ok im a fan of the fact i think alice might be liddle's mother i think it posible but then again theres bearly evideince to sustain this theroy making this only a theroy but i think it's posible alice is liddle's mother. it would make sense i mean the QUEEN ALICE DEMANDS IT refering to liddle becomeing the new alice then wouldnt it go by family i duobt alice would let a total stranger take her place and if liddle wasnt her duaghter why say comback to us when your older at the 2nd playthrough end


it makes no sense realy also liddle said at the end she reconiseged the light as the light that saved her from frezzeing makes no sense so i think alice is liddle's mother but hid her so her severvants knew almost noghthing at all about liddle i mean hello why would march hare go calling alice duaghter names when he knew if she found out she may kill him awnser he didnt know


My wonderful daughter

She was my daughter.

That was the thought I had when I first met her.


I probably am the worst mother

Abandoning you in front of a school gate

With only dayna and a suit case

Why did I leave you there?

Only the white rabbit and I know

About you

When you come back

I will properly apologies and explain myself

I knew you were my daughter


I didn't say a word

I had no evidence

I couldn't prove you're my daughter either

But we knew

That light was me

I wish

You could forgive me

When I heard

Your were acting like you didn't remember

I wonder why you did that

Then again

I wonder

If we could be mother and daughter again


I heard you like loue

I bet you wonder why aquell backed off

I told her if she didn't she be sushi

It was out of character

But why would I let my daughter's love be taken away

By an ugly old fish…..

That's 5000 years past her expiration date…

Never the less

She backed off

But still tries to flirt with him

I think when you get home

Ill force loue to go on a date with you

I'll have to tell you I'm your mother of course

But still

Loue better treat you well

Or there will be bat kabobs for dinner one night

And mad hatter and march hare dormouse

If they don't treat you well

Their beds will be 6ft under

Jabberwocky he was told about you after the tea party

As for the princess that know about this

Are lyra and grettlle

They were amazed at this

The rest

Mad hatter loue aquell Sammy Hansel Dorothy kaguya March hare dormouse

They do not know about this

And you of course

Aquell thinks I love loue

Witch I don't

She might get the hint after I say you're my daughter though

I miss you

Not a day has gone by when I haven't regretted what I did

I always hate myself

For doing that

And the eld witch incident

I couldn't help but feel it was my entire fault

And I was to blame


I guess

It was all loue's fault

I mean


And he fell asleep or was sleeping on the job

I mean really

Who sleep while protecting something that can doom the world?

Then blame the daughter of the person who told him to protect it

But he didn't know your were my daughter

Oh well

It's still his fault

Mad hatter he's just weird

Speaking in French a langue most of us don't know is real cool

Speaking in a langue we know is also cool idiot hatter (A.N: no offense meant to ppl who speak French I just hated the fact hatter always speaks French in a confusing way and this was the meaning of what I tried to say)

I wonder if you'll forgive me

It's my entire fault

Liddlle please

Forgive me

thank you for read i hop you liked reading this as much as i loved writeing this btw reveiw plz i like to know how i can get better as a writer. i dont hate ppl who speak french i actualy like french so dont think i hate it its just the way the hatter uses french DRIVES ME NUTS realy come on french is awsome but if your going to sound complaciated with it use english