Title: Getting under your skin
Fandom: Code Blue (Season 2)
Setting: Night after the plane crash episode
Pairing: Aizawa/Shiraishi... if you squint ^^
Author's note: They are not mine. Just using them for the sake of letting this plot bunny out of my head. ^^

Chapter 1: His predicament

It has been a long day for everyone in Shouhoku Hospital - particularly for the Emergency Medical Services team. The plane crash that had disturbed the nation late that afternoon caused a lot of casualties and in effect, the hospital was packed with patients for the whole day.

The situation has been more intense for the medical team sent to the crash site. Quick thinking and decision-making was tested, as well as their medical knowledge and skills. All for the same goal of saving as much lives as possible. It doesn't help when patients were not the only thing that you were worrying about.

Aizawa Kousaku sighed, his shoulders slouching a bit as he placed his empty cup of coffee on the table in front of him. His shift has long ended and he was currently staying at the ER's staff resting room, trying to relax before going home.

One look at Shiraishi Megumi's face was all he need and he knew it was trouble. She was a wreck the whole day when she found out that the plane that had crashed was the same one that her father had taken. He tried to stop her when she volunteered about going to the crash site that afternoon. But something in her eyes dissolved all of his arguments about her staying. In the end she took the helicopter with him, her mind wandering at the whereabouts of her father.

He felt like a stalker as he followed her around. His mind reasoned that it was for the greater good, anyways - in her condition, she's more capable of causing trouble instead of saving lives. Thankfully, she managed to regain her composure in the end and hence he had managed to focus more on his own patients.


Aizawa blinked as he found the same Shiraishi Megumi (the cause of his troubles for the whole day) taking the seat right across his. Unconsciously, he sat straighter on his seat and regarded her with a rather curt nod.

"Anou... I'm sorry for causing you trouble the whole day." she said in a small voice, her face glowing in the dim light of the room.

"Aa." was his only reply.

An awkward silence soon enveloped the two. Or so, awkward for Aizawa's side - he never dared check if Shiraishi felt the same. Perhaps he was just tired.

"Oyasumi." Shiraishi said with a small, polite smile. She was already a few steps away from the door when he noticed it, catching a quick glance of the lone white wall clock on the room.

"I'm off duty." He stood up, taking his empty cup with him. "It's late. I'll walk you." was what he said, his tone final. He walked past her, not even waiting for a response and silently hoping that she'll follow him. Thankfully, she did and it saved him the trouble of marching back to her and dragging her all the way home.

Ehem...HER home.

Note: Sorry for any OOC-ness. My first Code Blue fanfic, please be kind. ^^