a half months ago. On my end, everything was going great, the "goddamn flea" (regret calling him that now) hadn't shown up in Ikebukuro in 2 weeks and for the first time in my life it felt like everything was finally starting to look up for me. At work, my services were only needed a couple times at best, I wasn't getting angry as much, and of course, Izaya hadn't been seen around at all.

It wasn't till the week after that that Shinra had started to act strange as well. Stranger than usual at least. At first, I put it off as nothing. What ever it was, was none of my business. But then Celty came to me, asking if I knew what was wrong with Shinra. Of course I didn't, I mean, why would I? I figured Shinra would act like thus until someone would ask him what was wrong, and if no one did, he'd probably just come out with it any way. He never did. I found out later that a lot of people did ask him about it, and he'd ignore them. The odd thing was, everyone could just kind of tell Shinra's odd behavior had something to do with Izaya, and it bugged that crap out of me because for the first time ever, Shinra wasn't talking. At least not about anything Involving the informant. A couple weeks after that, I heard form Kadota that Mairu and Kururi stopped going to school. Normally something like that wouldn't concern me at all, but with Izaya's disappearance and Shinra's odd behavior I knew this wasn't a coincidence.

This continued on for a whole month.

No one had seen any sign of Izaya or the twins, and Shinra did everything he could to avoid the subject. Eventually, Celty stopped talking..typing..about it as well. It seemed that whatever was going on, Celty found out about it, and Shinra made her swear not to tell anyone. And that was all she told me.

This bothered me even more. Celty would tell me everything. What was so important that it had to be kept secret form me?

Of course, at the time, I really had no idea what was going on, now I know just how important it was for them to keep it a secret.

For a while, I blew off their strange behavior and tried to completely erase all thoughts of the flea from my mind. It didn't work. When about 60% of my life consisted of me hunting him down, it was kind of hard to not think about where he was and what he was doing.

I remember thinking at one point that he was probably planning something. That he'd show up randomly one day and sick one of the colored gangs on me, which made me a paranoid wreck, and I was back to destroying things on a daily basis.

But he never showed up.

In my mind, I kept telling myself that this was good. No one liked the flea, he'd be better off dead. But a tight feeling in my chest told me that there was something wrong. And I'd be a goddamn liar if I said I wasn't concerned.

2 weeks after that, I went to Shinra's apartment to confront him about the fleas disappearance, discreetly of course. I figured if I ambushed him with questions he'd cave eventually. I always thought he was pretty week willed.

It didn't go as I expected it to.

"Shizuo! What a surprise!" the doctor spoke with a weird kind of cheerfulness in his tone that made just a little bit uncomfortable.

"Did you get yourself hurt again? Do you need more stitches? Or perhaps you came just to visit little old m-!"

"Cut the crap Shinra." I couldn't help be a little snippy with him. I regret that now too.

"Where the hell did that goddamn flea go because I swear to god if you're both hiding something form me I swear to god I'll-"

"Shizuo." He cut me off.

"I don't think that is any of your business." The look he gave me while he said that sent shivers down my spine. I had never seen Shinra act like that. Never.

I tried to act like it didn't bother me.

"I heard his sisters stopped going to school around the time he stopped showing his face around here."

"Shizuo-"He tried to cut in.

I stopped him.

"Everyone's noticed the way your acting too. Your obviously hiding something from me."

"Shizuo I-"

"Did you honestly think nobody would notice? Even Kadota's been freaking out about it. Not that I care." wasn't my best lie. "Honestly I'd rather that the flea just drop dead somewhe-"


That startled me.

That was the first time I had ever heard Shinra raise his voice like that.

I shut my mouth right then and there. The hurt look he gave me was enough to tell me that something was seriously wrong, and I needed to just shut the fuck up. We stayed silent for a long time. I didn't know what to say to him, luckily for me he decided to kick off the next conversation.

"Izaya's father died the other day."

I never expected it to start like that however.

Authors notes:

Hello. I'd like to thank for reading the first chapter of "If Dreams Came True". I was really nervous about putting it up here and still am. O.o The first chapter is short and doesn't make a lot of sense but to be perfectly honest this was the best way I could write it.

This is my first Durarara! fanfiction and the first story I've ever put up on the internet for other people to see besides my close personal friends. I'm very nervous and hope that if you did like the first chapter, even a little bit, that you'll stick around for chapter two as well, because the story wont make any sense at all otherwise. I'd really appreciate any reviews of it so far and hopefully any pointers to make it better. I've got the first few chapters written already and would love any constructive criticism given. ^^

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