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Chapter 4: Troublesome day

Aizawa Kousaku regretted ever agreeing to his fellow intern's 'bonding session' invitation. In the first place, he wanted to kick the annoying voice in his head that had pushed him to go. He lifted a hand to hold his head, silently praying that it would at least ease the splitting pain that he was currently experiencing.

"Too much to drink, aye?" it was Tachibana-sensei to his surprise. He stood up from the bench he was currently sitting and pushed his locker door closed.

"It's nothing." Kousaku muttered, nodding at the senior doctor before excusing himself.

"Tch! You're acting as cool as always." Tachibana continued, walking beside the younger man. "That's probably why you're very popular with the nurses." and as an afterthought, he added, "I remember my younger days."

"I honestly can't figure out what Mitsui-sensei saw in you."

It was Mihoko – much to Kousaku's surprise – who was walking behind them with a rather pale-faced Megumi. He quickly turned his head away as he caught the eye of the latter, immediately cursing that decision as the head-splitting pain returned.

"Why don't you go out with me to find out for yourself?" was Tachibana's reply to Mihoko who only gave him a rather annoyed frown followed by a quick reply, "I better take the next elevator. I'm afraid the one you'll be taking will fall because of your big and heavy head."

Tachibana only smirked, his eyes sparkling with amusement at the young woman's response. The elevator in front of them opened and Tachibana stepped in. Kousaku followed suit while Mihoko was pushed in by Megumi.

"Quite a nerve you have." Mihoko was muttering, leaning on the wall sideways. Tachibana only shrugged, leaning on the other wall. Kousaku and Megumi stood in between the two, both silently suffering from their hangovers.

That night has been the most troublesome. He threw a quick glance at the still silent Megumi (who was still holding her head as if her life depended on it to realize what was happening around her).

(that fateful night)

"Sake!" Megumi demanded at the rather anxious Mary Jane Yoko (formerly Oyama Tsuneo), already switching to her mad drunk personality after four or five shots of random alcoholic drink. Haruka, who had surprisingly joined the team and hence this was the first time that she got to witness the drastic change on the usually reserved doctor's personality. A surprised expression was dancing on her eyes as she watched Megumi stand up and began her own drunken rendition of Mr. Children's Hanabi.

Mihoko flip her cellphone open to catch a shot – which she stated was for '…future purposes'. Swaying unsteadily on her feet, she made her way to the rather flustered Kazuo and began singing another song to him, the Happy Birthday song. Urging the others to join singing with her, Megumi drape an arm around the bespectacled intern's shoulder and lifted her free hand up in air as she sang with all her (drunken) heart.

"Another glass?" Mary Jane frowned at Kousaku's intense glare, shaking his empty wine glass as if his life depended on it. She heaved a sigh before sending a cheerful smile to the sullen doctor, refilling his glass. 'Who knew doctors can be so troublesome?' she thought with another sigh and another as she turned to witness the ruckus Megumi was currently making on the other side of the bar.

"HAPPWIII BWIRTHDWAY!" Megumi finished her song with a bow, almost falling on the floor (thankfully Mihoko and Haruka were fast enough to support her). Lifting her head, her eyes twinkled as it fell on the sullen Kousaku on the other side of the bar. She smiled, taking her half-empty glass with her and made her way (unsteadily) to the glaring man.

"Aizawa! J-J-Jowoiiiiiin twaa fwun!" Megumi sank on the chair beside him, draping an arm around his shoulder just like she did with Kazuo. Their other colleagues exchanged rather surprised glances before watching the two. Kousaku could've sworn he saw a small flash from Mihoko but he couldn't be too sure, his head is starting to hurt.

"I knowwww! I'll swiiiing to you!" Megumi continued with her drunken stupor, she took her arm off his shoulder and laced the same arm around his own one. She began singing an old love song, fumbling on her words due to the amount of liquor she had already taken that night. Soon her voice becomes softer and softer until he could hear nothing. There was a soft thud on his shoulder and when he turned he wasn't as surprised to see that Megumi had fallen asleep on his shoulder.

Up close, he could see that her face was devoid of any freckles or any marks, except for the natural rosy tint on her cheeks. It seemed so smooth and so flawless, almost like a doll. Before he knows it, his hand had started to move on its own accord… reaching out, trying to check if her face is really as smooth and soft as it seems…


He blinked and abruptly turned. Megumi had fallen back to his chair due to his sudden movement. In front of him was Kazuo with his cellphone camera, a rather sheepish smile on his face.

(end of flashback)

He ended up drinking more than he had intended after that. As a matter of fact, he believed he had taken more than he could handle that in the next instant, he was as blacked out as Megumi. He doesn't know who had taken charge of sending him back home. He doubted that the smaller Kazuo had the power to even carry him around, it was probably one of Mary Jane's bulky bouncers. Come to think of it, who carried Megumi back to her home? He frowned at the thought and blinked as he found himself staring at the opened elevator door.

"I thought you're planning to have a round trip with the elevator." was Mihoko's rather amused comment. He looked around and figured Tachibana has already left. Megumi was nowhere in sight too.

"Saejima took her to get some coffee." Mihoko said as he stepped out of the elevator. Kousaku only frowned – Saejima was in the elevator? He seemed to have missed that.

"I can't believe you're so out." Mihoko continued, "I have never seen you spacing out like that."

"Aa." he replied, though his voice lack its usual sharpness. He made a mental note to stay away from any alcoholic beverage for the time being.

"You two looked cute together, by the way." and like a magic word, he could feel his face grow warm. He turned his back to her and took his place on their staff room.

"Ohayou!" Kazuo cheerfully greeted as he noticed his two fellow interns. Megumi was already in her own table, holding her head and beside her was a smiling Haruka.

"Aa." Kousaku took a patient's folder and pretended to study it. He knew (by the cheerful looks on Mihoko and Kazuo's faces) that today will be a long day. Perhaps, they'll stop if he just ignored them for the day.

"Good thing the two of you are not on flight duty." Kazuo said, proudly showing the flight doctor's radio. Mihoko grumbled at him while Haruka only shrugged.

"But that was quite an entertainment last night, eh?" Haruka smiled, patting Megumi on the head, "I had fun."

Kazuo excitedly steps in front of her, "Ne, ne? Maybe we can do it again?"

Haruka gave him a rather sweet smile and replied, "I'll pass." and with that she left to 'replenish the helicopter's medical supplies'.

"Busted again, eh?" Mihoko giggled, patting Kazuo's back. She frowned when she saw the rather huge grin on his face.

"She just smiled at me." Kazuo sheepishly said. Mihoko shook her head and laughed.

By midday, Kousaku's headaches had at least reduced to tolerable level. He could do his rounds without having to worry for his headache. Megumi seemed to have recovered as well, the pain reliever that Haruka had given her, seemed to have finally showed its effects.

And also, now that his headache had now become the least of his worries, his mind was now free to wander to another detail – another BIG detail.

"Fujikawa." he spoke, the sharpness of his tone was back. The smaller man jumped in surprise at his sudden presence behind him and he gave him a confused frown.

"Give me your cellphone." Kousaku said unblinkingly. Kazuo frowned, his confusion seemed to be growing deeper as well. The stoic doctor fought the urge to roll his eyes and finally took it upon himself to snatch the other intern's cellphone.

"Oy! What's with that?" Kazuo blinked and tried to snatch his phone back but Kousaku was already checking its contents. After five minutes of checking, the phone was back to Kazuo (who was embracing it like a child do with his dear teddy bear). Kousaku frowned – it's not there.

"Where's the picture?" the stoic doctor asked in a cold voice. Kazuo frowned and replied, "What picture?"

"That picture."



Kazuo frowned, trying to think. Then as if a light bulb had formed over his head, his face turned brightly. "Ohh! That picture!" he smiled in amusement at his fellow intern. He began laughing and walks to pat the taller man on his shoulder.

Kousaku glared at him and slowly. Kazuo took his hand off the sullen man, feigning a cough.

"It's Hiyama's." Kazuo replied, "They made me take the picture because they're scared to do it by themselves."

"They?" Kousaku raised an eyebrow and Kazuo nodded, gulping nervously. The stoic doctor gave another glare at Kazuo who jumped. He turned to confront the other party.

"Oi… Aizawa!" Kazuo called and Kousaku stopped for a moment to listen, not bothering to turn back at Kazuo.

"You the pictures on my phone." for some reason Kazuo's voice was laced with embarrassment.

Kousaku's eyes flashed as he turned at the other man. He gave the other man a very confident smile. Kazuo's eyes widened and he flustered, "Don't tell anyone!"

Kousaku only shrugged and left. The truth was, he never saw it but he had a good guess what can make the other intern flustered like that.

Confronting Mihoko was a lot more difficult than he had expected. Unlike Kazuo who would cringe away with one look, Mihoko would only give him a look of her own. In the end, he decided to just act like nothing happened and go on with his duties as usual.

'Being indifferent is my talent. No sweat.' he thought as he waited for the elevator. Soon the elevator stops and the door opened, he felt like going back.

"Ah, Aizawa-sensei." Megumi greeted him with a smile, holding the elevator door open for him. Her face became marred with confusion when he continued to stand there, staring at her as if he had only seen her for the first time. He shook himself out of his reverie.

"Aa." he gave her the usual curt nod and boarded the elevator. He stood on the side furthest to her and glared at the door.

"Eh? Still having a migraine?" she asked in a worried voice. He wordlessly shook his head.

To his discomfort, she continued to prod, "Are you sure? You don't look well."

He stubbornly kept his eyes on the door as he answered a short, "I'm fine."

Thankfully, the elevator door opened and he literally jumped out of the elevator. He knew Megumi was still behind him since they are heading to the same floor and hence, he started to walk faster.

To be continued…

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