AN; Not my best work but I was dieing of boredom so, flame away.


"Yes Amy?"

"What are you doing?" Amy asked as she watches her girlfriend from the doorway to their bedroom.

"What dose it look like?" Lucy asked, glancing at Amy for a second before going back to what she was doing, trying not to be distracted from what she was doing by the fact that her girlfriend standing behind her in nothing but a thin, white T-shirt and a pair of light-blue panties. 'Oh my god, she is so hot. How did I ever get so lucky?'

"It looks like your trying to burn down the house." She giggled. 'Although, seeing her in noting but a baggy shirt might be worth it.' She thought as she watched said shirt ride up a little with Lucy's movements.

Lucy turned towards her, her back to the stove, pointing the spachler in her hand at Amy as she spoke. "Don't judge. Besides, it's just as good as what you cook." She said, placing her hands on her hips.

Glancing over Lucy's shoulder, Amy turned to Lucy smiling as she spoke. "You know, I learned something interesting this morning."

"What?" Lucy asked, confused.

Amy just continued smiling. "Did you know pancakes are flammable?" she said sending a pointed look over Lucy's left shoulder.

"Huh?" With a confused look on her face Lucy turned back to the stove, only to see the pancakes she was cooking burst into flames. "SHIT!"